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  1. (I'm posting this here because I assume this is the general thread for VG, [since we have a VG comp thread already] move it to Beachfront Hangout if I'm wrong)

    With the news of a Nintendo Switch Pokemon coming (Yeah, this news is old, I don't care) and us inching closer to 2018 it has me thinking. We have to be getting at least ONE major franchise release in 2018, and as much as I love Kirby, Fire Emblem, and Yoshi, those three games can't sell systems like BOTW, Odyssey, Splatoon 2, and others did. I feel like Pokemon has a high chance of being released in this time, and if not then it will come out in 2019, so we'll at least see it next year. So the question I have is what do you think can be improved about the game upon release? I have a few (five) things I want to see with this new release.


    Pretty self explanatory, if Pokemon wants to continue on the Switch, then we definitely can't have 240p graphics, especially with the larger screen of the Switch itself, and the fact it will also be played on a TV


    I want it open. Many people have talked about the possibility of an open world Pokemon game before, but now Pokemon (being one of the biggest franchises for Nintendo) has the perfect opportunity to make the jump to a completely open game, where we don't have some normal top down view, but instead a full 3D one. One of the biggest problems this can present is without linearity, you can avoid trainer battles, which will leave sooome challenge out of it and leave people under leveled, making the game feel more like a grind than it did before. One solution I could think of would be to prevent you from moving forward until you beat a specific number of trainers, but that would also detract from the open world, so the best thing I can offer is at least a map of where all the trainers are.


    Sun and Moon had one of the best stories told in a Pokemon game, the problem is that the story is barely about you, really you're actually a supporting character to the real protagonist, Lillie. A big chunk of the story revolves around her. Think of some of the biggest plot points in the story.... Now how many of them directly had to do with you? I want a story that builds on YOUR character, not one that builds on the supporting ones, and they can't still have their own side stories, but it shouldn't become the main focus of the game to tell the story of random supporting character #3


    I want full cinematic cutscenes within the game. It doesn't have to be a lot, either, just a few of them like they have been, just... good... without the same expressionless stares i.e faces that show emotion.

    Voice Acting

    If a game like Fire Emblem Echoes was able to incorporate full voice acting on the 3DS, I am sure it will be able to be in a Pokemon game with significantly less dialogue than a story driven RPG with tons of characters.

    That's about it in terms of stuff I can think of off the top of my head, if you have any ideas or disagree with mine, put them down below, I'm interested to learn what people think will make a good Switch Pokemon Game

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    I don't want version exclusives, or should I say; Pokemon exclusive to the Switch game. It's the inner completionist in me. Now, if the Switch gets a port of Pokemon Bank, that would be nice. Or maybe, you can use a 3DS as a controller if they do have a Pokemon Bank port, or maybe tweak the Poke Transporter app to allow movement of Pokemon from the 3DS Pokemon games, to the game(s) on the Switch.

    Don't make us go out of our way to buy a Switch for a Pokemon game. There's no need to make it this "brass ring" you laud over people saying like; "If you want this X Pokemon, you're going to need to buy a Switch and get it! You're not going to find this Pokemon in your 3DS!"
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    I want the plot to be a shakeup of the usual formula, similar to Colosseum (which, by the way, is complete dope even to this day). One example I've dreamed up is a Paper Mario-style game where you recruit other trainers as partners in Double Battles, and they have Pokémon with special abilities similar to the HMs and Pokéride features (hell, they could even do the same graphical style). I also think Ultra Space is a concept that could be further elaborated on in a future game such as this.

    Gameplay-wise, there needs to be an overhaul that makes getting into competitive play far easier. Some ideas:
    • Easier breeding. Instead of leaving stuff in the nursery and hoping for the best, or complicated RNG abuse, you can instead leave two compatible Pokémon in a facility, then specify what you're looking for with adjustable settings (right down to desired IV spread, abilities, and even shinies), with the chances of getting your desired result affected by the parent's IVs, held items, the Shiny Charm, etc. The game then rolls every so often (even when the Switch is powered off) whether the desired roll is produced, and you're notified when it is, at which point you can collect the egg and hatch it.
    • Easier Hyper Training. Make Bottle Caps easier to find (perhaps purchasable with Battle Points).
    • A kind of Poké Ball called the "Prison Ball." It functions like an Ultra Ball, except that it resists up to three attempts to break out, for four tries total on one ball. After use, it becomes an Ultra Ball. The catch is that anything caught with it starts out a 0 friendship, which doesn't matter for most legendaries.
    • Better online matchmaking, including dedicated servers and perhaps a leveling system (similar to Overwatch) along with the existing Rating system, which better pairs you with compatible trainers of similar skill level.
    • Support for DLC and more streamlined patching to expand the game and keep things exciting.
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    I'm kind of confused as to what you're wanting. Are you implying you don't want a new gen on Switch (at least not at first). Because, that won't happen. Looking at past trends that has never happened. Additionally it would be a poor business decision. Not all Pokemon fans enjoy remakes and sequels/third versions. Meaning not as much Pokemon fans will rush to buy the Switch. Lastly, what makes the Switch so much different from other handhelds, it's around the same price as recent handhelds around launch.

    I know these are your wants, not what you think will happen. I'm just saying don't get your hopes up :p
  5. Pokemon exclusive to the Switch game are definitely going to happen. They aren't going to continue with Gen 7, and even if they did they would still add more Pokemon. This brings up something important about version exclusives, though. I assume this Switch Pokemon game will be sold for full, $60 price, instead of the $40 it used to be on 3DS, this means that if you want ALL the Pokemon, you'd have to pay ~25% more than usual. That shouldn't happen. It was OK when the games weren't full price, but I'm definitely not picking up two full price games that are nearly the exact same. So really Pokemon should just make one, definitive version. I'm also sure parents would be less confused, or more keen on buying their child a $60, instead of what's basically ONE $80 game. Even taking into consideration people who buy games themselves, they would probably do the same. It would be a much smarter decision to make one switch game instead of two, if they want to charge full price for it. Now, everything I'm saying now may be irrelevant if they do want to charge $40 for the games, but I highly doubt they would.

    Ultra Space is a weird one. I feel like Pokemon could go either way with it. They could expand upon it and make it a cooler concept, or they could just use it as a lazy excuse to add continuity to the series.

    I'm not into competitive VGC, so I'm not sure how they would feel about it, but I think it would be great to have a more accessible game, where your ability to battle is more emphasized over RNG and breeding for several hours to get the exact Pokemon you want.

    Again, not a competitive VG player, but I'm kinda split on bottle caps, so no real opinion here.

    I all around don't agree with the prison ball thing. One of my favorite things about trying to catch legendaries is that you have to come prepared, and not underestimate its abilities, sometimes it will be completely frustrating (Tapu Fini) but it isn't supposed to be easy, so multiplying your Ultra Ball count by four is just way too ridiculous if not handled correctly, (i.e make it the price of three ultra balls, but sacrifice the price for fourth because the Pokemon you catch with it will have 0 friendship)

    Again, not a competitive VG player, but better servers literally just can't be a bad thing, and I would love to have a online leveling system, not for myself but for the more competitive community, because why not improve that aspect of something.

    I'm kinda split on DLC in general. Sometimes DLC can be great for a game (BOTW and other RPGs come to mind) and other times.... not so much (Tomb Raider 2013, Horse Armor) In terms of Pokemon, I expect so much postgame content we wouldn't need any DLC. Some parts of me want it to be free (Splatoon 2) and some parts would be ok with paid DLC (Again like BOTW)
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    I would like a bigger world, and it doesn't necessarily HAVE to be completely open world nor does it need to be able to let me travel to ALL regions. If I could travel between a new region and maybe one other one via DLC or something, that would be fine. For example, if I could start in a new region, but then play through essentially a remake of DPPt by traveling to Sinnoh, then that'd be fine by me. Also, when I say "completely open world" I mean like how BotW is. That seems way too open for pokémon given you could easily avoid trainers unless there are tons of them. I'd prefer something "sort of open" in the sense I could challenge gyms in whatever order I choose or skip areas. Just make the gym leaders autolevel the same way the battle tree does and we'd be gold. Then it wouldn't matter what order I go in. In that sense, the routes and map wouldn't be just one road going throughout a region (like Kanto), there would be forks (like in Kalos) just from all of the towns rather than just from a singular main town.

    Pokémon exclusive to the Switch would be Gen 8 pokémon. This would be similar to the release of Diamond and Pearl for the DS requiring players to transition away from the Game Boy Advance Gen 3 games. I'm assuming the result would be the same. You can transfer up pokémon from Gen I - 7 to Gen 8, but you would not be able to send pokémon from Gen 8 back to older gens (they aren't in the programming). Additionally, given how Pokémon Bank works, once you send any of your older pokémon up to the newest generation, you would not be able to send them back. I don't know if Pokémon Bank would be ported to the Switch or if it would be a new program. Regardless, as long as I can transfer stuff from my current Bank to the Switch version, I don't mind. I do not want to see a repeat of the Gen 2 - 3 hardware transition. During that time, you could not get Gen 1 and 2 pokémon to newer games.

    -Easier breeding would be nice, but there shouldn't be a "slider" for shininess. Stats? Sure, make it easier to breed for those. However, shininess is getting crazy easy to obtain. I have 3 Shiny Rockruff, for example. Prior to Gen 6, I'd be lucky to find 1 or 2 shinies in the whole game (not counting chaining). I think the shiny rate is fine where it is.

    -I'm perfectly fine with the bottle cap thing. They are stupidly difficult to find. I think having them as something one can buy with BP or having a mini-game that awards them would be the way to go. Either that or make the standard bottle caps easier to find while fishing (or some other equivalent, like searching with Stoutland). Perhaps make them randomly spawn in trash cans.

    -I like the idea of a ball that starts at 0 friendship, like a reverse Luxury Ball. However, I feel you would probably be seen as kind of a jerk for using it, lol. I feel your effect is too OP. Perhaps the effect is it is more effective on "wilder" pokémon (those with an already low friendship), but makes them even wilder (0 friendship). Maybe not call it Prison Ball either... you kind of make a case for Team Plasma being right about people enslaving pokémon, lol. Maybe have the ball primarily used by the evil team and have a lot of their pokémon know Frustration.

    -As for DLC, I guess it depends on what kind of DLC we're talking. The occasional free DLC with new clothes would be awesome (see Splatoon). However, I don't see me paying for DLC unless it's new pokémon and/or new areas to explore. Like I mentioned at the beginning, if they relegated the "3rd edition" and "remakes" to DLC, then I'd buy them. I'm just not sure how that would work with a postgame team. I don't think I'd have much trouble dealing with Team Galactic in Sinnoh as part of a post game. I mean, why use the starter Rowan gives me when I can use my migrated lv 100 starter from a previous gen? I'm interested to see if Game Freak can incorporate story based DLC in a meaningful way. It's easy to tack on clothes or some small new area with a couple new pokémon. Adding "chapters" via DLC like many games do (ex: the Champion's Ballad DLC for BotW) might be a little tricky.
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    Well then Ghetsis can strap on his boxing gloves and duke it out in the ring with me. If it needs to be settled, let's settle it like mentlegen.
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    There's actually one thing we know about in regards to Poke-Switch that is speculation-worthy and also has potential to be one of the bigger changes to the games... but I feel like no one talks about it.

    No, not Pokémon following you (sorry, don't kill me).

    Since the reveal that a core-series Switch title is in development before even USUM were revealed, people have been going on about unrealistic radical changes to the core formula of the games, whether it's the "BotW open world"/"Pokémon Skyrim"-crowd, some expecting it to turn battle mechanics to Pokken, or others asking for the supposed dream of an "all the regions"-game, somehow STILL not realizing that it screams quantity over quality amongst a plethora of other issues. The expectations and speculation has gotten so ridiculous a few months ago, that Ohmori and Masuda expressed their fear of disappointing the overwhelming flood of overexcited fans in an interview by telling everyone that they just want to keep making Pokémon-games and that they hope people can lower their expectations. (not with those words of course, but to me that's very much at the core of what it felt like they were expressing)

    Anyhow, let's get to the one thing we actually can speculate about. Moving to the Switch brings at least 2 changes that Gamefreak has to deal with as they transition from the 3DS:

    -going from a personal handheld to a per-household console. (and before some switch-enthusiast/3ds-doomsayer comes around the corner to yell at me how the Switch IS truly a handheld.. I'm not even implying the opposite. The point is that it being a console makes it a different price-level, and the fact that there is on average more people sharing a switch than was ever the case with the 3DS or any of its predecessors.)

    -how the Switch handles game-save-files. Basically, the games themselves do not keep track of progress. Instead, the Switch has a Player-profile system built into it, and when you play a game, a save file is created for your profile (and multiple people can have profiles on the same console obviously)

    Those two are related of course. And the consequence of them is that, #1 multiple save-files are suddenly not just a realistic possibility, but also a highly likely one. And #2, considering how Gamefreak always tries to adapt to the capabilities a new piece of hardware has to offer, and try to make features of their games make use of them intuitively.. it would not come as a surprise if once some actual information on the games starts being released, we will find out that Gamefreak went for a mentality of "lots of siblings play on a single Switch together" and put some serious focus on local-multiplayer aspects.

    And that's where the possibility for speculation is that I have to my surprise not seen being discussed anywhere over the months.

    (also, I have a hunch that perhaps that's because most people brush off the possibility of multiple save files off the bat with a "Gamefreak will find a way" reaction, but to my understanding, the Profile system of the Switch is a pretty inherent part of the system)

    Now for my speculation on what this could mean for the series in upcoming titles.

    In the most simple scenario, it would mean that yes, multiple save files can be played with one game, and that there would simply be a separate Stadium/BattleRevolution-esque mode of the game as the one place for interaction between different save files on the same console.

    And the unrealistic extreme scenario (using "local multiplayer" aspect to the fullest), would be one where multiple people can actually play the main game at the same time, whether we are talking about a co-op mode where a second player is basically the 1st players travel-partner and their roles can be swapped (and multi-battles being everywhere), or both playing simultaneously on a single Switch doing different things and crossing each others paths in the game.

    I would be excited for something in-between as well though. Say one person can play their save file while another is breeding or doing wifi battles at the same time with their save-file on the same single Switch.

    While they'll definitely continue using the same 3d models at the core, there is a lot of ways they could change how those are actually used.

    Personally, I hope they stay the hell away from a "realistic" 3d-look that we've seen an attempt to do in games like Pokémon Battle Revolution and Col/XD.

    I know quite a few people weren't too keen about the "outlines" in XY/ORAS/SM/USUM that make the Pokémon look essentialy like dynamic 3D sprites (which was a genius solution IMO.. which is not to say I don't have other issues relating to the colour palettes though.), but I would want them to keep that part... but since they won't be heavily pixelated anymore.. they can actually up the colour contrasts and go for a vibrant anime-style.

    1. The whole point of the Bank was to solve the neverending issue of having to invent transfer-methods. Of course the Bank will be on the Switch.

    2. That doesn't make the Bank backwards compatible though. Just like you can't trade Pokémon from gen7 games to a gen6 game via Bank, you won't be able to actually trade back to any 3DS game from the Switch titles.

    3. It's impossible for them not make us get a Switch... because that's where the main games are going. The 3DS-era is pretty much coming to an end (it has like the longest lifespan of any Nintendo handheld anyway if I'm not mistaken as well as the msot different iterations of the hardware) and will be fully replaced by the Switch for all intents and purposes as the single Nintendo hardware (unless Nintendo ninja-reveals some true handheld successor out of nowhere and make everyone go "wtf?"). If you will want to play upcoming Pokémon games, you'll unfortunately have to buy a Switch eventually, that's pretty much a fact.

    They could simply release it as a single game that holds both versions... letting you pick one when starting an adventure.
  9. I think that pokemon should have diffrent gyms that increase in difficulty. For example, legend of zelda has progressively harder monsters and some areas are blocked off based entirely on your lack of damaging weapons. Also, the "divine beasts" could be some extra difficult gyms, or rival battles or something. I think that you should have to physically outrun the pokemon to run away from them. eg: bokoblins you have to run away from sometimes. I think that pokemon could be very similar to zelda.
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    Pokemon is too set in their ways to make any change. I'm aware of the rumors of what is going to be in the new game and I'm hopeful but I don't see them using any current generation tech to make the game better.

    What they can do is not make versions exclusives. There is no reason to do this and the fact they did this with Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is a slap in the face of the fandom since it offered nothing new, considering it was released as two new games and not something like Emerald or Crystal. I want them to use industry standards like expansion packs so I don't have to play the same game over and collect everything over again. The biggest gripe to why I can't even touch my Ultra Moon right now.

    I don't really care about graphic since they want to make the game look like the anime models but if they want to go the high poly count models that Pokken Tournament uses, then they will need up the scale of the game, but I can't see them messing this up. Voice acting would be nice too. I would also want all the Pokemon to be dubbed or keep their in-game cries. None of this 'Pikachu gets special treatment' shit because it makes the game feel artificial.

    As for cutscenes, this will be harder to pull off because each party is different and each Pokemon plays a different roll. You can do something like the hero falling off a cliff and he throws out a Poke Ball for a bird Pokemon if the hero doesn't have a bird on them. Sure they can do this in other ways, like was done with Tapu Koko saving you from falling but it would be much harder to have action based pre-render cutscenes. They will most likely be static scenes, which can be done with the game engine.

    A personal want would be to fly on a bird Pokemon of your choice and let you fly around the world to go places, and even have secret locations, like was done in Final Fantasy X. I also want a much better 'pet' mode. If the Pokemon isn't Pikachu, then the Pokemon in Amie/Refresh aren't expressive at all. I really want them to have more animations and actually do something.

    There are a ton of things they can do that I don't think they will do and I think it kills the gaming experience. They should just let the fans make the game since we would do a better job of it.

    Also, just make one game for life with DLC.
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    I'm probably one of the few people who really doesn't care about voice acting in pokémon. If they add it, fine, but I don't need it. I also don't need the cries to match the anime. If they do, super, but again I don't see it as a big deal. Often I play with the sound low or off anyway and listen to my own music.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Pokémon kept versions, but I admit it seems weird to me for the Switch to have them. I know in my house we have 3 people who play pokémon and we have one Switch. If the game allows us to have multiple files due to each file being linked to our Nintendo Network IDs/Profiles (like every other Switch game) then we have two options: 1) Everyone plays the same version and has to find other people to trade for version exclusives or 2) we have to buy 2 full price Switch games. Of the two options, I'd prefer the first even though my wife and I vowed when we got married to always buy opposite versions. It would be nice if GF just made one version. At least that way we wouldn't be breaking that vow, lol. :p They could always make "version" exclusives appear in other ways... such as certain pokémon showing up if you chose a male or female protagonist, or via some questions from an NPC. I know in Emerald you could find either Latios or Latias depending on how you answered your mom when she asked you about a TV show. They could sprinkle NPCs throughout the game that would cause certain pokémon to show up based on how you answered them. It would keep the "uniqueness" and the trading requirement to fill the dex without requiring someone to drop a ton of money on 2 new games. I think "file exclusive" pokémon definitely need to be a thing if versions go away. If you can catch every pokémon in a region without trading, it pulls out one of the pillars of multiplayer. Trading has always been a big part of the game to "catch them all" and I would be bothered to see that go away. Especially since my daughter and I rarely battle (she's about to be 5 so I have a bit of experience on her), but we trade a lot.

    This is a hard no for me, but mainly due to the "one game for life" aspect. I'd love to see new plot elements, new pokémon, clothes, etc added to a game via DLC. However, I feel, depending on the life of the Switch, there should at least be 2 or 3 pokémon games released for it. That's still drastically less than how many are being pumped out currently. I mean, the 3DS had 8 pokémon games specifically produced for it over the course of 5 years. If they could make a gen 8 game for 2019-20 that had one new region, then got DLC to add some pokémon, DLC for additional post-game quests in the new region, and then DLC to add one or two older regions as well as a "Battle Frontier" type facility (to take the place of a "remake" game), then I think that would be enough content. It would be one game that was essentially the base game of a generation, the revamped version (like USUM), and a remake (like ORAS). That would be one game + DLC that would have on the 3DS likely been 4 or 5 games. More would be icing on the cake. Then they could go to a 2nd Switch game which would likely be gen 9 and repeat the process. So, rather than one game for life, one game per gen. I think that's reasonable.

    Actually, I'm glad someone brought this up. I've talked with people about this possibility. I think local co-op would be amazing and is something I would really like to see. I think allowing for co-op, with players being able to each use the first three pokémon of their respective teams is quite feasible if the "travel partner" route was how they went. On the other hand, if they just had split screen and allowed us to play together while still playing our own files would be fine too. The only thing I think would be an issue with co-op is if one player is considerably farther along than the other. You'll have one player potentially over-leveled or under-leveled depending on whose file was being played. Despite any negatives I can think of, however, the positives are way more numerous. I want to go on a pokémon adventure with others.
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    I too play with the sound off so it's nice to hear someone else does as well. The main issue for me is consistency. Why does Pikachu only have a dubbed voice? I would love to hear my Pidgeot speak, but just like every other Pokemon (even the really popular ones) still have their R/B/Y cries. I'm a fan of going all the way if you insist at all to do it.

    The game hasn't use "Gotta catch them all" in such a long time, just like a in-game NPC said to play with your favorites (even Ash acts this way) to use the ones that win. The multi-game experience was never something I wanted but accepted it due to hardware limitations, or at least that is what I told myself and here we are in 2018 and they are still making games like it's 1990. We can have DLC and expansion packs to increase the life of a game without making the players spend 40 to 60 bucks for the exact same game with a little things added. Imagine having to play Destiny over each time a new DLC came out. This is how Pokemon is for me right now. I'm actually considering selling my Ultra Moon copy because I just can't sit down and play through all those boring cutscenes again just to play a surf minigame.

    With the option of modern technology, they can make one game, not expect people to buy it again and make sure each thing the game needs is in the game. 3DS game cards can hold up to 8 GB of data, which is large enough to hold every Pokemon model and data (which the game does) so why not have them all in the same game. I mean, the GTS exist and ruins the "bringing people together" aspect that was used to justify the spit in games to begin with.

    This is fine but you can still have this with a game for life. Keep in mind the PS3 was a gaming system for life and to this day, it still is but in the industry, the term pretty much means 'make a ten year game' before making a new one. EVERY Pokemon game is the exact same game with little to no new changes. Not including Z-Moves and Mega Evolution, the battle system has been the same since Gen four. Collect eight badges, fight bad guy team and do the Elite Four. Sure Sun and Moon has changed this a little but it's the same game a Red and Blue with improvements. I find it hard for Ultra Moon to exist because it isn't a new game. Black 2 and White 2 were different games and weren't a remake with one new area but an actual continuation of Black and White but if each of these things were just an add on to a ten year experience, the game becomes enjoyable because I don't have to worry about losing the progress all the side quest or Pokemon raised or the item collected or all the other systems the game had. The O-Powers were my favorite thing and I grinded them up and now I can't use them so it gives me little incentive to do anything other than finish the story just so I can do VGC.

    With expanding a game with DLC, we can still get new story and new mechanics and the only time a new game should be made is if the current engine used can't do what you want. Why does Destiny 2 need to exist when the engine of the first game is the exact same? Why does Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon need to exist when what was added could have existed in Sun/Moon? A lot of things compete for a gamer's time and more respect needs to be paid to this. I would much rather pay 40 dollars for a expansion to the game then buy the same game again. I feel this is the best way to address this but at this point we have to break this tradition, similar to how games no longer used the lives, continues and game over systems arcades use to make sure you used quarters. They way they do things are now dated.
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    Yeah the DLC concept is probably inevitable, but my worry is GF may still prefer to push out games every year instead of DLC, and as such very little will differ between games such as the small changes USUM brought.

    While the story should be brought up in quality (I still don't see why people rave over S/M's story, but that isn't the point here) the last few Gens have lacked in Postgame content, and that alone is something that will decide whether or not I would buy the new games. GF shouldn't rely solely on online play to keep people going, there should be different battle modes to play and change things up.

    Anyways, I don't really expect much to change in quality between the upcoming Switch game and USUM aside from graphics. GF sells plenty of game copies while still doing only minimalist alterations to games, they probably don't see much reason to add a bunch of new stuff now.
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    I meant more along the line that to "catch them all" was a goal in the game, not a goal in marketing. Even if it is not part of their marketing, you still are told to work on completing your dex and get rewards for doing so. No, you don't HAVE to, but then again you don't HAVE to beat the Elite 4 either.

    As for replaying Destiny, I can't speak intelligently on that as I have never played Destiny. I don't mind having DLC to expand the story and postgame, I pretty much said that. I just meant if GF just had to make new games, I'd rather they be along generation breaks. I am not aware of how the industry feels about "games for life", however I expect different gens to actually have graphical improvements. You mention story, etc hasn't changed much over the life of Pokémon, which is true, but each gen has brought at least SOME graphical improvements. The gen 6-7 shift brought the least, but that's likely due to them both being designed for the 3DS. In this case, the human models were the only things really upgraded. However, and I'll admit that I'm no game designer, but I don't think this is something that DLC typically adds and updates. Your point seems to suggest that you want a "game for life" in that you expect every subsequent iteration to not upgrade enough to warrant a new game. My point was I would accept new games over DLC every new gen, but I was expecting enough of to have changed between gens (even if just graphical) to warrant it. I will admit, if there isn't enough of that kind of change than a new game is pointless.

    As for USUM, I do agree playing through all of the old parts just to get to the new parts gets old. That's where I DO want to see DLC. Adding new mini-games or areas to explore is great. Same for adding new pokémon. The cost so far hasn't bothered me though. Getting Moon and then getting Ultra Moon cost me somewhere around $70-80. So, if Switch pricing was applied (as I would expect of the next game) that would be how much I'd expect to spend on a game plus the DLC if things like Mantine Surfing, new UBs, new clothes, and the new postgame, etc were added as DLC. However, since my post was meant to be my wishlist, I continue to wish for exclusives so the game still requires at least a little trading. People complain that having so many tutorials is handholding, but to me having all pokémon on one game seems like it is too. I mean, back in my day we had to find someone to trade with. :p Also, I don't think the GTS ruins anything. You still have to post a trade and have someone actually trade you. Sure, it's easier than seeking out someone in person, but it still requires you to trade and interact with someone, even if minimally.
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    You know what I want?

    I want it on Switch, now ;_;
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    I think the first gym should be fairly easy, followed by difficult gyms. The first gym has always been super hard for me.
  17. Yue Han Aspiring Trainer
    Yue Han


    I would like less linearity and hand holding, I don't really feel like I'm playing on my own terms if I'm stopped every 5 minutes to be told the correct way to go, or that there is a correct way to go in the first place. Also less cut-scenes.

    I realise these are more general wants than directly related to the switch, but it's what I want. Also as the next core games will be coming to the switch anyway. Like others I'm also for doing away with the paired games system too but I think it's a pipe dream.
  18. Gruffling Aspiring Trainer


    I don't want too much of a departure from the formula for a main series game. I still want the paired version thing (leading to a Diamond remake) but either each game has to be huge to warrant the price difference between 3DS and Switch games or if both versions are loaded onto one disc/cart/whatever the switch uses and so instead of shipping two games, you get one but have a choice between which 'campaign' you want to play.

    More brand new Pokemon introduced in gen 8 is high on my want list (would 100 really be so hard) and I want cross-generational evolutions/pre-evolutions back, like properly back not just Eevee though there does need to be an Eeveelution for every type.

    But in regards to it being on a more powerful system, they should go all out with the cinematics, make it big and dynamic.
  19. Stevie B. Aspiring Trainer
    Stevie B.


    Of course an open world! One thing I've been missing more and more in later generations is the larger, puzzle-filled dungeons. I really dislike the newer, walk -straight-through caves. Its supposed to be a challenge!

    As for breeding. They could make it easier, but I don't want it dumbed down too much. Maybe more guidance and information. Maybe different settings/items to help breed what you're looking for. Again, not too much though. Take away the challenge and it stops being fun.

    Also maybe more than one save file!
  20. fleshrum April in Kalos...


    The number one thing for me is better play conditioning for the official Pokémon format. You train before you fight all gyms, not necessarily between each one, and the battles are set to lvl50 and doubles. This would be one of many battles based challenges in the game.

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