Pokemon What Kind of a Gym Leader Would You Be?

There are not that many dark type gyms, just I think because its hard to think of a design of it. So, I was thinking to make up my very own Dark Type gym! Anyways, here are my ideas:

Gym Location: You find the gym at a cliff close to the sky inside crystal-red trees.

Gym Design: When you enter, you will see yourself surrounded in red crystals sticking out of a cave wall and blue-flamed torches in front of you. Then, you have to cross shallow water with a red-purplish color. But to battle the gym leader, you will see a Zorark Statue and he will transform into a random pokemon, but in silhouette form. You will be given four choices, and after you choose, you will battle someone. But, if you get it wrong, you have to battle again. You have to do this 3 times before facing off the gym leader.

Gym Leader Difficulty: Hard (7th Gym Leader)



Pokemon: Shiftry
Level: 44
Ability: Early Bird


Leaf Tornado
Feint Attack


Pokemon: Crawdaunt
Level: 45
Ability: Shell Armor


Night Slash


Pokemon: Zoroark
Level: 46
Ability: Illusion


Night Slash
Scary Face
Fury Swipes


Before facing off the gym leader: Impressive, I've seen that you've made it. Before we battle, there is one thing I ask: Are you afraid of the dark?

When you choose Yes: I see.. you are afraid of the dark. Maybe, this battle may fear you too much. Come back when you are ready to face your fear.

When you choose No: Great. This is why you have made it all the way here. It is your bravery and confidence. Now, let this battle begin.

When The Gym Leader Wins: You were very brave against the dark, but you need to be very strong against the dark too. Come back when you have accomplished that.

When The Challenger Wins: I see. You have shown me that you were not only brave against the dark, but very strong against it.

Badge Obtained: Darkness Badge

TM Obtained: Night Slash

I'd probably be a dragon type, as I like that type.

Gym Location: On the side of a mountain, have to climb through the mountain, and potentially a side story with the evil team stealing some of the rare minerals and gemstones on the cliffside. When you arrive at the main event, it has natural formations to look like a face, (ex. crystals form the eyes, jagged rocks form the mouth, and some chips in the rock make the nose, artificial lights illuminate them, making it more ominous.)

Gym Design:
At the beginning, it's a basic small maze puzzle, but when you leave, you enter the main puzzle. There is a spiral staircase made of natural rocks, but is collapsed, making it impossible to get to the top, at the moment. with a Pokeball design in the middle made out of crystals. Four trainers are on the stairs, with them having a variety of Dratini, Shelgon, Gabite, Fraxure, Tyrunt, and the last one having a Flygon. In order to climb the collapsed stairs, you have to solve a puzzle (maneuvering a gearbox to allow the electric current to power the staircase (yeah, it relies on electricity.) When you climb up the stairs, you step on the Pokeball crystal thingy, which warps you down underground, where you see me, organizing various piles of notes.

Gym-Leader Difficulty:
Hard (7th Gym)

Pokemon: Bagon

Level: 38
Ability: Rock Head

Dragon Claw

Pokemon: Druddigon
Level: 41
Ability: Rough Skin

Night Slash
Dragon Claw

Pokemon: Dragalge
Level: 43
Ability: Poison Touch

Dragon Claw (I know Dragalge doesn't learn Dragon Claw, but I need some TM for all my Pokemon)
Aqua Tail
Poison Tail

Pokemon: Altaria
Level: 47
Ability: Cloud Nine (Pixilate when Mega evolved)
Item: Altarianite (It Mega evolves!)

Dragon Dance
Dragon Claw
Perish Song

Before Battle: "Welcome, I'm very impressed. Here for a challenge, I'm assuming? Very well. They shall tell of this duel in legends to come.
When Gym Leader Wins: "Nice try, but my dragons were just a little bit better. There's always next time."
When Player Wins: "Congratulations, you've trumped me this time. We shall forever remember your victory."

Badge Earned: Hook Badge

TM Earned: Dragon Claw
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Call me a child, but if I were a Gym Leader I'd use Dragon Types.
Like most Dragon Gym Leaders, my Gym would be the 8th and last badge.
My badge would be titled Fierce Badge.

Altaria, lvl 48;
Kingdra, lvl 48;
Salamence, lvl 49;
Dragonite, lvl 50;
Mega-Garchomp, lvl 52.


Altaria, lvl 60;
Kingra, lvl 60;
Hydreigon, lvl 62;
Salamence, lvl 62;
Dragonite, lvl 63;
Mega-Garchomp, lvl 67.

Before battle: "Dragons have ruled over this world for ages. Strong and mighty, they destroy those who oppose them. Do you have what it takes to challenge the gods?"
After 1st Pokémon fainted: "Not bad challenger. You certainly have potential..."
Final Pokémon: "This was fun while it lasted but it's time to bring this battle to an end!"
Final Pokémon with low HP: "I won't lose!"
After victory: "Sorry challenger, but the Dragons will keep flying high and strong."
After defeat: "Good job challenger! You have earned the Dragons' respect. As a reward for your accomplishments you've earned this Fierce Badge! Every Pokémon will now obey you. I want to give you one last thing. This TM allows you to teach your Pokémon the move Dragon Dance. I'm sure it will be very useful in battle. Now go challenger, move forward in your journey!'

My Gym would be a huge mountain. You'd have to find the right path to find your way up.
You'd start in a small room by the mountain's base. There would be 2 paths you could follow. Each of them would lead you to another small room with a Dragon Tamer each. Each room would have a certain amount of paths leading to other rooms.
Some rooms would be dead ends and some would have 2 or 3 Dragon Tamers.
As you reach the mountain's top, a marble stairway leads you to a big temple with an Ancient Greek design. There would be 2 Dragon Tamers protecting me. Behind me there would be a slide leading you outside, right next to the Pokémon Center (this would only unlock after defeating me).

PS: I've only now noticed the reply before mine is similar. I guarantee you I only read it after posting mine

-Ice type. It's always been my favorite.

-I would be the 8th gym leader in the game.

-The gym would be an ice cave, out in the tundra.

-It would be a 4 stage labyrinth, going 4 levels deep. As you walk through the cave, you'd battle trainers, move boulders, skate across ice, and solve puzzles with science.

- As you move through the cave, the puzzles get harder, the levels get bigger, and more trainers appear per level as you go on.

-Right as you near the last portion of the final level, there will be two furisode girls guarding
me, which you'll face in a double battle. However, instead of using Ice types, they use a Roserade, and a Sensu Oricorio. Roserade uses both Petal Dance, and Quiver Dance, which Oricorio copies and uses against you.


Dewgong (♀) Lv. 44

Ice Body

-Frost Breath
-Iron Tail

Held Item: Chesto Berry

Alolan Sandslash (♂) Lv. 45

Snow Cloak

-Ice Punch
-Iron Head

Held Item: Leftovers

Glaceon (♀) Lv. 44

Snow Cloak

-Frost Breath
-Shadow Ball
-Mirror Coat

Held Item: Icy Rock

Alolan Ninetales (♀) Lv. 45

Snow Cloak

-Frost Breath
-Dazzling Gleam
-Hyper Voice

Held Item: Sitrus Berry

Abomasnow (♂) Lv. 47

Snow Warning

-Wood Hammer
-Rock Slide
-Frost Breath

Held Item: Abomasite


-Before battle: Welcome challenger. You've made it this far haven't you? I see. I mustn't take you for granted now should I? But should you take me for one? Well that depends. Depending on how you battle, and how in sync you are with your Pokemon, I could be your toughest opponent yet, or a pushover. The beauty of the ice type. It's both fragile and delicate, and can be destroyed so easily, like glass. It's also rigid, tough, like a steel wall. It all depends on your choice. Right now, right here, show me what you've got!

-Gym Leader Defeat: You've proven your skill. Congratulations. You're definitely not my every day challenger, and shouldn't be a trainer to take for granted. Oh yeah, I need to stop dragging on at this point. Here, take this. The Permafrost Badge. Proof of your recognition of strength from the ice types. Now go on, this is your 8th badge is it not? Time for you to head to the Pokemon League! Don't get cocky just because you won here though. Now go, train as hard as you can, and grow closer to your Pokemon. I wish you luck in your attempt to conquer the Pokemon League.

-Player Defeat: Maybe I was wrong? No, that fire in you I saw is there. You just haven't brought it out yet. Now go on, train. Until then, I will wait patiently.

Badge Earned: Permafrost Badge

TM Earned: TM07 Hail
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Oh, and here I thought I would be the first.
It doesn't matter. My previous post was a long time ago, and things have changed.


Advanced; maybe 7th; a high ranking is cliche, but I don't have much of a choice, with these pokemon.
The location is an ice palace high (for the game) in the mountains, covered by mist and hail, but the gym proper isn't the palace itself, but the mountain summit; the palace is only the "chamber" of the gym leader.
In the gym part, the player must go through a forest labyrinth obscured by the snowfall, and each dead end leads to a wild pokemon (with the idea of Totem pokemon, I'd love to have several of those calling for reinforcements; if not, hordes) instead of trainers; each time you approach the pokemon, you get the option to fight them; if you fight even one pokemon, the leader battle is on a field of constant hail. If you don't touch the pokemon, it's a regular battle.
Alternatively, the whole forest could be a spawn zone, and if you defeat even one wild pokemon, constant hail.


Princess Audrey



Aurorus () Lv. 46
- Ancientpower
- Freeze dry
- Ice beam
- Hail


Glaceon () Lv. 45
Snow Cloak
- Charm
- Ice shard
- Blizzard
- Hail


Ninetales (Alola) (
) Lv. 48
Snow Cloak
- Dazzling gleam (I don't know; I'd love it if she learned it by level up)
- ?
- Blizzard
- Hail


Before battle:

Ice is complicated, misunderstood. Many dislike it, even fear it; they think it's dangerous... harsh, powerful, unfeeling... uncaring. Some want that power for themselves, others want to destroy it.

But get close enough, don't be afraid, and ice is light, beauty, calm, elegance. The brilliance of the northern lights in the sky, the snow swirling delicately in the wind, the light that makes this palace glow, the perfect geometry of a snowflake.

What did you feel as you reached this place? love, or fear? did you see the beautiful tranquillity of nature, or a source of power to exploit? And what do your pokemon feel? Do they have the beauty of your love, or are they just tools to achieve victory?

After battle (win):

Enough. The battle is over.

Go away, and don't come back unless you can treat your Pokemon as more than a means to an end. They deserve better.

After battle (loss):

Fine. That's enough.

I've seen the beauty of the bond you and your Pokemon share, and its warmth could withstand even my coldest attack. I concede the battle.

Please, go to the back, you'll find your prize there.

A door opens behind the throne, and once the player crosses it, they'll find a balcony overlooking a beautiful view.

Here's your prize. Beautiful, isn't it?

My Pokemon and I retreated from the world after we found this place; we built this palace ourselves, just so we could have this view every day, and we've been happy ever since. True happiness doesn't lie in victory, but in this; the cold air, the snow falling, the love you and your Pokemon share.

But, I have a feeling this view, lovely as it is, won't be enough for you. Here's the Whiteout badge; with it, all Pokemon will recognise your love, up until they're at level 70.

And take this with you, too. It's TM07; with it, you too can create a beautiful snowstorm. It also harms non-ice-type pokemon, in case you need more than its beauty.

Badge and TM

Whiteout Badge
TM07 - Hail​
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The last thread is locked so i'm glad someone started another one. Don't know if people are following the image from the last thread but that is the one I'm going to use:

1) I went to random.org
2) I got number 3
3) I got 2 so my gym is about dark type pokemon
4) went to wyncorporation.com/pokemon
5) So my 3 pokemon are:
6) This is my team
7) For my gym, because I'm a dark type I would have people go through a maze in the dark. I think there is a gym in the game that did this.
8) My music would be the one when you fight lance. The this is it music but not so it cause then you discover someone else is champion.
9) My character would say something like, "Psychic pokemon usually tend to be superior, but here, they are like any other pokemon type, PREPARE FOR BATTLE!!"
For when I send my last pokemon in battle I would say, "This is it, go Mega Houndoom"
When I won, "That was a good battle, but not enough against my Dark type"
If I lost, "You raised your Pokemon well. Congrats"
My rematch quotes, "Back again I see. Last see how much you've improved since our last battle. PREPARE FOR BATTLE!!!"
10) My rematch team would be:

I pretty much followed this. Create you own gym. Seems cool. check it out guys.
Gym Leader #8 Bird
How a crow became a Leader? Well, it didn't really, it just stole all the shiny Badges the real Gym Leader had and we haven't been able to recover them. Think you can try to get them back? Be careful though, it has friends.


Pidgeot (Level 48)

Ability: Big Pecks
Item: Sharp Beak
- Hurricane
- Roost
- Featherdance
- Brave Bird

Gliscor (Level 50)
Ability: Poison Heal
Item: Leftovers
- Earthquake
- Ice Fang
- Roost
- Toxic

Emolga (Level 49)
Ability: Motor Drive
Item: Charti Berry
- Nuzzle
- Roost
- Charm
- Encore

Togekiss (Level 49)
Ability: Serene Grace
Item: Sitrus Berry
- Air Slash
- Extrasensory
- Dazzling Gleam
- Roost

Noivern (Level 51)
Ability: Infiltrator
Item: Yache Berry
- Boomburst
- Dragon Pulse
- Super Fang
- Roost

Badge: Underbrush Badge (Damaged)
Bring this Badge to the real Gym Leader to receive the TM53 Energy Ball. After the E4 and Champion are beaten, you can battle the real Gym Leader's Grass Gym.
RE: What kind of a Gym Leader would you be?
Well I love Fairy Types, so I would of coarse pick Fairy as m specialty,
NOW my team and how I play is different than any Gym Leader so far has done, I would be a ROTATION BATTLE GYM with this team
LvL 50 Azumaril
Play Rough
Perish Song
Sap Sipper
Item: Life Orb

LvL:53 Whimsicott
Cotton Guard
Giga Drain
Knock Off
Item:Left Overs

LV:54 Togekiss
Shadow Ball
Thunder Wave
Serene Grace
Item:Rocky Helmet

LvL:55 Gardevoir
Dazzling Gleam
Calm Mind
Hidden Power (fire)
Double Team
Item: Gardevoirite
Nature: Calm
I'd be a Fire type Gym Leader, the eighth in the region. The Gym layout would consist of volcanoes with platforms that would warp you throughout the Gym. Think Valerie's Gym in X and Y.

Level 45 Houndoom (male):
Flash Fire ability
Dark Pulse
Sludge Bomb

Level 43 Talonflame (female):
Flame Body ability
Steel Wing
Flame Charge

Level 44 Rapidash (female):
Flash Fire ability
Fire Blast
Flare Blitz

Level 43 Delphox (male):
Blaze ability
Mystical Fire

I would have a reputation for being rather arrogant and slightly chaotic, as seen in the phrases below.


Before battling:
"Hello there, young trainer. My name is Tiffany. You know, most people think of fire as a destructive force. I'd have to agree. But I have conquered the fire, and destroyed my enemies and opponents. This is the essence of fire. Chaotic and victorious."
When a hit is taken: "You might have the strength to win against me. I doubt it."
When first Pokemon's HP is in the red: "Despite this, I will reign supreme in this battle!"
When on last Pokemon: "I believe in the power of fire, and in myself. You shall never win against my forces!"
After battle (if defeated): "So, you actually beat me. I admire your courage and strength."
After battle (if victor): "I told you. You will never have the power to win against me."

Once fully defeated: "Maybe I had too much confidence in my own abilities. I would like you to have this TM as a token for defeating me. It is Flamethrower, one of my favorite moves. It not only never misses the opponent, but it can also cause a burn. You are worthy of receiving the Inferno Badge. With this, all Pokemon will obey you, regardless of origin. Go forth, and keep your head held high in whatever life throws at you. Good luck, Trainer."
As much as I like using Ice-Type attacks, I think Normal would be a better fit for me (since most of my favorite Pokémon are Normal-Type). Comparing it to the games (particularly HGSS), I think my team would look something like this:

Gym #4 (Normal)


Meowth lv24
- Ability: Technician
- Item: None
- Bite, Fury Swipes, Fake Out, Growl
Furret lv24
- Ability: Keen Eye
- Item: None
- Assist, Covet, Rest, Sleep Talk
Lickitung lv26
- Ability: Own Tempo
- Item: None
- Lick, Supersonic, Belly Drum, Return
Shiny Dunsparce lv28
- Ability: Serene Grace
- Item: Lum Berry
- Glare, Headbutt, Bite, Roost


Porygon2 lv52
- Ability: Trace
- Item: None
- Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Recover
Girafarig lv52
- Ability: Early Bird
- Item: None
- Psychic, Hyper Voice, Guard Swap, Wish
Persian lv52
- Ability: Technician
- Item: None
- Fake Out, Hone Claws, Bite, Return
Furret lv54
- Ability: Keen Eye
- Item: None
- Return, Shadow Claw, U-turn, Covet
Lickitung lv57
- Ability: Own Tempo
- Item: Eviolite
- Toxic, Return, Protect, Dragon Tail
Shiny Dunsparce lv57
- Ability: Serene Grace
- Item: King's Rock
- Glare, Headbutt, Rock Slide, Earthquake

I've not given the Gym design a lot of thought, but I'm thinking something like a pet shop or animal shelter with Pokémon (like Skitty and Furret) running all over the place as obstacles. Maybe you'd have to lure them back to their cages to progress through the Gym? Or maybe make them step on switches?

Gift TM: Return

I can't think of any quotes. I'm not much of a talker, anyway...
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i'd be in some kind of countryside lake where my water-types can be comfy

i suppose that'd give me an excuse to dress down as well ;)

and i'd have a lapras, omastar, and (of course) gyarados
I was just playing through Pearl again for the first time in ages when I noticed that Candice has a Medicham in her party, so I got an idea. While I still think my Normal-Type team is a better fit for me, I decided to make an additional Ice team just for fun. (Instead of HGSS, I used Platinum as a reference for power levels this time.)

Gym #3 (Ice)


Sneasel lv24
- Ability: Keen Eye
- Item: None
- Quick Attack, Ice Shard, Faint Attack, Hail
Wartortle lv24
- Ability: Torrent
- Item: None
- Water Gun, Ice Beam, Withdraw, Protect
Froslass lv26
- Ability: Snow Cloak
- Item: Sitrus Berry
- Ominous Wind, Ice Beam, Confuse Ray, Hail


Glaceon lv61
- Ability: Snow Cloak
- Item: None
- Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Mirror Coat, Hail
Weavile lv63
- Ability: Pressure
- Item: None
- Swords Dance, Ice Shard, Night Slash, Brick Break
Wartortle lv61
- Ability: Torrent
- Item: Eviolite
- Scald, Ice Beam, Iron Defense, Protect
Lapras lv62
- Ability: Water Absorb
- Item: None
- Body Slam, Brine, Blizzard, Hail
Froslass lv65
- Ability: Snow Cloak
- Item: Sitrus Berry
- Shadow Ball, Blizzard, Psychic, Hail

I imagine the Gym being a labyrinth of icy mirrors.

Gift TM: My favorite attack, Ice Beam!
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I would be a water type gym, my Pokemon listed below.

Vaporeon lv. 50
1. Hydro pump
2. Surf
3. Ice beam
4. Waterfall

Gyrados lv. 49
1. Dragon rage
2. Hydro pulse
3. Surf
4. Outrage

Walrein lv. 50
1. Hail
2. Aqua tail
3. Blizzard
4. Surf
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