Pokemon What Is Your Signature Pokémon?

Discussion in 'Beachfront Hangout' started by 98Greener, Jun 6, 2014.

  1. olivasds Aspiring Trainer

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    Ive always had a thing for pokemon that are initially weak in their beginning stages and stronger as they evolve. Some examples being magikarp, abra, larvitar, dratini, and slakoth.

  2. solarbeam Aspiring Trainer


    It's my favorite Pokemon: Venusaur. I've used "Bubba" in different playthroughs, across different regions, different Generations, etc. plus I also use it competitively. I've used multiple movesets with different stat combinations, etc.

    I actually thought my signature was Slowbro (for pretty much the same reasons), but my friends told me otherwise.

    Me: "I also think Venusaur is one of my signature mons."
    Friend: "One of?! No, dude. Venusaur IS your signature Pokemon! When I think of Venusaur, I think of you."
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  3. GrandPanacea Thread Necromancer

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    Given that, you have a rather appropriate username.
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  4. ToxicGirl Aspiring Trainer


    Gourgeist. It's so cute and kinda hard to take seriously at first glance... but deeper it is very dark and dangerous. This relates to me! (except I'm not cute lol)

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    Well, this site (glares @double o squirtle) has mandated that my signature Pokemon is Gengar ^w^

    Really it is Umbreon though, cause just look at it :3 Plus I am a dirty stall player!
  6. TCGDeoxys I'm made of DNA, just like you are!


    I can assure you, I can guarantee for my life that it is totally, completely, utterly, completely, totally, udder-ly, definitely NOT Deoxys.
  7. Lord Goomy Got Goomies?
    Lord Goomy


    Hint: Goomy
  8. Wechselbalg


    Probably the Psyduck - Golduck line. (But I still like Starmie the best, I swear!) Dorky little guy with constant headaches turns into a badass, kappa-like predator thing...Ok, I am not that dangerous, but you guys get the picture I guess.:D Back when I was watching the anime I kept hoping that Misty's Psyduck would finally evolve...I remember that I was so disappointed that it never happened lol (Or maybe it did later; I only watched the very first series so I don't know.)
  9. Clefairykin Aspiring Trainer


    I think one could take an accurate guess on what mine is based on my username and signature...

    Another Pokemon I cannot go without is Whimsicott. Whimsicott is my favorite Pokemon to come out of Gen V and I always use it on my teams in that gen. Same with Clefairy/Clefable in Gen 1 and Gen IV since they are available pretty early in the game.
  10. OGGREEN Aspiring Trainer


  11. TheR3DX Aspiring Trainer


    Manectric in both Tcg and singles
  12. I wonder what my signature pokemon is ;) Seriously, though, Nebby is a go to for a Pokemon I use as my online persona so it's quite obvious I like it. If I had to choose one older than that, though, it would be Excadrill (which is actually my favorite Pokemon, it isn't Cosmog but that's beside the point)
  13. Take a guess.

    I was also known as EspeonROX, so there's another one. Espeon and Serperior are my two favorites. I also like Dragonair, Absol, Sceptile, Roserade, Leafeon, Latios and Latias, Altaria, there are just too many I like! But Serperior and Espeon are my "signature" ones I'd say.
  14. A Dragon of Destiny The Ultimate Dragon
    A Dragon of Destiny


    One thing I just do is get a Caterpie, name it Wyrm, evolve it into Butterfree and slap psychic on it.
    For those who want to know...
    Different signature generation starters:
    Gen.2: Totodile line
    Gen.3: Treecko Line "Natsu"
    Gen.4: Turtwig for life!
    Gen.5: Oshawott because otters
    Gen.6: Fennekin, fire/psychic "Firefox"
    Gen.7: Rowlett because owls, "Arrow"

    And sig legends: Kyurem, Yveltal(Duh), Nebby/Solgaleo, RayRay, Zekrom
  15. RE:What is your signature Pokemon?
    Since I started it's been Sceptile. I just can't wrap my fingers around it but there's something about that lizard. Oh wait, it's the grass swords for Leaf Blade
  16. DragonFang101 Dragon-type Pokemon Trainer


    RE: What is your signature Pokemon?

    Hydreigon. It's a three-headed, demonic beast that consumes anything and everything. I remember the day I found my Deino...
  17. joffreyspikes #Drampazizzle


    Mega Camerupt has been my mega for so long now. I would be comfortable saying that Camerupt is my signature Pokémon. Also Fire is my favourite type in the TCG and Ground is my favourite in the VGs. So Camerupt fits the bill. I believe it is criminally underrated as a Pokémon: it’s a gift to Trick Room and its Sp. Atk is sky high. Sadly, whilst I was overjoyed about Camerupt getting an EX, it isn’t great, but Team Magma’s Camerupt is a great card and I am begging for a Camerupt GX.

    Empoleon and Decidueye I adore and are my two favourite starters, and Victreebel and Celesteela I enjoy equally on a less sentimental and nostalgic level.
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  18. GekkisaiDaiNi The light flickers. I flicker back.


    Aegislash is definitely my favourite Pokémon, and in the TCG my first deck (and my favourite deck) is Vespiquen, so definitely Aegislash and Vespiquen.

    Jolteon is also a favourite of mine, along with Kartana.
  19. The Ultimate Umbreon To Ultra space and beyond!
    The Ultimate Umbreon


    Umbreon. I just GTS hunt for a shiny one.
  20. Xys Otherworldly Trainer


    Not quite sure if I have a signature pokémon, but Mewtwo used to always be my favorite, because he was cool, but back then, I was a gen wunner, because I didn't have the internet to reference.

    After a while, I got some sort of pokémon national dex manual, and that showed me the huge world of Pokémon.
    I've always had a fascination with aliens, so obviously Deoxys quickly became my favorite.

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