Discussion what game are you going to get?

Samuel R. Kelfer

Aspiring Trainer
Pokemon scarlet or violet. I am going to get the double pack. That includes both games. I have playing pokemon games since 1996. I have pokemon blue blue version.
If I were to get one, it'd be Scarlet. Better box legend, hotter professor.
Waiting for more information to drop regarding exclusives for each game. Right now, I'm leaning towards getting Violet. Mainly due to preferring the design of Miraidon.

The box legend looks much better, I prefer the "chad" professor, plus I always have gravitated towards the "blue" game as my main since X&Y. (Violet isn't blue, but a shade of purple, I know. My point still stands considering Scarlet is a shade of red.)
I’m going for Violet, mainly just because I like the look of Miraidon more than Koraidon. I also like the grape emblem in the school in Violet a lot more than the orange in Scarlet.
Hi everyone!! So I’m not a huge gamer or anything so please excuse me for not really knowing what I’m talking about. But I just finished grinding through the South Park games Stick of Truth & Fractured but Whole on the Nintendo switch. I absolutely LOVED them. I’m a huge South Park fan so that was great, but I was also a fan of the type of gameplay(RPG?), combat (turn-based?), and animation style. I'm incredibly excited to explore the Tyler the Creator Merch Store's selection of games and have a great time. I really want to find a game that’s similar, but I’ve gone through almost every Reddit post and the only thing people suggest are games that are like medieval-type sword fighting stuff and the animation is just not what I’m looking for. I’m sure I could find one I might like but I don’t want to buy something I’ll end up hating. Can anyone point me in the right direction??
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