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Standard Weezing/Welder

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by Missilistico, Oct 6, 2019.

  1. Missilistico Aspiring Trainer


    Hi guys! I've been striving to build a Weezing/Welder deck. I know it can't be that good, but I thibk it can be funny at least. The problem is: this deckilist is completely unviable. Can you help me with fixing it?

    Pokemon (22)
    1 Frost Rotom (UPR 41)
    1 Mew (UNB 76)
    1 Larvitar (LOT 115)
    1 Noivern (UNM 159)
    1 Vulpix (TEU 15)
    2 Blitzle (TEU 44)
    2 Zebstrika (LOT 82)
    1 Tapu Lele (UPR 94)
    4 Weezing (UNB 74)
    4 Koffing (HIF 28)
    1 Latios-GX (UNM 78)
    1 Ninetales (TEU 16)
    1 Noibat (UNM 158)
    1 Ditto Prism Star (LOT 154)

    Supporter (12)
    2 Lillie (UPR 125)
    4 Welder (UNB 189)
    1 Brock's Grit (TEU 135)
    1 Bill's Analysis (TEU 133)
    4 Professor Elm's Lecture (LOT 188)

    Items (15)
    1 Pal Pad (UPR 132)
    4 Pokémon Communication (TEU 152)
    2 Giant Hearth (UNM 197)
    2 Shrine of Punishment (CLS 143)
    2 Fire Crystal (UNB 173)
    4 Mysterious Treasure (FLI 113)

    Energy (11)
    3 Rainbow Energy (CLS 151)
    8 Fire Energy (TEU 198)

    The general lines of thought behind it are simply that
    (i) Elm's lets you grab Koffing and Blitzle
    (ii) Sprint gets you a good draw power
    (iii) spread as much as possibile, and face the big basic with ad hoc pokemons: Frost Rotom for Reshizard, Larvitar for Pikarom, Latios for blocking Sanctuary Gx
    (iv) Noivern is here to spread against stall decks. Since it needs just one energy, I thought it would be fairly simpler than spread with Weezing
    (v) Ninetales is needed to grab and kill Mew

    The biggest problem I have is that I almost never have two Fire Energies and a Welder to start the game. Pretty sad. I was wandering whether getting rid of Shrine and max out, or at least 3-1, Giant Heart could be something. Moreover, I was thinking about adding Pokegear, and reducing the supporters, which often clog my hand. I don't know, but I think this is a funny deck and I'd have the pleasure to build it together with you!

  2. Missilistico Aspiring Trainer


    None? I forgot Spell Tags too!
  3. Panzerolas Aspiring Trainer


    i think that versus stall you still want to have a weezing, especially because you have brocks grit. they will have a hard time knokcing off all the energies, and you have zebstrika to aovid the lock.

    i dont think ninetales can be used effectively with jsut 8 energies. i would change the Latios GX for a alolan ninetales fairy. it almost auto wins the gardevoir sylveon matchup (unless they run the prism star, which is very bad).
  4. SableyeGuy Creating the future big brian BDIF...


    They cant play xerneas prism star because it disrupts greens. Starting with it is scoop worthy lol.
  5. Missilistico Aspiring Trainer


    Guys this deck is really bad... Should I just give it up?
  6. rewster1 Aspiring Trainer


    I tried to build a weezing deck with mally when rotation happened, and I thought it would be amazing because espurr, but in actuality mally is already a slow deck and adding second stage 1 made it too slow. By the way, because weezing eats mew for breakfast you should be able to replace frost rotom, larvitar and lele with espurr if you are playing welder anyway. Since you probably won't hit welder as often as you want, and a spread deck (and a stage 1 deck also) is going to fall behind on prizes, maybe try out a set of counter gains. You only have 4 tags anyway, so at least 2 gains would make sense and with prizing you'll probably hit like 3 of each.

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