Wednesday, 6/14, EX CG Scans, Layout Progress

Arcanine 274

still that is better then ours because they get duplicates while we only get 1 so it's easier to get the decks;).

and I just had an idea with Sceptile ex. it has a pokebody that makes it's attack un-broken right? well use latias and latios to shut it off so by t2 you could hit every turn 60 or more!

Arcanine out.

Tomokazu Komiya

He's cool. Sorta.
RE:  Wednesday, 6/14, EX CG Scans, Layout Progress

Arcanine 274 said:
Darn it!!!  thing's too hard to make better. :(  my bad sorry.  it'll still be a good card, and the logo is cool.

Arcanine out.

Yeah, I had an idea of using Energy Root, but Pokemon tools can't be attached to EXs as well....


Team Snorlax Leader
What in the world!? Does anyone realize how broken that Sceptile is!?

He completely shuts off all EX powers. Broken. He makes them need more energy to attack. Awesome. Add in some Wobbufett and you have one mean, mean deck.

And his attack? For 3 energy (he's affected by his own power) you automatically get 60 and up to another 50! For three energy! Sheesh.

If they KO your first Sceptile, taking two prizes, then the next one you put up is +20 stronger than the last one. Sceptile swarm anyone?