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Standard Wailord EX / Seismitoad EX Stall

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by seeknayr, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. seeknayr Aspiring Trainer


    Pokemon: (14)
    • 4 Wailord EX (PRC 38/160)
    • 3 Seismitoad EX (FFI 20/111)
    • 1 Lapras (BKP 28/122)
    • 2 Bunnelby (PRC 121/160)
    • 2 Patrat (FFI 84/111)
    • 2 Watchog (FFI 85/111)
    Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums: (35)
    • 4 Professor Sycamore
    • 2 Professor Birch's Observations
    • 4 Team Flare Grunt
    • 2 Lysandre
    • 1 Delinquent
    • 1 Xerosic
    • 4 Crushing Hammer
    • 4 VS Seeker
    • 4 Trainers' Mail
    • 2 Super Scoop Up
    • 1 Red Card
    • 2 Float Stone
    • 1 Lucky Helmet
    • 3 Rough Seas
    Energy: (11)
    • 4 Double Colorless Energy
    • 7 Water Energy

    I got inspiration for this deck from the No-Energy Wailord deck from last year. The game plan is pretty straightforward, you force your opponent to deck out before you. You sit behind a wall of Wailords, and use plenty of energy disruption and lock items with Seismitoad. This deck does use energy for Lapras set up, late game Watchog/Bunnelby, etc.

    I played this deck in one league challenge so far, and went 2-2-1. I am newer to the TCG, so I am probably missing great additions to the deck. Any help would be very appreciated! Thanks!

  2. PokeDad5 Aspiring Trainer


    If you're trying to stall/deck out your opponent you're not going to want to waste time with Toad. All that's going to do is prevent them from using item cards, which they can just Birch or Judge them back into their deck. So, my suggestions would be something like this:

    -4 DCE
    -7 Water Energy
    -1 Lucky Helmet
    -2 Team Flare Grunt
    -2 Professor Sycamore
    -2 Float Stones
    -3 Seismitoad
    -1 Lapras
    -2 Bunnelby
    -2 Patrat
    -2 Watchdog

    +2 Birch
    +2 Judge
    +3 Head Ringer
    +4 Hard Charm
    +3 Red Card
    +2 Super Scoop Up
    +2 AZ
    +4 Max Potion
    +2 Enhanced Hammer
    +1 Delinquent
    +1 Rough Seas
    +2 Dive Balls

    So the strategy is to get them to deck out. You're going to want to keep cards in your hand/prevent yourself from running out. That's why I went heavier on the Birch than Sycamore. Also, Judge can be a life saver when you're running low on cards in your own deck. Head Ringer to disrupt your opponent from doing more damage (muscle bands) and gives you more time (takes 1 more energy). Hard Charms are a no brainer here, reduce incoming damage by 20. I took this over belts because once they play a tool remover, you could be screwed on HP's that that's all those do for you. At least charms will reduce the damage. Red Card is a great disruptor card and plays perfectly with Delinquent Combo. AZ and Super Scoop up gives you the ability to remove those damage counters and play them back to the bench. Max Potion is easy because you have no energy on your pokemon and they restore to full health. Enhanced hammers for easy removal of special energies. 1 more rough sea's incase you delinquent one or two. AND dive balls to allow you to get out additional Wailords.
  3. seeknayr Aspiring Trainer


    Seems pretty good, I will try out these changes. Thanks!
  4. PokeDad5 Aspiring Trainer


    Let me know how it works out for you. I started to build it then got bored with it.
  5. seeknayr Aspiring Trainer


    I made some of my opponents very salty, but it ran smoothly overall.
  6. Phil Aspiring Trainer


    Hi sorry to revive an on old chat but wailord deck information is rare, I am building this deck but have pretty much the old build that has a few cards no longer in play is this list more up to date? Just Iv had luck with my own I use Regice with the move that locks ex pokemon along with my wailord is all deal damage if needed lock ex a little but a rare fall back. But I'm thinking of changing this up with a more up to date play like this even more. Cheers

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