Discussion Vivid Voltage Terrible Print Quality

Tj Fear

Aspiring Trainer

I wanted to reach out to the community to see whether or not anyone was having the same issue with the most recent print run of Vivid Voltage. I purchased a booster box from my local store and noticed that the 1st to the 8th pack all had terrible print run lines going from top to bottom of each card. These lines are so bad that some of the cards are actually dented from what I could only imagine as them being rolled through the printing process. When the print lines are not that bad, the damage is still offset by there being smudges, silvering on the holo's edging, and silvering on the face of the card. When the silvering is on the face of the card, it looks like tiny dots from the ink not covering the card's surface.

Please let me know! I can't return the box I bought, unfortunately, but I have another, unopened box that I can return.

Otherwise, if anyone has had the same issues, let's get a thread going to see how pervasive the issue is and let Pokemon know that their quality is unacceptable!