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Standard Vikavolt/Charjabug Deck

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by Humble, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. Humble Aspiring Trainer


    So I want to try out the new Vikavolt/charjabug deck which recently came out but the thing is I'm not sure how effective the deck list is, Please any helpful suggestions would be appreciated.

    Pokemon - 18

    Grubbin x 4
    Charjabug x 4
    Vikavolt x 3
    Vikavolt gx x 1
    chikorita x 2
    Meganium x 2
    Tapu Lele Gx x 1
    Dedenne gx x 1

    Supportor - 13

    Volkner x 3
    Cynthia x 4
    Lillie x 2
    Guzma x 3
    Brock's Grit x 1

    Items - 24

    Rescue Stretcher x 2
    Electro Power x 4
    Rare Candy x 4
    Nest ball x 3
    Pokemon communication x 3
    Ultra Ball x 2
    Thunder Mountain x 1
    Shrine of Punishment x 1
    Lure Ball x 4


    5 Electric energy

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