Viable Teams In OU Using XY Exclusive Options


So this is probably the first time in Pokemon history that I've been inclined to raise competitive Pokemon from scratch. It's just so easy to spit out a perfect Pokemon in a couple of hours if you know what you are doing, and finding opponents through the new and improved WiFi system is easier than ever. Neat.

As X and Y are the only games I want to invest in (breeding before these games is ridiculous), this does leave me at a disadvantage against opponents who have access to games from previous generations, where all sorts of move tutors were avialable. One obstacle is the scarce distribution of Stealth Rock and Defog. Another is most legendary Pokemon being off-limits.

My question to you all is... how viable can Kalos exclusive teams be in the current metagame? Which Pokemon that completely dominate the tier are unobtainable in Kalos? Which Pokemon suddenly find themselves with fewer counters? Which dominant movesets are no longer possible?

Let's assume I am not willing to trade for these good mons from distant lands, too. Just to keep the thread simple.

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Basically, you'd be using any Pre-Bank teams. Many of which are still viable to a point. However, it isn't at all difficult to trade over Wi-Fi for Post-Bank exclusives, and make a better team from there.

There aren't too many competitive Pokemon that can't be found in XY, mostly; Swampert, Milotic, Infernape, Empoleon, and Jellicent.

Other than that, several Pokemon benefit from previous gen-tutors. Such as Scizor for Bug Bite, or Infernape (/several others) for Stealth Rock, or Empoleon for Defog. And honestly, the only way to get these without owning the games yourself is by trading with somebody that does. However, Pokemon that come from previous gens are far less likely to have perfect IVs (and be legit).