UPDATED! (see first post) New Layout Complete?


Oh, right. You mean this, right?
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"PokeBeach.com" is just the name of this category. If you look at the forum main page, the second box of subforums is called "PokeBeach.com", and that's all that link is.

We're kinda offtopic here, now....

PS. I didn't lock the topics, so I'd have no idea. :/


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Oh I thought it was for the home page not for the forums and I hope He makes a link to his home page from here because If someone did find the forums for example and did not know the home page. What would they do? It would be a good idea for a home link.:)

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yeah he has one, but they could just X out and they'll go back to main page, then just click on Forums the way they got on there in the first place.

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