Ultra PRO Releasing Premium Togepi Card Sleeves Under Brand New “APEX” Line; Deck Box Also Releasing!

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Ultra PRO will be releasing Togepi card sleeves under their brand new “APEX” line, which debuted earlier this year for Magic the Gathering. The company will also be releasing a Togepi Alcove Flip Deck Box alongside the sleeves.




Their APEX line features premium sleeves that cost between $19.99 and $21.99. They are formulated to allow easier shuffling. They feature a textured back, a clear gloss front, and enhanced seal strength. Each box comes with 105 sleeves.
Ultra PRO provided details on the new line in a January press release:
Ultra PRO’s new APEX® Deck Protector® sleeves have been in development for two years. The fully opaque sleeves offer a top-notch shuffle experience and...

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about time they realized that their sleeves sucked for serious players because of how easily they fall apart and suck to shuffle with. maybe i'll get a pack to see how it compares to dragonshields.
idk how this took two years of development to make lol
Ultra Pro has definitely felt the decline in market share over the years when it comes to sleeves. Back in the early 2000s, all you could get were Ultra Pros that ripped easily, stained and scratched. Now almost everyone I know picks alternatives.
Eclipses were definitely a step in the right direction, as they weren't absolute garbage - however, I felt like the sleeves still worn faster than I expected them to. This might have been more due to the pressure from Wizards, their biggest partner, releasing one of the most obtuse mechanics that not only required sleeves to play, but a specific type of sleeves to not cheat.
I have not bought or seen a pack of these "Apex" sleeves yet. I expect them to be at least on par with their competition. However, the price is ridiculous. Ultra Pro does not have the street cred to release a "premium brand", when they barely got the hang of making these sleeves in the first place. You can get a pack of Dragon Shields for around $10.
The real question is, can I shuffle with them without damaging the sides of the sleeves and making them effectively marked.
Neat but overpriced. Dragon Shields are my go to and they're way more cost effective along with feeling and shuffling great.