Tuesday, 3/27, 110?


Very strange.. definitely looks like 110.. I'm confused too. Although with that figure...

Eeveelution*s go out the window.

It works with just the Mew gift box though..

102 Gyara
103 Mewtwo
104 Pikachu
105 Matrix energy
106 Matrix energy
107 Matrix energy
108 Matrix energy
109 Matrix energy
110 Matrix energy

It works. Damn.


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Oh sigh, not MORE matrix energies... They're a little pointless really. I wouldnt mind Mewtwo* and/or Pikachu* though.

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Arghhh...and I was getting all excited for Eeveelution*s too.

Oh well, Gyrados*/Mewtwo*/Pikachu* is more than enough for me!

And of course, only Mew ex, Mightyena ex, Crawdaunt ex will be in the set.


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okay. i have spent five hours making a speculative holon phantom set list. however, in order for it to be 110 cards, 11 more cards are needed. maybe i missed something from the actual japanese set, or the lucario tin. prehaps other promos (NOT players club promos, except, maybe, plusle and minun) are in the set. however, i don't think any mcdonalds promos will be in this set (or any set--ever, for that matter).
blank=holon phantom
(t)=lucario/mew tin
(m)=meiji promo

Holon Phantoms Speculative Set List

1/110 Armaldo d
2/110 Cradily d
3/110 Deoxys d - Lightning
4/110 Deoxys d - Colorless
5/110 Deoxys d - Darkness
6/110 Deoxys d - Metal
7/110 Flygon d
8/110 Gyarados d
9/110 Kabutops d
10/110 Kingdra d
11/110 Latias d
12/110 Latios d
13/110 Mewtwo d – Lightning (m)
14/110 Omastar d
15/110 Pidgeot d
16/110 Raichu d
17/110 Rayquaza d – Fire (m)
18/110 Rayquaza d
19/110 Vilplume d

20/110 Absol (t)
21/110 Aerodactyl d
22/110 Bellossom d
23/110 Chimecho d
24/110 Exeggutor d
25/110 Holon's Castform
26/110 Manectric (t)
27/110 Nosepass (t)
28/110 Perisan d
29/110 Primeape d
30/110 Relicanth (t)
31/110 Seviper (t)
32/110 Sharpedo d
33/110 Zangoose (t)

34/110 Camerupt (t)
35/110 Claydol (t)
36/110 Gloom d
37/110 Golduck d
38/110 Lairon (t)
39/110 Masquerain (t)
40/110 Pidgeotto d
41/110 Seadra d
42/110 Torkoal (t)
43/110 Vibrava d
44/110 Whishcash (t)

45/110 Anorith d
46/110 Aron (t)
47/110 Baltoy (t)
48/110 Barboach (t)
49/110 Carvhana d
50/110 Corphish (t)
51/110 Electrike (t)
52/110 Exeggcute d
53/110 Horsea d
54/110 Kabuto d
55/110 Lileep d
56/110 Magikarp d
57/110 Mankey d
58/110 Meowth d
59/110 Numel (t)
60/110 Oddish d
61/110 Omanyte d
62/110 Pichu d
63/110 Pidgey d
64/110 Pikachu d
65/110 Poochyena (t)
66/110 Psyduck d
67/110 Surskit (t)
68/110 Trapinch d

69/110 Bill’s Maintenance (t)
70/110 Holon Adventurer
71/110 Holon Fossil
72/110 Holon Lake
73/110 Masterball (t)
74/110 Mr. Stone’s Project (t)
75/110 Prof. Birch (t)
76/110 Prof. Cosmo’s Discovery (t)
77/110 Pokenav (t)
78/110 Prof. Oak’s Research (t)
79/110 Rare Candy
80/110 TV Reporter (t)
81/110 Energy Search (t)
82/110 Energy Switch (t)
83/110 Potion (t)
84/110 Switch (t)
85/110 Delta Rainbow Energy
86/110 Dark Energy (t)
87/110 Metal Energy (t)
88/110 Rainbow Energy (t)

Pokemon ex:
99/110 Crawdaunt ex (t)
100/110 Mew ex (t)
101/110 Mightyena ex (t)

102/110 Gyarados * d
103/110 Mewtwo* (t)
104/110 Pikachu* (t)

105/110 Water Energy
106/110 Fire Energy
107/110 Lightning Energy
108/110 Psychic Energy
109/110 Grass Energy
110/110 Fighting Energy

you may notice a massive gap between 88 and 99. that doesn't mean that the 11 cards go there--it means i got a mental block and didn't know where else to put the gap or to scatter the 11 unknown slots.

most of the recent meiji promos (foretress, etc) i have put in my pop3 speculation set list (as seen on the gym), except ray delta (which i put here), mewtwo delta (which i also put here), donphan, and ditto (mr. mime, alt. art and alt. attacks of delta species version). personally, i think ditto mime will be the boxtopper.

cards that could be added to the list are:
wobuffet (lucario collector box--NOT the tin)
phanphy (lucario collector box)
donphan (lucario collector box)
sableye (lucario collector box)
mawile (lucario collector box)
plusle (player's promo)
minun (player's promo)
yeah--i seriously have a mental block. i mean, prehaps they'll go nutty and re-release holon wp, holon ff, and holon gl, and, another one of the pikachu delta promos (the coro coro one, because its the only one thats different than the legend maker boxtopper and the one in holon phantoms). the eevolution pokemon*'s seem SO illogical. that would mean EIGHT POKEMON*'S. that's not cool--thats ludacris.

s'cuse me...i need to rest my fingers from all this typing =P. please do not steal the list or post it on the gym or anywhere. when i am done with the list, i will put it up on the gym. thanks.


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I thought it was 115. Last night I posted about it in TCG sets but I just checked using my magnifier on my computer and it is 110. This looks like it is going to be a small set compared to the other ones and I hope it will be a good one.:)


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I think it could be a fake because if you look at when it was made it looks like it says 2004 pokemon/nintendo

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RE:  Tuesday, 3/27, 110?

Espeonchris523 said:
I think it could be a fake because if you look at when it was made it looks like it says 2004 pokemon/nintendo
It's not a fake since it came from an official source. The size of the scan just makes it out to look like a 4, but if you look close enough, it's actually a 6. The larger version on Pojo has it as a 6 as well.

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Hasn't anyone noticed that there's an Aron and Lairon, but no Aggron? And, there should be a lot more EXs. 3 is just NOT enough. Possibly some Delta Species....?