Help Trading in TCGO, Acquiring Online/Digital Cards


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New to TCGO and just about to figure out how trading works, just saw the platform is moving to TCGL where there won't be any support for trading.

Looks like it's my last chance to trade for any cards before the platform change. So how does trading work on TCGO?

1. I can create a trade, offer one/some of my cards in exchange for a card I want, but how do I know what the people who have the card I want, want from me?

2. I favorited certain cards that were added to a Want List. Can other players see my Want List? Can I see the Want List of other players?

3. It doesn't look like you can buy digital/online cards within TCGO. But I see people on eBay selling them. How does that work? I thought the cards contained on those online code inserts were not known?

Thanks in advance!
Hey handsomep,

It's been a bit since I've sat down to play TCGO, but from what I remember, there are 2 ways you can trade for cards:
- First, you can create a public trade. You offer up something--cards, packs, etc.--in exchange for whatever you want. This trade stays up on the public trades board for 1-2 days, where people have the opportunity to view and accept/reject the trade. If someone accepts the trade, you'll get a notification, and the items you were trading for. To prevent (most) spam, this feature costs coins to use, but has the advantage of saving a bit of time and effort.
- Second, you can trade directly with other users. When you click on a user who's online, you have the option to open a trade with them. There, you can select from cards you have available to trade, as well as cards the other user has available. You can send an offer, and they will have the option to accept, reject, or revise the trade. This way takes more effort and time to work out a trade, but doesn't cost anything.

For your Wants List, people are usually only able to see what's on there if they have the card. I can't really remember how it works, but from my experience, I've never gotten much use out of the Wants List.

In TCGO you are able to buy packs, but are not able to buy individual cards. People selling cards on Ebay usually have those cards available on their TCGO account because they've opened packs or traded for them. Basically, if you buy them, you would pay money to trade one of your cheap commons for whatever card(s) you bought. However, I am very certain that buying and selling cards like this is against the EULA. I'd recommend avoiding this, but it's up to you.

I hope this clarifies some things. If you have any other questions, please feel free to let me know.

- Alpha