Discussion Tornadus (UNM178) as a valid attacker?

Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by Bluu3e, Aug 30, 2019.

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    I don't know if this is the best place to post it, so sorry in advance.

    A friend of mine challenged me a few days ago to find or build up a deckist with Tornadus (UNM - 178) as a main player. It must be Standard, no need to be a budget deck, and playable against low tier decks.

    I'm quite new at the game, so this is proving to be quite a challenge.
    Using Tornadus means you must use Thundurus (UNM - 68) too so we can make the most of his attack. Combining with Tapu Lele and Shrine of Punishment and maybe we can have a weird spread deck? With Mars and Crushing Hammer to stall and control the game a bit?
    One of the problems i'm having is the energy cost of Tornadus attack, which need 3 energy (any color, but Triple Acceleration Energy only works for evolution Pokémon).

    What do you guys think? Is it possible? How would you make a deck for fun based on Tornadus?



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    First, use fire energy and Welder to get it going.

    Some ideas:
    1. Weezing spread maybe?
    2. Ninetales for sure
    3. Incineroar?
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    Definitely Welder, with some Giant Hearths for consistent Energy access.

    Weezing could work, but I don't know how consistent it'd be seeing as we don't have a ton of easy ways to search the non-Psychic parts of the deck.
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    A spread deck should be decent against most 1 prize decks, but needs a way to magnify damage on tag teams because you are 3 shotting even after a few spread turns.
    You could play mimikyu gx to give lele's fairy energy another use, or play Persian to give espurr free attacks, or look for weakness attackers on the big three (fighting, water, and psychic weakness) like larvitar, frost rotom, and Latios gx (also lets you shut down sky scorch, annoying healing GX attacks, plus it is very anti tag team).
    Play rainbow in the last case rather than fairy. Also rainbow + welder can pay for espurr as well if you want to stay all basic.
    I would also play 4 counter gain, 4 fan club, and possibly a 2-2 zebstrika line.
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