Tornadus as Donphan Counter?

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Could Tornadus be a Donphan Counter?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. MonsterHunter909 Formerly Known as Tybike


    Could Tornadus be A Donphan counter? Donphan takes 3 turns to kill Tornadus, and Tornadus takes 3.

  2. #1weavile I'm still alive =)


    It's ok but donphan will just use catcher and attack your bench instead of hitting it head on.
  3. Glace Top 8, Worlds 2013

    Advanced Member Member

    I think it will be good because it can 2hko Donphan, while Donphan 3hko's Tornadus. Sure they could Catcher around it, but they will doubtably use 3 Catchers in 3 turns. Its better to use them when you opponent is in a bad position. I'm going to be testing Tornadus, and I think it will imporve the matchup.
  4. Vulpix Yolk \ \ durant gang \ \
    Vulpix Yolk


    Most Donphan variants are prepare for Tornadus, simply because it has the same Weakness and Resistance as Yanmega Prime. They will either be carrying Zekrom, or Ruins of Alph, or both. I don't feel that Tornadus is an excellent Donphan counter, but it at least isn't a terrible one. Tornadus actually surprised me as a card, it isn't as terrible as I initially thought.
  5. Blastagator Kingdra Player!


    I run an Audino deck and I know that the Tornadus works as an awesome counter.
  6. Nigel Extra Spicy


    Tornadus actually can 2-shot Donphan. It can also abuse DCE, which can make it a quite fast counter. I'd say it's going to get play as a Donphan counter, and It works excellently as one in my ZPS build.
  7. dmaster Aspiring Trainer

    Elite Member Advanced Member Member

    It's probably one of the best things Zekrom has gained from Emerging Powers (besides Catcher of course but every deck got that lol).

    It has a lot of good things going for it. Being a Basic allows you to get it out quicker. It can abuse DCE and use Energy conservation the most efficiently. Has a one Retreat Cost which isn't absolutely horrible should you need to Retreat. And of course has that Fighting Resistance which is nice. It will definitely see play in Zekrom based decks and might even have a bigger focus than Zekrom itself. After all, it can do 80 T1 with a DCE. That's a pretty scary thought when you factor in Catcher.

    dmaster out.
  8. varit kanto region digintary


    tornadus with rescue energy, pachirisu, seeker's, ssu's, shyamin's and max potion versus donphan, donphans in the dog house pretty fast.
  9. GyaradosPrime Aspiring Trainer


    how does it do t1 80? Hurricane is CCC that's a dce turn one and whatever energy turn two. Am I missing sonething?
    EDIT: unless youre refering to the pachirisu shaymin engine, which isn't that reliable to me :(

    I will be running these in my zps when i get some because it can conserve energy and counters donphan. Plus 6 to 8 full arts in a deck will be pretty neat :B
  10. Domo RIP Kim Jong il


    Yes it is a great counter, i ran donphan in a deck and my buddy uses tornadus and he always killed me >.< its a great counter to donphan and i need to get my hands on some tornadus

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