Top 20 Most Valuable Cards from “Wild Force” and “Cyber Judge!”

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Wild Force & Cyber Judge released in Japan on Friday!
We’ve gathered the average card prices from Mercari, a popular auction website. These prices give us a clue of the initial interest in these cards. These prices are current as of today.
We will get the cards from Japan’s Wild Force & Cyber Judge in our Temporal Forces set in March.

Raging Bolt ex (SIR): 5,500 yen ($37)
Morty’s Conviction (SIR): 4,700 yen ($32)
Walking Wake ex (SIR): 4,000 yen ($27)
Eri (SIR): 4,000 yen ($27)
Gouging Fire ex (SIR): 3,000 yen ($20)...

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Snom in the leaderboards! Me and my wallet are so happy that everybody else considers it sort of valuable but not enough to buy it for a high price.