Thursday, 5/11, First D/P Screenshots


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One word:Awesome! You can really see the mix of 3D and 2D on the overworld! and the battlescreens are cool!

poke_master1 said:
One more word: wow

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Finally, some screenshots and info have completely surfaced. They are cool! In the overworld though, the male and female characters seem to look a lot like there Fire Red and Leaf Green counterparts. Munclax using Swallow. Never would I have gussed that one. And Manyula? It happens to be able to use Revenge upon leveling up? Manyula like has a double weakness to Revenge! Well, come to think of it, Dragonite can learn Ice Beam with similar principles.


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Hey, i'm new!:)
I think the bottom screen will be a big menu, leading to sub-menus such as HELP(like FRLG), FLY, MAP, etc.

I hope that the starters would have better move combinations, like DRAGON and FIRE, GRASS and ROCK, WATER and GROUND(swamp,whish)