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Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by Luispipe8, May 18, 2013.

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    Do you know what the specs are of your PC, specifically the operating system and the RAM? It sounds like there might be an overloading of your computer's operating power; for example, invisible cards indicates that they are not loading probably. I've experienced crashes while playing tournaments (although nothing else that you listed), and I've suspected the problem is just that I'm overworking my laptop.

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    Windows 7, this is all the info it say on System

    Processor: Intel (R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P8600 @ 2.40GHz 2.40 GHz
    Ram: 4.GB (3.75 usable)
    Sistem type: 64-bit operating System
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    Yeah, the game probably isn't working for you since your RAM is a bit too low. 4GB is enough for things like Word and basic tab browsing, and some more basic, low-graphic games. Pokemon TCGOnline uses a higher-end graphics engine and communicates heavily across a server, and that will probably be too much for a 4GB RAM. About 8GB is normally good for these sort of games, although you might get away with PTCGO on 4GB if it's the only program running / thing you're doing on your laptop.
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    Does anyone know the schedule for 24-ticket tournaments in PTCGO ?
    Does it happen regularly on weekends once every month? When is closest?
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    (I haven't been able to find info on this in the guide, so I'll add this here.)

    Slow Load Times

    SYMPTOM: Recently had an issue where PTCGO would take a long time (two or three minutes) to load just to the logon page. Log on to a usable state was also pretty slow (one to two minutes). Upon logging on, I'd find that a large number of cards were trying to reload. Letting them all complete did not seem to resolve the load time issue, nor did the cards consistently stay loaded between logons.

    RESOLUTION: Ultimately, I cleared out the card cache and re-downloaded the full catalog. All load times and card states returned to normal.

    CAUSE: Suspect some sort of data base corruption, but honestly, I'm not really sure how the program stores the card cache.
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    When rotation will happen in ptcgo?
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    It'll happen later today, the rotation was set for August 28th.
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    Thank you! :)
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    Pokemon TCGO Problems
    I just dowloaded Pokemon TCGO for my lap,I registed and when I login in to the game it said that 'The network concection with the server has been lost,I tried to turn on/off the game and the lap,checked the router but nothing happen.Please tell me the solutions for this

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