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  1. Hello all.

    I caught myself wondering what the best XY-On set is and would be interested to know your thoughts. The 'best' set could be defined in a number of ways - most competitive cards, great artwork, coolest Pokemon, etc. - so, given the choice, what XY era packs would you prefer to open and why?

    Personally I think Phantom Forces is the best by a country mile!
    • All of the EXs have featured in high-level decks over the past year - mainly Manectrix-EX.
    • Game-changing Trainer cards were (re)introduced (VS Seeker, Battle Compressor, Robo Substitute, Xerosic, AZ, etc.).
    • The selection of rares is decent (Bronzong, Crobat, Slurpuff, Heatran).
    • Night March.
    Do you agree/disagree? Which is the best in your opinion?

  2. Frosstoise Pokemon Connoisseur


    I really like Primal Clash. Great art, interesting cards, Gardevoir. All good.
  3. Yeah - Primal Clash is a cool set. It introduced half-art cards with Ancient Traits, which all look gorgeous, and reintroduced gold items!
  4. Frosstoise Pokemon Connoisseur


    It was a big one though. 164 cards total; it's a beast to complete. Almost there, though!
  5. Yeah it's nearly two sets in one. I reckon the ideal number is around 90 - 100, like Ancient Origins for example.
  6. Frosstoise Pokemon Connoisseur


    I don't understand some of the reprinting that went on between those two. Why did Groudon and Kyogre get fancy FA cards in AO, when they were already the focus of PCL?
  7. AshCo Coming back with the BLOST


    Pretty much to promote the Hoopa movie.


    I'd have to say it's a tie with Phantom Forces and Roaring Skies, with Ancient Origins at a close second.

    Both XY4 and XY6 had a ton of amazing cards(Rayquaza, Bronzong, VS seeker, etc.), aesthetics, and just...they were more fun to open than all the rest. I don't know why, they just were. Maybe getting a set of M Rayquaza out of packs helped.
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  8. Tepig4321 The Very Best Like No One Ever Was


    1. Flashfire
    2. Ancient Origins
    3. Primal Clash
    4. Breakthrough
    5. Phantom Forces
    6. Breakpoint
    7. Furious Fists
    8. XY
    9. Roaring Skies

    1. Phantom Forces
    2. Roaring Skies
    3. Breakthrough
    4. XY
    5. Breakpoint
    6. Primal Clash
    7. Furious Fists
    8. Ancient Origins
    9. Flashfire

    This is just my opinion
  9. Lord o da rings ♕ The Queen ♕
    Lord o da rings


    Actually I'm not sure. I've been loving these BREAK sets but also loved Ancient Origins. It was a battle between Fates Collide and Ancient Origins but I ended up choosing Fates Collide.

    -Fates Collide has quite a few of my favorite Pokemon including a FULL ART GLACEON EX. My favorite Pokemon of all time getting a full art kinda makes the set. And it's a great card competitively.
    -A lot of the artwork I have seen impressed me. I love the card art. Even getting a common with amazing art could be better than an EX that looks bad.
    -After seeing all the amazing cards, beasts, and artwork in the set the enjoyment of opening these packs may even top Roaring Skies which was super fun to open and a close third for me.

    Reasons I considered Ancient Origins:
    -Hoopa EX. Man that thing is surprisingly powerful.
    -Artwork! The artwork was probably the best of any set.
    -Pokemon I loved. I loved the shiny reprints of the Hoenn trio and the suspense of trying to pull one was killing me (I eventually pulled the shiny full art Rayquaza in a Tyrantrum EX box and the Groudon in a blister pack).

    Why even bother with Roaring Skies?:
    -Probably because the set had quite a lot of amazing cards. I spent all summer just chucking away money for packs.
    -The great competitive cards. Tell me that you haven't seen ONE Shaymin EX, Mega Rayquaza EX, or a Thundurus EX at a tournament.
    -The artwork. Yes I'm getting repetitive but come on. Hydreigon EX's full art was so freakin' beautiful!
    -With Roaring Skies being by far the set I spent most time, and effort trying to finish I had to put it here. It was the first set in a while that was hard to collect the whole thing of (That Latios EX full art took FOREVER to get. I got both secret rares twice before I pulled it. Not even kidding).

    Worst set is obviously Flashfire:
    -The cards were crummy, RIDICULOUSLY hard to pull (pulled only a Magnezone EX, and a M Charizard Y EX in one booster box. YEESH!)
    -No competitive cards. You rarely see any Pokemon cards from this set besides maybe a tool or two once every blue moon.
    -Bad art. Why. Why did you make freakin' every Kalos Pokemon by 5ban until Phantom Forces? That ticked me off.
    -Boring. I bought the booster box hoping for some awesome stuff. After the box was through I had opened 2 EXs, 3 holos, and the rest were regular rares. I still don't know whether that was a faulty box or my luck was just that bad. I bought no more packs after that.

    Anyways those are my opinions. Feel free to agree or disagree with them.
  10. AshCo Coming back with the BLOST


    I've never seen a Roaring Skies Thundurus-EX played at a tournament, or at least played seriously. Were you thinking of the Plasma Freeze one?
  11. RuskeD Aspiring Trainer


    I just want a set with mega wailord-ex with 400hp. GG
  12. RuskeD, we'll need a Mega Wailord in Sun and Moon.

    In my Opinion, it's a tie between XY, PHF and ROS.

    XY's good cards:
    • Raichu
    • Yveltal (EX)
    • Xerneas (EX)
    • Muscle Band
    • DCE
    • Aromatisse
    • Professor Sycamore
    PHF' Good Cards:
    • (Mega) Manectric EX
    • Night March Trio
    • Battle Compressor
    • Sycamore Reprint
    • Gengar EX
    • Bronzong
    • Wobbufett
    • VS Seeker

    ROS' good cards:

    • Rayquaza EX (Both)
    • Mega Rayquaza (Colorless)
    • DDE
    • Shaymin EX
    • Trainers' Mail
    • Ultra Ball
    • Wally
    • Heidreigon EX
    • Articuno (AT)
    • Altaria (AT)
    • Mega Turbo
    • Steven
    • Switch
  13. Lord o da rings ♕ The Queen ♕
    Lord o da rings


    Really? Never? Huh...I've seen about 15 of them. No I meant the Roaring Skies one though I still do see the Plasma Freeze one in expanded.
  14. AshCo Coming back with the BLOST


    Wow, I never really expected that. I guess Headlock is a nice opening attack, so It can be played.
  15. bbninjas Ready or Not!

    Advanced Member Member

    I personally really like Phantom Forces. It brought a large amount of powerful non-EX cards into the game (Wobuffet, Bats, Night Marchers, Bronzong, etc), which aside from Night March in recent times, have been quite healthy. It also brought some great new Trainers that freshened the game up. Finally, it's a great set for beginner trainers to start of with, because it reprints and contains a large amount of staple trainers, such as VS Seeker, Sycamore, Shauna and Double Colorless.
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  16. Lord o da rings ♕ The Queen ♕
    Lord o da rings


    I must agree. Phantom Forces did in fact bring a ton of amazing cards into the current rotation. My problems, however, were:
    -Art. I COULD NOT STAND the art. It disgusted me. Probably the worst of any set.
    -Unavailability. Yes I know this isn't the sets fault but in the time it was the newest set I got to open only a 3 pack blister pack... It was RIDICULOUS.
  17. AshCo Coming back with the BLOST


    Speaking of art, I cannot stand Furious Fists. Everything is so boring. Even the EXs, which are supposed to be eye-catching, are just the most bland, gross looking Ex's I've seen in a while.(especailly Heracross.) In fact, it's the worst XY set, because every card IS boring. Fighting decks with Lucario are boring. Toad is a boring nuisance. It's just not as fun as the other sets. I still like it somewhat, but it just doesn't speak to me in terms of art, etc.
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  18. Frosstoise Pokemon Connoisseur


    I really dug Primal Clash's art. Decent stage 2s (Primal Trait Swampert!), great EXes (Gardevoir, Aggron, Kyogre, Groudon) and even pretty passable disposables. Great set, all in all.
  19. Lord o da rings ♕ The Queen ♕
    Lord o da rings


    Oh my gosh I MUST agree. Behind Flashfire this is my least favorite set. The art was only barely better because art wise Sylveon, Hawlucha, and Lucario EX full art were great but the rest was garbage. Yes toad is just another overused nuisance like the whole night March crud. No competitively great cards (besides that damn toad) came out of the set. The EXs were bland and bored me not to buy anything more after the Elite Trainer Box as well (lol). In my opinion the first four sets of XY were probably my least favorite. When Roaring Skies hit I really starting to love the XY era because it wasn't trash anymore. Anyways yeah Furious Fists was a dissapointment.

    New List (I like lists)
    Favorite sets [Best to worst]:
    -Fates Collide (XY10)
    -Ancient Origins (XY7)
    -Roaring Skies (XY6)
    -BREAKPoint (XY9)
    -Primal Clash (XY5)
    -BREAKThrough (XY8)
    -Phantom Forces (XY4)
    -XY Base Set (XY1)
    -Furious Fists (XY3
    -Flashfire (XY2)

    Yes these are my opinions. Disagree if you want but don't disrespect.
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  20. In hindsight, Furious Fists was not a very good set.

    I think you can tell a good set by the non-holo rares. If, 9 out of 10 times you open a pack and groan at the mundane rare card then that's a sign that it's a shoddy set. The best ones will give you a chance to pull something good regardless of the rarity. It's no coincidence that Furious Fists and Flashfire (the sets many consider to be the worst) have the worst selection of rares. In fact, in the entire set, I reckon the only competitive cards are:
    • Lucario-EX
    • Seismitoad-EX
    • Dedenne
    • Jynx
    • Landorus
    • Hawlucha
    • Eevee
    • Energy Switch (reprint)
    • Fighting Stadium
    • Focus Sash
    • Korrina
    • Super Scoop Up (reprint)
    • Strong Energy
    That's only just over 11% of the set.
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