The BDIF Has Been Discovered — And It Plays Dream Ball!


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Hello everyone! This is Grant Manley here with another article about the Standard format. Fusion Strike is just about to be released, and apparently it’s the largest set ever printed. Although the set has plenty of cool cards as well as the new Fusion Strike mechanic, it doesn’t seem like it will have an earth-shattering impact on the Standard format. This means that current testing and knowledge of the format will more or less carry over into the new format after the set’s release.
That said, we should expect an emergence of the Fusion Strike archetype featuring Mew VMAX and Genesect V, as well as the new Inteleon VMAX to see some...

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I am worried about discarding peonia/cheryl early, maybe pal pad is an option?
Interesting read - I liked the Bertrand’s box paradox-esque take on the DB mechanics. Well done.