TCG Fakes The Ωmega Fakes: Ultra Invasion Complete

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Something about Kartana & Stakataka GX:
Blade Assembly GX needs a primary effect. Right now, it doesn’t do anything until you have 4 energy attached to it, which makes it a regular GX attack instead of a TAG TEAM GX attack.


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Nice cards. Almost could be forgiven for thinking they were real. Do you take requests by any chance?


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^Nice one. In that scenario, I will let you know as soon as I can think of a card request for you.


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These are really good fakes! Personally, I would like to see more of the GX Ultra Shiny fakes, because they look really cool.


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Finished some more cards for Platinum Forgotten Legends
- Abomasnow
- Armor Fossil
- Cover Fossil
- Revive
- Triple Ball
These are looking good Omega!

Although if you are bumping your thread because you've created new cards, you should always include your new cards in the bump post as well as the thread OP / OP for the set. Your audience isn't going to spend time searching your thread for new stuff after all ;)


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Finished some more stuff, lets see if I can keep this momentum up

Loving the new cards, Omega! They all really feel like they're straight out of the DPPt era. I also admire the dedication to take on an entire set at once. :p

For the LV.Xs, I'd recommend doing a bit of touching-up on the art to make it more era-accurate. LV.Xs tend to have incredibly exaggerated highlights and shadows; you can achieve something similar in PS through beveling and the Dodge and Burn tools.

Looking forward to seeing more of your work! :D


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No seriously, you've done a stunning job at putting this set togehter, Omega! I couldn't believe how quickly you did it, until I realised that you'd probably done half the cards already, haha.

Your renders came out very well, in fact, I didn't realise they were your art until about halfway through the set. The style fits right in. I'm going to have make some request for my own set, I think!

The Ultra Beast mechanic also settles in nicely. The mechanic isn't too left field, and mostly just has a few extra search features, and you've included a few counters like Stunfisk and Floatzel to Shread (!?) them up in case they become too meta. Balance wise, I think that the Ultra Beast ball should probably exclude searching for Lv.Xs to keep it in line with the similar DPPt-era Trainers. But otherwise, power balance appears to be kept well.


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These look really good, especially that Stunfisk

Found a couple of errors/suggestions
Guzzlord: Endless Appetite's (before your attack) is not italicized.
Naganadel: Toxin Inject should refer to opponent's Active Pokémon, not Defending, as it is not an attack for a Pokémon to Defend (see Magmortar SV #006).
BB is wrong about Beast Ball if he's talking about official DPPt cards, the only search card in all fo DPPt that excludes Lv.X is Luxury Ball.
Balance wise, Soliera could get away with retrieving more cards (compare: Night Maintenance MT #113, Palmer's Contribution SV #139).
Balance wise, Ultra Megalopolis doesn't have to be Prism Star, although it does make it look cooler (compare: Snowpoint Temple LA #134)

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Love how you are still using the DP era cards.
Is it just me or some of you cards aren't loading at all