BW/BW2 That One Guy's White 'Locke (The Trainers' Wright of Passage)

Cobalt Phoenix

Best Kappa
Yeah, jumping on the Nuzlocke Bandwagon....

  • Only one capture per route. I may look at different Pokémon, but I can only capture one per area.
  • Once a Pokémon faints, it is considered 'Dead' and may not be used again.
  • Nickname all captures. (I will be using Ace Attorney character names from official and fan-based canon)
  • No trading from other games. No Dream World, no GTS, no passing GO, no collecting $200.
  • Battle Style turned to 'Set'
  • TMs and HMs are allowed to be used.
  • No Pokemon Center visits. All healing must be done via item. (This also ensures that once I lose a battle, I lose THE GAME )
  • No held Items.
  • I can only spend up to 3000p per PokéMart visit. This can be done only once per City/Town.
  • No Selling of items.
  • No Ubers allowed.
  • No OU Pokémon allowed.
I will attempt to update this post at regular intervals.
Thank you for reading.

Episode 1. The Trainers' Wright of Passage
Trainer Name: Phoenix

Started the game, beat Bianca's Lv5 Oshawott and Cheren's Lv5 Tepig with my Lv5 Kristoph (Snivy)
Kristoph grew to Lv6.
Heard some serious yelling from Bianca's father.
I go see Prof Juniper who gives me the Pokedex. She tells me to head toward Route 1 to teach me how to play a game I've been playing for years. WHY?

Ugh why does it even matter if we take our first steps onto Route 1 at the same time?! To be a jerk, I made sure to take my first step out there months ago. >:O

First time watching a Pokemon Capture. All that trouble for a lv2 Patrat. Gross... Then, if that wasn't enough, Juniper explains what just happened. Wasting time like the foolish fool of a fool's professor she... (Wait.... What?!! What the heck am I talking about?!) But hey, Pokéballs. 5 of them. Whoopie. Time to go for my first capture! (Again like the rules state: I am allowed to only capture one per route, but I may choose which one to capture.) I went for a Lillipup at Level 4. I named it 'Missile,' after my uncle Dick Gumshoe's dog at the precinct.

It is now time for the obligatory 'What does a PokeCenter do?' explanation. Like it'll be useful during this Locke. :( (NOTE: This is a mandatory heal, and as such it does NOT count per my rules!) At the Pokemart I purchase 8 Potion (300p x 8= 2400) and 3 PokeBalls (200p x 3= 600; 2400+600= 3000). I'd better leave it off here... Next up on 'That One Guy's White Locke' we face a difficult (?) battle with some derp named N. See you guys.

Current Roster:
Lv8 Snivy (Kristoph)
Lv4 Lillipup (Missile)

NONE (Thankfully :D )