News 'Team Skull Pin Collection Box' in October!


Not to mention Salazzle is a decent card too!
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This is definitely worth picking up! I'm assuming it'll be $40? The GXs are awesome and I like collecting the pins for my backpack.
This is Def up there with best packaging ever, really really nice - another one I will have to pick up twice!!

At this rate I'm going to need another games room :)
This reminds me of the old Team Plasma box from way back in 2013. Glad they made another product like it, I always liked that box.
... Welp, guess I'm buying this. I'm almost obligated to, honestly. Team Skull <3

Might also get a couple extra of the Goli for my deck... I'll have to see the art in higher res before I decide that, though.
I want the pin for sure, but that's all I like out of the box. The GX art isn't that great to spend $30-40 on.
Wow the Wimpod that I actually like than Wimp Out Wimpod. If Shining Celebi become legal, this Wimpod is better
I'm assuming it will be $35 since it has about the same layout as the lazy Legacy Pin Collection. Even though I like to check things out before I buy, I may order it.
Good way to get a guaranteed Golisopod GX
Yay, I'm ready to "beatdown" some of these boxes