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Expanded Tapu-krow krow


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3 honchkrow (guardians rising)
3 murkrow (guardians rising
3 tapu koko (promo)
1 shaymin ex (i have no lele)
1 necrozma gx
2 trubish
2 garbodor(trashvalanche)
2 sneasel
2weavile(burning shadows)

3 sycamore
2 n
1 lysandre
1 guzma
1 colress
1 bridgette
1 rescue strecher
2 muscle band
2 special charge
2 hypnotoxic laser
2 vs seeker
2 battle compressor
3 bursting baloon
3 ultra ball
2 level ball
2 feild blower
1 float stone
1 energy lotto

4 dce
5 psychic(also for special enrgy denial cards)
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I would try to make room for a 2-1/1 or 3-2/1 line of Sneasel-Weavile. The Rule of Evil Weavile can do 60 damage to all Pokemon with abilities (including yours) for 1 energy and the new one from SM5 does 50 damage times the amount of your opponent's Pokemon with abilities. 2-1/1 is probably best since not all decks rely in abilities but it could severely punish those that do (like Gardevoir, Metagross, Solgaleo, Zoroark, Lycanroc, etc. Not to mention Lele/Shaymin is in every deck).


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Yeah i considered adding the weavile but didnt know how well it would do. Also does it work even if garbotoxin is in play or is it only active abilities. Idk -1rescue stretcher -1 psychic -1energy lotto - level ball. +2 sneasel +2 weavile (burning shadows)


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Garbotoxin removes abilities from pokemon (except for Garbotoxin) so Weavile would only do 60 damage to garbotoxin