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Expanded Sylveon Control

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by Merovingian, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. Merovingian Rooty tooty water shooty!

    Articles Staff Member

    POKÉMON: 7
    - 4 - Eevee
    - 3 - Sylveon GX

    TRAINERS: 41
    - 3 - Team Flare Grunt
    - 2 - Guzma
    - 2 - Acerola
    - 2 - Xerosic
    - 1 - N
    - 1 - Skyla
    - 1 - Team Rocket's Handiwork
    - 1 - Plumeria
    - 1 - Gladion

    - 3 - Fairy Garden

    - 4 - Max Potion
    - 4 - Puzzle of Time
    - 4 - Level Ball
    - 4 - Target Whistle
    - 3 - VS Seeker
    - 3 - Enhanced Hammer
    - 1 - Master Ball
    - 1 - Red Card

    ENERGY: 12
    - 11 - Fairy Energy
    - 1 - Double Colorless Energy

    This is about 5 cards off my Dallas list. I modified it to tackle the unfavorable matchups a bit better (maxed out on Level Balls and Target Whistle) as well as give problems to Zoroark (Target Whistling Exeggcute and Night Marchers).

    Took out my techs for Trevenant and took out Ranger as I don’t think I’m going to see Noivern GX anytime soon.

    I’m trying to see if there are any angles I’m not thinking of.

  2. Nytttt Volcanion Trainer


    How does fairy garden work? U only have 3 sylveon.
  3. Merovingian Rooty tooty water shooty!

    Articles Staff Member

    Fairy Garden helps you win the stadium war.

    Also helps you get rid of poison and burn.

    Also helps you jump an injured Sylveon to the bench for future Acerola/Max Potion plays.

    It’s susprisingly dynamic, it puts in some work.
  4. Nytttt Volcanion Trainer


    Ok, does this work standard? My friend plays sylveon and he needs help with it
  5. Merovingian Rooty tooty water shooty!

    Articles Staff Member

    Sylveon control does work in tankard. Looks a lot different. However, I don’t play Standard so I have no input for that version.
  6. RMC Aspiring Trainer


    Been cruising a lot of Sylveon lists since I wanna play something different. What are you good and bad matchups? Noticed you didn't have Field Blower and elected to play Xerosic instead. How has that been? The target whistle seemed like an odd one but I think I understand why you need it. But I also sorta don't at the same time. How has that been for you?

    Sorry for all the questions. I just like to pick someones brain when it comes to discussing decks that way I can better understand inclusions.
  7. If you want, I can give you some standard sylveon tips
  8. Sylveon's good matchups:
    Anything with DCE
    Anything with Zoroark

    Bad matchups:
    Lurantis (although nobody plays this anymore)

    Target whistle can be replaced with field blower if you like
  9. Merovingian Rooty tooty water shooty!

    Articles Staff Member

    It's all good.

    Sylveon is reaaaaaally finnicky. Its decent now because the format is infested with Zoroark. That said, the deck is only good if you can tech appropriately. Expanded Sylveon is hitting your skull with a hammer.

    You don't really need Field Blower, between your own stadiums and Xerosic, there's really not much a need for it. At least, I haven't been using Field Blower since the beginning of January and I haven't been in a match yet where I wished I had it.

    Target Whistle if for Night March and Zoroark. For Zoroark, you bench their Exeggcute. For Night March, you bench as many Night Marchers as you can. The hope is that they won't be able to OHKO you and you take the game from there. I'm currently experimenting with 4 Target Whistles. However, I go to like 1-2 tournaments a month so it might take a bit. And I didn't see Night March last weekend. We usually have 1 Night March guy. Haven't seen him at the last 2 tournaments.

    I used Target Whistle 3 times at the Dallas Regional...and I only used 1 at the time (due to other techs). I like it, against Zoroark, it makes them Trade cards off that they don't really want to, and it hurts future N plays for them. Which helps if you can pop this off early so that they plow into their deck faster and run out of resources faster.

    In a BO1 game, it's hard to win against Zoroark because you have to mill them, and despite almost every Zoroark matchup being favorable (except Magnezone, thats basically an autoloss), it takes forever to mill them out. You can go as fast as you can, but like all opponents when you use control....opponents are usually the reason things go to time.

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