Sword & Shield Expansion Packs Announced: New and Returning Pokemon!

Those 2 concept arts with the regi steel style eyes kinda give me ultra beast vibes also Gmax inteleon just has a gun now

i honestly think this extra gameplay should have been in the base game or (just a no proof theory) sword and shield will feature new regions for dlc instead of making new games...

tbh if the price is 20 dollars or lower i might get the games and dlc i just hope they add a difficulty slider
That red thing that has a dragon head hat is kinda cute and i want a few of em
I hope they release physical box with the download code,i want it for collection.
Glad to see new Regis.

lol @ anyone who bought the "Dex cut was done for balance" excuse when Landorus and the Tapu are coming back. And Lando doesn't have to worry about HP Ice anymore...
New Moltres is stunning. New Regis are gorgeous. New Articuno be like WHEEEEERES MA SUPER SUIT. And Intelleon has a gun. A GUN.

Calyrex is Xerneas' dad. And he's wearing tights.
Inteleon is a tower sniper.

Something that I never thought I would type in the same sentence in relation to Pokémon.
I don't know how to feel about this; it's new content, yes. But, it's content that feels like it should've unlocked in the post game after beating Leon.

And, on the other hand, I feel like Game Freak has opened Pandora's Box with DLC. And, that this is going to be how the games are going to run going forward. A game with about a quarter of it's content locked away behind a paywall.

I hope not.
stupid shield getting Avery. I wanted Clara. waifuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu nooooooooooooo
also its 30 bucks that's a lot for dlc
I think the birds look cool
I think cinderace mega sucks but inteleon is cool (no boomer)
regis are cool
slowpoke is weird
fighting mons are cool
I think the mountain thingie is cool, isle is weird.
how am I gonna get 30 bucks
30 bucks is 30 bucks.
mega blastoise is dope
wait... for both dlc packs I could just buy sword and get the waifu!
crisis averted
I don't like the dlc too much but I'm going to end up buying it anyways
thank you for reading this rant

I'm actually somewhat hyped for this. I wish they didn't have to DLC it but just put it into the base game, but I'll take what I can get. I'm a Sword player, so luckily I get to meet Klara. Despite Poison Types existing since Gen 1 there aren't many Poison trainers. Right off the bat I think Koga, Janine, Roxie, and Plumeria. A new one was needed imo.

As a side note, I'm pretty sure Galarian Slowbro will become our first Psychic/Poison type. I assume this on these points:
A: The two trainers are Psychic and Poison, meaning both could wield Galar Slowbro on their teams
B: When looking at the marked out sketch in the trailer, black and purple accents are strown throughout, plus it's marked out in dark purple. See for yourself!
C: When you receive Galar Slowpoke from the update, one of it's first moves is Acid, a move Kanto Slowpoke has never received.

Hopefully this theory holds, beause I love new type combo Pokemon.

Correction: The image hints more towards Slowking instead of Slowbro, but they could still possibly share the new typing. Either way I think at least one will be Poison/Psychic.
Now even Legendary got Galarian Form (Those trio should have received Sinnoh form as the suddently roam there). I wonder wht typing would those 3 be? Remove Flying for darkness type i presume.
I'm kind of excited and kind of apprehensive about this. I initially wasn't sold on the idea of DLC, but thinking about it, I'd rather pay less for DLC than a whole game which would pretty much be SwSh with a bit of extra content. My only concern is that now it's a thing, future games will always come with less content than they should be (although debatably that's already been happening) and we're stuck since there's no other way to get it except by paying.

That being said, I think both of the DLCs look good and I think/hope there'll be enough in it to justify purchasing it. I'm really intrigued about the new Regis, I wouldn't have expected them to get any new members since Regigigas has been long established as the trio master and I always just assumed that would be it.
The legendary birds getting regional forms is also a bit unexpected since I thought legendaries would be the one group of Pokemon that wouldn't get these forms, but I guess I've been proven wrong. Very interested to hear more on the lore behind them.
They...Did something I can kinda get behind?

Now hear me out-I still think SwSh's base game is incomplete and one of the worst main game lines ever.

But I think, from what we know, this DLC is a big step forward. These two look pretty alright, but I think one, it's great that they're not doing Pokemon Ultra Super Let's Go Sword and Shield edition with Dusk Mane Primal Zacian and Dawn Wings Mega Zamazenta or whatever, for the same exact price. Will they be good in execution? I don't know.

I'm glad though, and there was one HUGE thing that I really respect. The 200+ Pokemon they're adding are going to be tradeable even if you don't get the DLC. This isn't "Pay for the already existing Pokemon", and despite that the game should have had the natdex from the start, them allowing for the access to the Pokemon for people who don't want the DLC is respectable. I can get behind that.

It's got flaws, they should have made the game more complete at the start, the visuals are still subpar, but I would hope that the DLC is substantial and worth the decently hefty price tag. We'll have to see. I will say? Designs are mostly amazing. The new Pokemon like the new Regis, and the birds? Love 'em. I love that every legendary is coming back. I love the hat girl's design. (However, I hate Calyrex. It's Morpeko levels of bad).

I'm even going to say it-this could, wishfully thinking, be a sign the last ~300 pokemon are to come back at some point. If that happens, I'll buy the game. I hope this is a sign for good things to come, this mess may just be salvageable. It might not, of course.

Also, I'm so glad they're not doing the DP remakes. When I saw "2006" (given that it released in Japan then) on the Mystery Dungeon remake announcement, my heart sank-my worst fear was to come. But then it turned out it was just mystery dungeon and all was well, lol. If they end up remaking Gen 4, inevitably probably, I would hope they take their time and make the best effort possible rather than rushing it like Sword and Shield was obviously.
Aren’t the Legendary Birds supposed to be unique, as in only one of each? How come there’s now a Galarian form as well?