TCG Fakes Sun & Moon: Forgotten Allies v1.1 (Last updated April 2 2020)

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    Welcome to the thread for my new set. A long time ago, I created Platinum: Unsung Heroes with the help of some really awesome Beachers and I'm at it again, with plenty more forgotten Pokemon that need some love.

    I don't have a logo right now, but if anyone wants to make a few and run them by me, that'd be cool.

    I'm making this set for the LackeyCCG plugin, which can be used to battle others using custom cards. (Unsung Heroes is playable with this plugin.) The main thread can be found here. All the information you need if you're interested in playing with us can be found there.

    We also have a Discord server that you can join here.

    Without further ado, I present Sun & Moon: Forgotten Allies.

    Sad note: There is a limit of 100 images allowed in a post, which this set obviously exceeds. If you would like to see all the images, check them out here.

    001/120 Ledyba
    002/120 Ledian-GX
    003/120 Cacnea
    004/120 Carnivine
    005/120 Pansage
    006/120 Simisage
    007/120 Petilil
    008/120 Lilligant
    009/120 Magmar
    010/120 Magmortar
    011/120 Slugma
    012/120 Magcargo
    013/120 Heat Rotom-GX
    014/120 Tepig
    015/120 Pignite
    016/120 Emboar
    017/120 Krabby
    018/120 Kingler-GX
    019/120 Goldeen
    020/120 Seaking
    021/120 Delibird
    022/120 Snorunt
    023/120 Froslass
    024/120 Amaura
    025/120 Aurorus
    026/120 Popplio
    027/120 Brionne
    028/120 Electabuzz
    029/120 Electivire-GX
    030/120 Chinchou
    031/120 Lanturn
    032/120 Fan Rotom
    033/120 Tynamo
    034/120 Eelektrik
    035/120 Eelektross
    036/120 Oricorio
    037/120 Abra
    038/120 Kadabra
    039/120 Alakazam
    040/120 Qwilfish
    041/120 Cresselia
    042/120 Pumpkaboo
    043/120 Gourgeist-GX
    044/120 Sandygast
    045/120 Palossand
    046/120 Sandshrew
    047/120 Sandslash
    048/120 Mankey
    049/120 Primeape
    050/120 Trapinch
    051/120 Roggenrola
    052/120 Boldore
    053/120 Gigalith-GX
    054/120 Houndour
    055/120 Houndoom
    056/120 Poochyena
    057/120 Mightyena-GX
    058/120 Cacturne
    059/120 Hoopa
    060/120 Guzzlord
    061/120 Alolan Diglett
    062/120 Alolan Dugtrio
    063/120 Aron
    064/120 Lairon
    065/120 Aggron
    066/120 Klink
    067/120 Klang
    068/120 Klinklang
    069/120 Togedemaru-GX
    070/120 Celesteela
    071/120 Jigglypuff
    072/120 Wigglytuff
    073/120 Togepi
    074/120 Togetic
    075/120 Togekiss
    076/120 Primarina
    077/120 Comfey
    078/120 Tapu Fini-GX
    079/120 Magearna
    080/120 Vibrava
    081/120 Flygon
    082/120 Tyrunt
    083/120 Tyrantrum
    084/120 Goomy
    085/120 Sliggoo
    086/120 Goodra-GX
    087/120 Pidgey
    088/120 Pidgeotto
    089/120 Pidgeot-GX
    090/120 Sentret
    091/120 Furret
    092/120 Gligar
    093/120 Gliscor
    094/120 Teddiursa
    095/120 Ursaring
    096/120 Castform
    097/120 Minccino
    098/120 Cinccino
    099/120 Aqua Suit
    100/120 Blue Card
    101/120 Candice
    102/120 Elixir
    103/120 Gloria
    104/120 Heal Ball
    105/120 Love Ball
    106/120 Luck Incense
    107/120 Mystic Water
    108/120 Nikki
    109/120 Norman
    110/120 Quick Claw
    111/120 Pester Ball
    112/120 Protective Pads
    113/120 Red Scale
    114/120 Sandstorm Stadium
    115/120 Starfall Hill
    116/120 Steven Prism Star
    117/120 Sunny Park Colosseum
    118/120 Terrain Extender
    119/120 Valerie
    120/120 Warp Point
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    When I post new cards, I'm going to include a couple thoughts about each one.

    Lanturn: Ionic Field does exactly what's written on the box. It combos well with Electivire-GX, but you'll have to find a way to get him out of the Active spot before you can use it. Zzzap is meant to dissuade fakers from including Abilities on every card they make. We all like to give our Pokemon cool powers, but it's bad for the game if everything has an Ability, not to mention it looks poor from a visual standpoint. It hits for Weakness, too, so be careful.

    Sunny Park Colosseum: Works very well with Magmortar, but has other uses, too. This will be a very popular card, I am sure.

    The following cards have been added. Enjoy.

    Cacnea: I'm not one to neglect my Basic Pokémon, even the ones that evolve. It's my goal to make all of them seem useful in some way, and you'll see that on many of the evolving Basics in this set. Though Cacnea itself is not a Dark-type, it still has dormant Dark-type genes that awaken on evolution. Share some dark energy of your own and bring out this card's full potential.

    Magmortar: Very, very strong. Magmortar hits extremely hard; you'll want to save it to take on a huge threat. To help alleviate the cost of such an attack, Overheat allows you to slowly build him up while you go in with a different attacker. Boldore can help you attack quickly, but don't leave your Special Energy on Magmortar too long, lest you see it removed. Note that this card features a Fairy Resistance. In the current TCG, Fairy is one of the only types that no card resists; since Fire resists Fairy and Fire Pokemon don't usually have a Resistance unless they are also birds, I thought it would be as good a time as any to bring fairies down a peg. (Just keep Primarina off the field.)

    Oricorio: A powerful support Pokemon, capable of buffing your attackers or helping you recover after a KO. I expect this card to be used a lot. I was torn between giving it 60 or 70 HP, but I decided on 70 to prevent it from being selected with Professor Elm's Lecture or cards like it.

    Norman: This unique card takes advantage of your opponent's hand size. If you need to dig in your deck, but don't want to get rid of the resources you currently have, give this guy a try.

    Starfall Hill: This Stadium gives you a free "do-over" if the Prize you take isn't something you want or need. The question of using this Stadium over something like Blue Card is one players will need to ask themselves when building a deck. There are advantages to both, so I invite you to test both cards and let me know what you think.

    Minor changes: The font on the set numbers for Lanturn and Sunny Park Colosseum have been updated to be closer to the actual font. Names on all cards have been moved up a few pixels.
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    After going on about how not everything needs Abilities, I checked to see just how many Pokemon I had that didn't have them and I was not happy with the number, lol. I tweaked a couple cards (nothing being shown today) and I'll be changing a couple more to get rid of some abilities and leave the more interesting ones.

    Today, however, I'd like to showcase some of the cards in this set that don't have Abilities to show that you can have interesting affects without getting destroyed by Lanturn.

    The following cards have been added.

    Brionne: I think it's important for mid stages to have a reason to be in play. For example, Pignite can search for Pokemon. Togetic draws you cards. Brionne's support comes in the form of its attacks, so they're really good. Their all-Colorless costs mean you can technically use it in any deck you want, but as a Stage 1, it might not be feasible outside of Fairy decks.

    Cresselia: After learning that, for whatever reason, PCL decided to reprint Kangaskhan from EX FireRed and LeafGreen with all three of its attacks intact, I was overjoyed. Finally, I can make SM-era cards with three attacks. Cresselia is quite bulky, letting you get plenty of Collects off if you so choose. Crescent Wings is about as strong as it can be on a Basic Pokemon - nothing to write home about. Moonlight Laser is the real selling point of the card, with a unique effect capable of doing some big damage. How high can you go with it?

    Sandslash: Fighting is a very common Resistance. It's also an attacking type shared by three game types of Pokemon, so I think it's important to give Fighting Pokemon a bit of a way to combat this. Enter Sandslash with one of the most powerful spread attacks in the game. There are fifteen Pokemon in Forgotten Allies that have Fighting Resistance; a few of them are evolving Basics and all of them are OHKOed (on the Bench) by Grounding Force. If you go first and manage to get Sandslash attacking turn two, there is a very real chance you can wipe your opponent's board if they play carelessly. Decks with attackers that have Fighting Resistance will have to exercise caution against this threat. Earthquake is pretty standard, it does a lot of damage at the cost of softening up your own Bench. There aren't any cards in Forgotten Allies that can protect you from this damage, but if one gets printed in the future, this Sandslash could easily go from tech to major threat.

    Hoopa: This card has an Ability, but it's because of what the Ability does that makes it worth mentioning here. My intent with this card is to make it the centerpiece of a Darkness toolbox deck of sorts. Several of the Darkness-type Pokemon in this set have attacks with unique effects, allowing Hoopa's player to choose the right attack for the situation. Will you trap the opponent's Pokémon-GX with Houndoom? Borrow Mightyena-GX's attack to punish Abilities? Or use your own attack to pick off a Pokémon that's gone to the Bench to hide? Don't forget about the evolving Basics, either; both Houndour and Poochyena have great attacks that are worth copying, and that's just considering Forgotten Allies! The more Darkness-type Pokemon that are added, the stronger Hoopa becomes - so it does have fairly low HP to balance it.

    Aggron: This big, beefy beast only has one job, but it does it very well. Terrify not only prevents Pokemon-GX from attacking, but also blocks Abilities. Can't break Kingler-GX stall? Aggron's your man. Worried about Pidgeot-GX picking off your weakened Pokemon? Aggron stops Grandma cold. Aggron isn't a full stop to Pokemon-GX Abilities, however; Safeguard doesn't work on Aggron, and Terrify is too weak to proc Panic Feast, for example. But there are plenty that it does work on, and don't forget that Terrify stops them from attacking, period. Terrify is strong enough to be your main method of attack, regardless of your opponent, but if you're in a bit of trouble, you can roll the dice with Giant Tail. It can OHKO every normal Pokemon and all the Basic Pokemon-GX in this set, though if you're using Aggron at all it's likely you are simply going for the GX lock route.

    Wigglytuff: Wigglytuff and Alolan Dugtrio are the only cards in this set with free attacks. The mechanic is one I've used on past fakes a bit. I like the idea of building up strength towards one massive hit. The strategy is simple - use Inhale to buff yourself and store power, then blow it all out in one huge Exhale Blast. To help you survive long enough, using Inhale has the bonus of not only increasing your maximum HP, but giving you a small defense buff. Fun fact: As I was uploading this image, I realized that there is nothing stopping you from using Inhale for all time, eventually giving you a 300-HP monster that is essentially immune to all damage - so I added a cap of 3 uses. This will still give Wigglytuff 150 HP and a -30 global damage reduction, so it is still viable as a stall option. A 240-damage Exhale Blast OHKOs everything except Gigalith-GX and Goodra-GX, and Primarina can be used to secure the KO on both of them. It's a powerful card that I believe has potential. Give it a try.

    Nikki: Who needs to do something as lame as attaching Energy when you've got Nikki? For a single turn, Nikki will triple all the Grass Energy on your field. Oddly enough, this card is fairly weak in Forgotten Allies - outside of Simisage, no card in this set can truly abuse this card. It allows Carnivine and Lilligant to attack for one Energy, and once you play Nikki, all your Retreat Costs effectively become C. There are a couple cards from Steffenka's Festive Battles and Mega Eruption sets that can appreciate Nikki, but until they've been checked and tweaked for balance it's hard to say whether or not Nikki breaks them.

    Minor changes: Fixed a grammar error on Oricorio. Switched from cascadegonpory's blanks to aschefield101's blanks. Changed some text spoilers after realizing what a hypocrite I was.

    Are there any cards you're interested in seeing? Think a card is too strong (or too weak)? Want to do artwork for this set? Drop your comments below.
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    For today's update, I'd like to talk about some Pokemon that do have Abilities (and a couple that don't). Let's get right to it.

    The following cards have been added.

    Lilligant: Item lock has always been a powerful effect, but I believe that I've struck a balance here. Not only are you required to be Active to start the lock, you also need to be completely undamaged. This means that, going second, the Lilligant player will get a minimum of one turn of Item lock, provided you don't whiff an Energy. Even if Lilligant's player goes first, the opponent may be forced into a worse attacking option for fear of being Item locked as soon as you evolve. All is not lost, however; Lilligant's attack has a very powerful, albeit flippy, healing effect attached to it that can help reset the lock if luck is on your side.

    Heat Rotom-GX: Though this is a Basic, it's not really a Pokemon you want to start with. Detonate is an extremely strong attack for its cost, but it carries a massive penalty if you aren't losing when you use it. Flame Array is your main source of attack and is one of the harshest Special Energy hate cards in this set, scraping one from every Pokemon they have in play. In this set, the only Special Energy card is Boldore, but there will be others. The strength of this card largely depends on how many viable Special Energy get created, or if a method to take advantage of Detonate's penalty is discovered. Bake GX offers you a one-turn reprieve in the form of instantly killing any Pokemon your opponent attaches an Energy to, from any source. If you're facing down a Bench full of Seaking, preventing them from flooding their board with Energy for a turn could be quite useful.

    Tepig: The attack Pummel is present on each Pokemon in this line, and does progressively more damage for each member of the family you have in play. If you can get all four Tepig into play, Pummel will do 40 damage, which is very strong on an evolving Basic. You'll notice that this Tepig has 50 HP, quite low for the SM era. Evolving Basics with strong attacks like this one will typically have 50 HP to offset a powerful Ability or attack. It is in your best interest as an Emboar player to get all four of your Tepig out as fast as you can, so I've also given Tepig the ability to search out any Basic you want. Note that you are not restricted to searching for Tepig (although you will probably want to, considering Pignite's Ability).

    Pignite: Squeal, my little piggy, squeal! Pignite offers a powerful search option which is not limited to one use a turn, so if you really wanted to, you could evolve all four of your Tepig into Pignite in the same turn for a huge 70-damage Pummel. That might not be the best idea, though... Either way, it's definitely a very strong card in Emboar decks and a decent search tool otherwise.

    Seaking: There isn't much to say about this card. The more Seaking you swarm, the higher chances you'll get more Energy into play. Kingler-GX probably appreciates the help the most, though any attacker with Water or Colorless Energy costs can benefit. The Ability is balanced by having a lackluster attack. It's holo because there has never been a holo Seaking card, and that's unacceptable.

    Cacturne: I really like the Dark Pokemon in this set. Each evolution line is weak to something different so you aren't completely blown out by one type. The fairies still all resist Dark, though, so... you might want to just hope your opponent isn't using them. Cacturne has no Abilities of its own, but it has two excellent attacks for Hoopa to copy if you so choose - a Special Energy hate attack and a unique attack you can use from the Bench. Using the attack while Benched forces you to promote Cacturne (or Hoopa if he's copying it), but rewards you with a bit of extra damage. Popplio also has an attack you can use from the Bench, but it works a little bit differently from Soaring Smash.

    Minor changes: Cleaned up Brionne's evocon, it looks way sexier now. Oops I forgot the bevel, I'll deal with it later.

    I like the likes but I like feedback more. Anything you're curious about or think needs changing? The beauty of these fakes is I can change literally anything, so nothing is set in stone - even after it's live on Lackey! Post your thoughts or die. Just kidding. Don't die. Read my fic, it's great.
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    I like the original idea behind Soaring Smash. However, after coming in and hitting for 80 damage, you are left with an active Pokémon that can do only 50 damage and is hard to retreat with two energies. But it depends on the meta. I am not familiar with the online platform these cards are meant to be played, so I keep comparing them to the current meta with the standard damage for 3 energy cost being 90.

    Brilliant ideas overall. I am not an expert in the Pokémon TCG and I play only casually, so just to know.
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    No meta exists yet. This is one of the first sm sets being added. You're right though, it might be just a little weak.
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  7. Kangaflora Aspiring Trainer


    Nice. I'm already looking forward to seeing the Abra Evolution line. Keep it up.
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    Big update today. I kinda have a busy month this month, so I'm putting this on a temporary hiatus. To show that I still love you all, I'm posting a nice fat update featuring a lot of the more interesting Pokemon in this set. So, without further ado...

    The following cards have been added.

    Pansage: A few of the Basics in this set have attacks that do something different or extra if you use it going second on your first turn. Pansage is one of these cards, and it can get you a humongous hand if luck is (isn't?) on your side. Other than that, it's a very solid Basic with decent HP and two good attacks.

    Petilil: The first thing that you will likely notice about Petilil is that it has Ascension, allowing you to get the turn one Item lock with Lilligant that I mentioned before. It isn't 100% guaranteed - there are ways for the player going first to damage Petilil before it can evolve - but outside of those cases, you should enjoy at least one turn of Item lock. Hopefully that will buy you enough time to attach enough Energy to attack. Fragrance Link, Petilil's second attack, is a cheeky way of doing 20 damage if you need to, for whatever reason... but you will probably never use it.

    Delibird: Given that Delibird's shtick is all about giving gifts, I thought it would be the perfect candidate to have an ability to hold a bunch of Tools on it. The Tools in this set aren't that busted when you stack them on Delibird; the most you'll get out of it is a turn one Ice Wing. Like Sigilyph before it, Delibird's real use is to hoard Tool cards to power up Alolan Diglett's Tool Drop attack. A word of caution: Delibird has Fighting Resistance, which means it gets 2HKOed by Sandslash's Grounding Force, even if Delibird is Active.

    Popplio: As I said before, Popplio also has an attack that can be used on the Bench. Unlike Soaring Smash, Popplio stays on your Bench when you perform it, but you can only use it once per turn. And if you don't have an Energy on Popplio, then you can't use the attack. If Popplio is Active when it uses Cheer On, then you can't use another copy from the Bench because you are limited to one use per turn.

    Chinchou: How much do you like rolling the dice? If you are willing to risk starting with this Pokemon, you can get a big boost in the form of two free Lightning Energy, even if you're going second! In Lightning decks, it might be really good, since Lanturn hits Pokemon with Abilities and there are a lot of them in this set (can't be helped). I feel like its power will decrease over time as Abilities become less common, or maybe it'll just be a strong starter regardless.

    Fan Rotom: There are a couple Tool hate cards in this set, and this Pokemon is one of them. You can use it to remove your own Tools, too, so keep that in mind. Don't forget that it's a Pokemon first - to alleviate the pain of starting with it, Thunderbolt is cheap and all Colorless so you don't have to feel bad about including it in your deck.

    Kadabra: To be honest, nothing is special about this card other than the fact that it exists on SM-era blanks. The card is pretty average - on purpose. In the same vein I tried to make Basics good, so too did I leave a few Pokemon unimpressive by design.

    Qwilfish: The art is goofy, which adds a bit of lighthearted silliness to the set. It also matches up with the Ability, Swift Swim. Gotta go fast! Expand and Explode can be used with just one Psychic and one Water attached since all your Waters count for two. It also means discarding 1 Energy gives you 50 damage, 2 Water gets you 70, etc. I really wanted to just give you raw damage without requiring a coin flip, but it was too strong when combined with something like Seaking.

    Mankey: This card is fun. :> Make Mischief has four different effects for you to choose from, and all of them screw with your opponent somehow. Let the trolling begin! Tonnage is very strong, as is to be expected on a Fighting-type. The damage you do to yourself will activate Primeape's Ability, so there will rarely be a time that you don't want to do the extra damage. Thirty for one is really strong, but Make Mischief is also a very strong move. Your opponent isn't going to want to hurt you, so it might be better to just Make Mischief all day and force your opponent swing into you.

    Boldore: Boldore's Pokedex entry mentions something about the orange crystals being raw energy, and I thought - why not incorporate that into a card? Enter Boldore, with a very long Ability effect that lets you turn it into two Energy of any type, but you can only attach it to Pokemon that already have a basic Energy attached to it, which goes to your hand when you attach Boldore. This prevents you from looping Boldore forever (should that action become viable for whatever reason) or getting other Special Energy back. This is most useful on dragons with their funky Energy requirements, especially Goomy and Sliggoo whose Abilities prevent you from getting rid of Boldore once you attach it. Boldore is a card that is only slightly useful as an Energy card now, but could become quite strong later. If you don't need its Ability, just evolve it into Gigalith-GX.

    Houndoom: Though it doesn't have the ability to stop Pokemon-GX from retaliating, Houndoom can at least stop them from running away for a turn - very powerful if your opponent has a Pokemon-GX with expensive Energy costs. Evaporate gives you a slight reprieve against Water decks, giving you boosted damage as well as a way to discard Water Energy specifically (remember that Boldore counts as Water Energy when attached!). Don't hesitate to send Hoopa up front to utilize Houndoom's talents to protect yourself from Weakness. Scavenge rounds out the Dark toolbox by letting you scoop up a discarded Item, for free. Nice!

    Klink: Klinklang is a strange Pokemon. It's also one of my favorites. Each Pokemon in this line has an attack that can be used for free if certain conditions are met, and in the case of Klang and Klinklang, the attacks are much stronger as well. Fun stuff. Klink is the only one in its line with an attack that can be used if you go first in a game, just to make up slightly for not being able to use Gear Grind for free.

    Primarina: I am rather pleased with how this holo turned out, especially on such a simple background. Right, so Primarina. Simply having it in play gives a huge damage boost to all your fairies. The other fairies in this set are balanced(ish) around having Primarina in play, so if their attacks seem weak, that's why. Songstress Arts is really good, too, so to counteract this a bit, Primarina has really low HP - the lowest of any Stage 2. Ursaring has more HP than this thing. Are you going to go for a powerful attack with Primarina, or leave it on your Bench as support?

    Tyrantrum: This is another card I'm not entirely sure isn't a little busted. The attack is really strong, and with Tyrunt's attack it's not as difficult to start swarming Tyrantrum. The focal point of this card is the Ability, Risky Retaliation. If you get lucky with your flips you can wall just about everything, and with an absolutely massive 190 HP you can keep dishing out the pain. Your gigantic HP total also acts as a bit of a buffer so you can afford to roll the dice once or twice and not be afraid of flipping tails. Dominating Fangs is strong, but it's expensive. If Tyrantrum goes down before you have another one ready, you could be in trouble. As a reminder, Risky Retaliation is a flat increase or decrease of 50 damage that gets added to the final damage result. If an attack would end up doing 0 damage due to Resistance, for example, you would not get to flip for Risky Retaliation because Tyrantrum was not damaged by the attack. It also triggers on any attack, so if it was on your Bench when your Sandslash used Earthquake, you could use Risky Retaliation if you wished. ...I'm open to feedback on this. The best thing about faking is that I can change these at any time, so changing them is no big deal.

    Blue Card: Simple and straight to the point. If you're at a point in the game where all your remaining Prize cards are face up, you get to thin 1 from your deck for your trouble. Blue Card requires multiple deck slots to be useful, whereas Starfall Hill lets you peek at your Prizes slowly and the slots you use for it can be used for Stadium control as opposed to simply revealing what one of your Prizes is. How will you use these two unique cards in your deck?

    Mystic Water: Activates on any death, not just from your opponent. Also requires a coin flip because otherwise it would be busted. Combos with Seaking.

    Quick Claw: It might be hard to find this in your opening hand. Notable first turn plays include Petilil's and Electabuzz's Ascension attacks, a turn one Ice Wing from Delibird if you stack two Quick Claws on him, or a turn one Thunderbolt from Fan Rotom for 1 Energy. Remember that the [C] discount on your attacks is a perk from having the Tool equipped and lasts past your first turn, so it has use outside of your first turn. There are a lot of attacks with Colorless Energy in their costs, which makes Quick Claw a popular option - but keep in mind that Tool Drop counts all Tools in play for its damage, not just your own. And with Quick Claw attached, Tool Drop only costs one Energy - be prudent with your attachments.

    Red Scale: Discarding Energy is an important aspect of the game that I did not want to leave out of this set. This card combines two discard options into one, giving you the freedom to discard what you need to, when you need to, but also limiting the amount of times you can take this action unless you're using Houndoom.

    Sandstorm Stadium: Borrowed from @Nyora's text fakes. I liked the idea behind this Stadium, so I stole it. Sandstorm Stadium is tremendously powerful when used in conjunction with other spread attacks, especially Sandslash's Grounding Force. The effect is limited to once per turn to prevent any shenanigans involving removing the Stadium and replacing it with another Sandstorm Stadium and using it again.

    Other changes:

    - Cacturne's Soaring Smash now does 60 + 60, up from 50 + 30. This allows Cacturne or Hoopa to score a possible 2HKO on some of the lower Pokemon-GX, provided he lives long enough to do it.
    - Brionne's Weakness changed to L, from G.
    - Floette-GX has been replaced by Tapu Fini-GX; the set list has been changed accordingly.

    Thanks again to @steffenka for some of the artwork. If you're interested in doing artwork for this set, let me know.

    This will be the last update for the next few weeks. I hope you've enjoyed the cards I've put out so far and are looking forward to the rest. Leave comments or feedback here, or check out our Discord if battling with these and other fake cards tickles your fancy - link is in the OP.
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    scattered mind

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    I am interested. (To do artwork)

    Primaria is a very good and balanced card. First I thought it was great-then suspected that it might be too great but then looked at the HP. Fair enough.
    Also make sure Uri Geller doesn’t see this Kadabra card :p
  10. PMJ happy thoughts

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    @scattered mind (or anyone else), art guidelines:

    Artwork should be no smaller than 640 pixels wide by 430 pixels high, and the bigger the better. Only the Pokemon-GX are reserved, and any card that is not currently posted is available. Just post which ones you'd like to do, but PM me the finished work.

    Drawing your Pokemon separate from your background is ideal so I can reposition it if I need to. Keep in mind that the art window on cards is a rectangle, not a square. Don't crop your background, I'll handle that myself. I think that's it.
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  11. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

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    Ok. I’ll start drawing Electabuzz tomorrow.
  12. PMJ happy thoughts

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    Hey I'm back. Here's another update.

    The following cards have been added.

    Simisage: This is the only card intentionally designed to work alongside Nikki. A three-Energy, Nikki-enhanced Power Blow does 180 damage, enough to one-shot a huge chunk of Pokemon. Team Play does some solid damage as well. Overall, a pretty powerful card.

    Slugma: Not much to say about it. Combustion is strong, but if you continuously use it, you're never going to power up Magcargo's Flaming Rock Rain attack. It's a cool attack, so do try to show a bit of restraint. Lava Trail is pretty situational, but damage is damage, no?

    Emboar: Crush Draw is so good that I'm still not entirely sure this card isn't busted. You'll notice that with a full set of Emboar in play, Pummel does 130 damage, but you do more damage with Tepig in play. This provides you with an incentive to not swarm your field with Pignite right away. Stagger your evolutions to hit the numbers you need.

    Kingler-GX: Kingler itself cannot stall your opponent over the course of the game, but thanks to Last Stand, your opponent can't secure the win by KOing it. As more Pokemon-recycling cards are made, it will become possible to stream Kingler-GX for a much longer time than it is now. To compensate for this ability, his attacks have no added effects and are expensive to power up. Don't sleep on it, though, since both of them are quite strong. Furious Rampage GX can be used to eliminate a threat, or to proc Last Stand yourself if used at the right time.

    Froslass: Tortured Scream can pay a lot of damage back if your opponent is careless with their attacks. It also comes with an automatic paralysis effect every time you get hit. Cursed Drop can be used to spread damage around on turns when you aren't getting bonus damage from Tortured Scream.

    Electabuzz: Ayyy scattered mind did me some arts. You should too. Anyway, Electabuzz has Ascension, allowing you to get Electivire-GX on the field on your first attacking turn. This, combined with Motor Drive, will help you fire off fast, powerful Discharges.

    Eelektrik: This Pokemon sports the Link Blast attack which is common to all Pokemon in this line. Thunder is your secondary attack, doing big damage but also hitting yourself for quite a bit. You can use Protective Pads to help, but Eelektross can't self-damage so its usefulness is a little limited.

    Alakazam: This card is built as sort of an anti-meta card. It punishes Abilities and it also works as GX hate. Against something like Kingler-GX or Mightyena-GX, you can proc both effects for a truly devastating attack. Miracle Eye is the icing on the cake, allowing you to cut through Resistance like it wasn't even there.

    Mightyena-GX: Mightyena has always been one of my favorite Pokemon. In fact, Mightyena ex was the first image fake I ever made, fifteen years ago. I was pretty proud of myself despite not having any artwork and it marked an important occasion in my career as a faker. So when I started adding Pokemon to this set, Mightyena was a shoo-in for this set's Darkness-type GX (have you noticed there's exactly one for each type?). As an homage to my old Mightyena ex, I've reused the same attack names and given them stronger, updated effects, in addition to a unique new Ability, rounding out this cool pupper's powers.

    Guzzlord: Though Hoopa can pay 5 to copy this attack, going in with Guzzlord itself during the late game can prove to be very beneficial. One for 100 is nothing to scoff at; you will need to have a strong board position in order to stay afloat once Consume's cost gets dropped. Note the weakness to Dragon because screw fairies.

    Alolan Dugtrio: A fun little card which allows you to do decent damage for free, but still requires you to run Energy to retreat (and use Tool Drop!). Most turns you will be doing 100 damage total. Switching cards can slightly increase that damage.

    Klang: As mentioned previously, this whole line has attacks you can use for free if certain conditions are met. Klang requires you to be losing and lets you roll the dice for a possible 150 damage for two Energy. You are going to want to evolve into Klinklang as fast as possible, though, but at least Disorderly Flip has its uses if you are bricking.

    Klinklang: Probably the best spread card in Forgotten Allies. Final Laser's upgrade requires you to be at 40 HP or less, which Strange Behavior can easily let you manipulate. It is a very powerful snipe option that you technically don't even have to allocate Energy for. I may have to end up limiting or outright changing Strange Behavior if it proves to be too powerful an effect; consolidating all your damage in one place can make healing cards more powerful than intended.

    Celesteela: This cutie has an all-Colorless cost so you can throw her in any deck in which you need her services. For a single Energy you can Plot a Course to victory by flipping all your Prize cards face up. This has the added bonus of instantly turning all your Blue Cards into thinning cards, since you get to draw a card if all your Prize cards are face up when you use it.

    Gligar: Harsh Venom is an excellent attack, either doing absurd amounts of damage, or forcing your opponent to drop a resource to keep the damage at a more reasonable level. Either way, you get a tick of Poison damage for your trouble, making it a very solid basic and arguably better than its evolution.

    Gliscor: The original version of this card had a really strong Ability that I decided was a bit too strong for the card, especially with Crush Claw as the attack. So I decided to throw bbninjas a bone and get rid of the Ability, replacing it with one of those attacks with no effects he said I was lacking. :> The end result is a decidedly average card, which I'm actually pretty fine with. I like it better this way.

    Ursaring: This card punishes Ability spam in a more passive way, slowly spreading damage as opposed to preventing Ability use outright. The attack is a little bad to compensate, but you could use Quick Claw to help make the cost better.

    Castform: A fun card that essentially acts as an extra copy of all your Stadiums in your deck; like Boldore, Fan Rotom, and Comfey though, it's a Pokemon first, so be careful with flooding your deck with them. Weather Ball is the obvious attack here, with different effects depending on how you power it up. With an Ability as good as Good Weather, the attack probably should not be that good, but considering the strength of some of the cards in this set, I'm not too worried about it.

    Minccino: For an evolving Basic, this was tough to balance. I spent a good few hours balancing this card. And I'm still not entirely sure it's not busted. You'll have to be the judge.

    Aqua Suit: Probably one of the coolest cards in the set. Aqua Suit basically puts an impenetrable bubble around your Active Pokemon for one turn, blocking all incoming damage for free but rendering you completely immobile in the process. It is important to remember that you have no Abilities while wearing the Aqua Suit; you would not be able to proc passive Abilities like Durant-GX's Panic Feast or Ursaring's Wild Claw with it equipped. For actively used Abilities such as Seaking's Sprinkles or Emboar's Crush Draw, I suggest using them before you don the suit. Also please remember that Aqua Suit is not a Tool, despite behaving similarly to one.

    Candice: A powerful draw Supporter with a unique effect. I don't expect the usage requirement to be an issue at all.

    Heal Ball: I thought about making this card requiring a heal first, but I ended up modeling it after Love Ball instead. The Pokemon search cards from Unsung Heroes are highly specific and not that good, because those cards were not meant to be played in a vacuum. Since this is going to be part of a 'base' SM-era Lackey set, I am going straight for generic Pokemon search, albeit with a coin flip.

    Love Ball: I rather like this card; it either works, or goes back into your deck so you can try again later. Pretty cool.

    Luck Incense: This is a powerful Tool option that can help you recover from KOs. It doesn't work on Basics. It does work on Pokemon-GX, but if you equip it to one and it dies, your opponent also gets to take advantage of the card's effect, too. I wanted to try balancing this in a different way. If it ends up being too crazy, I'll just have to change it. Because I can. Cause it's online. (play lackey)

    Steven Prism Star: A situational draw option that has the ability to get you a humongous hand to give you that late-game push or deck yourself out.

    Other changes:

    - Fixed wording on Houndoom
    - Changed Magmortar's Max Bazooka cost to RRRRR, from RRRRC.
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  13. PMJ happy thoughts

    Articles Head Activities Staff Badges Staff Elite Member Advanced Member Member

    Been sitting on these for a while and decided it was time to update. Lots of additional balance changes, too.

    The following cards have been added.

    Ledyba: Nothing too flashy. Ledian-GX's attacks both cost a single Energy, so once you've attached the one, you're good to go.

    Carnivine: I think this card is pretty neat. You can gust out a threat, or a fat Pokemon your opponent has on their Bench, and lock them up front until they are dead. Outside of a small handful of Pokemon and Warp Point, there is no way to get your Pokemon out of the Active spot once it's there. Drool is a little expensive, and probably on the weak side damage-wise for its cost. Nikki can help you in a pinch, however.

    Magmar: A high-HP Pokemon with two great attacks. Wildfire can potentially mill two cards if you're lucky (but no more than that).

    Magcargo: Like many other Fire Pokemon, it has a lot of HP and can do a ton of damage. Where Magmortar excels in nuking single targets, Magcargo's forte is spreading damage everywhere. Being able to choose your main target with Flaming Rock Rain means nothing is safe anywhere; remember that all the Pokemon you didn't choose take damage, as well.

    Krabby: Pretty strong, like most Basics in this set. In the unlikely event you kill Flygon with this attack, you would still have to flip to see if you trigger Prize Trap if the 10 damage would be enough to knock it out.

    Goldeen: Goldeen's attack is very good. With that said, Seaking isn't exactly a Pokemon you want up front, so if you do decide to attack with this thing, you're going to have to hope you get lucky with your flips.

    Snorunt: Similar to Krabby, but I think the chance to wake up from the sleep immediately is worth the extra damage. It still has low HP, however.

    Amaura: Energy Freeze can cause problems for your opponent, making them potentially unable to attack or retreat. Evolving or devolving will solve this problem.

    Aurorus: This is the second instance of Item lock in the set, this time requiring a kill with Ice Prison. It is arguable that it is stronger than Lilligant's lock condition (being at full hp), since 80 damage is not enough to Knock Out most evolved Pokemon. At best, I believe you will be able to Item lock every other turn.

    Abra: Speaking of ways to get out of the Active spot, Abra is one of the few cards that can do it. It is capable of healing some light damage (mainly for Pokemon that end up being able to copy it), or doing some light offense.

    Pumpkaboo: Both Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist-GX have the Haunted House Ability, although Gourgeist-GX's boost is much more significant. Pumpkaboo's only job is to help fetch Stadiums from your deck. With the natural Stadiums available, along with Castform, Comfey, and Terrain Extender, there are numerous ways to help ensure that you have Stadium control whenever possible.

    Comfey: A Pokemon that can act as a Stadium if you have it in your hand. Though it is a Stadium card, its effect only affects the player. It could be used as a way to counter Sandstorm Stadium, or just to bump a Stadium you don't like. It is worth noting that in the discard pile, it is a Pokemon, not a Stadium, so Castform will not work on it. Terrain Extender will work on it while it is in play as a Stadium, though.

    Pidgey: Best bird line is here to kick ass and take names. Like Mankey, Pidgey is good at messing with your opponent. Headwind makes all single-Energy attacks completely unusable on turn one (outside of Grass decks using Nikki), so if you're afraid of a certain attack getting the best of you, throw Pidgey up front and let those stalling winds blow. Alternatively, if you just want them to get out of here already, you can use Whirlwind to send them to the Bench.

    Pidgeotto: Pidgeotto is another one of those Stage 1s with good support attacks. Tailwind lets you trade damage for additional draw power next turn, and Daring Dive gets you some extra damage against two- and three-Prizers. It's also the only card in this set that even mentions Ultra Beasts.

    Elixir: Sort of like Red Scale, Elixir was made to be sort of a way to combine many Energy-searching effects into one card. You can put a basic Energy card into your hand for free, or flip a coin to do something with it immediately. Some decks might want to put it in the discard pile. Others might benefit more from having it attached right away. Will you roll the dice, or stick to what's safe?

    Gloria: A simple straight draw card that every deck can use. The intent is to net you 3 cards, so that is why you draw 4 and chuck 1.

    Pester Ball: Another Item-based form of draw, this is another card that I stole from @Nyora. It's pretty cool, I like it a lot.

    Protective Pads: There aren't too many Pokemon in this set that can take advantage of this card, but the irony is that most of the Pokemon that could take advantage of it probably wouldn't want to have it equipped. This seems like a card that should have existed already, but never did.

    Terrain Extender: This strange VG item seemed like the perfect addition to this set as away to prolong the life of Stadium cards. It's a regular Item card, which makes searching for it somewhat difficult. It's a strong card, though, so I expect to see it get used a fair amount, especially in Gourgeist decks. It is worth noting that while Terrain Extender prevents your opponent from removing your Stadium card, there is no such benefit afforded to Terrain Extender itself, so if there was a card that could somehow remove it, that would be a way to get around its effect.

    Valerie: The only true shuffle draw Supporter in the set, Valerie can get you a wide variety of hand sizes depending on the deck it's in, from a minimum of two to a maximum of seven. I think that this can be strategically used to consistently get yourself to specific hand sizes (or in single-Prize Fairy decks to consistently get 6-7 cards).

    Other changes:

    - Changed Petilil's Ascension cost to G, from C.
    - Changed Heat Rotom-GX's Detonate cost/damage to RRC/150, from R/70.
    - Changed Heat Rotom-GX's Flame Array cost/damage to R/30, from RRC/80. Changed effect to discard all Special Energy from Active instead of 1 Special Energy from all opponent's Pokémon.
    - Changed evocon on Seaking to be facing the correct way.
    - Changed Electabuzz's Ascension cost to L, from C.
    - Changed Qwilfish's Expand and Explode cost to WCC, from PCC. Updated wording on the attack.
    - Reduced Sandslash's Grounding Force damage to 40, from 60. I found 60 to be too much, especially combined with Sandstorm Stadium. Also, the attack should not be a board wipe even in the best of circumstances. The attack now globally ignores Weakness and Resistance instead of only ignoring for Benched targets.
    - Changed evocon on Alolan Dugtrio to be facing the correct way.
    - Changed evocon on Primarina to be facing the correct way.
    - Replaced Blaine's Quiz, a meme draw Supporter, with Gloria, a straight draw Supporter with no frills. The set list has been changed accordingly.
    - Changed set numbers on Blue Card and Candice to reflect the Blaine's Quiz/Gloria change.
    - Fixed illustrator credit on Luck Incense
    - Changed Quick Claw to reduce the cost of all attacks by P, from C.
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2019
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  14. PMJ happy thoughts

    Articles Head Activities Staff Badges Staff Elite Member Advanced Member Member

    Today marks the completion of the first version of the set. All the missing cards have been added:

    Ledian-GX: Safeguard is an important Ability to help block damage from two-Prizers. To prevent Ledian-GX from walling itself in the mirror, Starlight Comet Punch's damage can cut through all effects on the defender. The damage is inconsistent, on purpose, as a way to balance having Safeguard. Escape GX is a one-time heal for your field but also puts Ledian-GX back into the deck, which can be a good or a bad thing depending on your point of view.

    Electivire-GX: I threw out the old spoiler I had for this card because it was so bland that it sickened me to look at it. In its place is something much better. Lightning Remedy heals you a little bit every time you attach a Lightning Energy as your free Energy for the turn. It's the perfect assistant to ensure a turn two Thunder Punch, which is very reminiscient of the Base Set Electabuzz's Thunderpunch attack. It's important to note that Electivire-GX's Thunder Punch flip is optional. Flipping heads is great, but flipping tails isn't so hot. It does set you up for a Lightning Remedy pickup the following turn, though. Haymaker GX does little damage but has a powerful followup attack that your opponent will be hard-pressed to deal with.

    Tynamo: As I mentioned on Eelektrik, all the Pokemon in this line have the Link Blast attack. Going second, this gives you the potential to shoot off a quick thirty damage on turn one, which is nice. Alternatively, you can try to power up quickly with Charge Beam.

    Eelektross: Both of this Pokémon's attacks combo with each other which I think is pretty cool. Link Blast does a ton of damage if you can match your opponent's Energy count; if you can't, Thunder Storm lets you rearrange your Energy however you like to either conserve your Energy if Eelektross is about to die, or set yourself up for a Link Blast KO next turn.

    Gourgeist-GX: Gourgeist is the cutest goddamn Pokemon omg. Anyway, Gourgeist-GX's Haunted House Ability gives it a humongous boost in HP. Because of that, its attack is both expensive and weak, but still has the potential to be decent if your opponent's flips don't go their way. Lifelink GX gives you one chance to immediately murder whatever's up front while (randomly) decimating your opponent's hand in the process. The effect might be a little too strong. I like the idea of matching an opponent's card to kill them, but having the potential to wipe your opponent's hand might be too much, even for a GX attack.

    Sandygast: Pretty simple card. Harden provides powerful protection against even the strongest turn one attacks, and Trick Shovel is an exact reprint of the actual card. It's funny because Sandygast is a Ghost-type, and it has a shovel. Tee hee I am so hilarious.

    Palossand: Whether or not Shore Up is broken remains to be seen. As of right now, it seems to be okay, but we'll see. The real draw of this card is Sandcastle Crush. By sucking up more and more Fighting Energy you can fire off stronger and stronger attacks, while giving yourself tons of HP in the process. It's weak to Ability lock, so don't put something like Aqua Suit on it.

    Sandshrew: This is another one of those rather plain cards in the set for realism's sake. Dig Under is kinda cool to set up a target to be taken out by Sandslash's Grounding Force, or maybe you can use this plus Sandstorm Stadium to secure the KO on a Benched target or something? At least it's not as busted as Minccino.

    Primeape: This sort of thing has been seen before, but I like the mechanic. You can self-damage by either getting hit, using Mankey's attack, or using Primeape's attack. Protective Pads is probably the Tool of choice to stop you from hurting yourself.

    Trapinch: Counterattack Jaws is the main focus of this card, so it has a lot of HP to let you use it safely. If you want to roll the dice with Big Bite you may, but I suggest evolving as quick as you can.

    Roggenrola: Pretty cool guy. Listen lets you copy your opponent's Supporters, and Rock Blast is your standard dice-rolling damage.

    Gigalith-GX: Big and beefy. Gigalith-GX and Goodra-GX have the most HP in the set and both of them have staying power. With a single attack, Gigalith-GX can lock whatever it hits in the Active position, leaving it stuck to eat a massive attack the following turn. You can get out of this lock by using Hoopa (in Dark decks), Warp Point, or finding a way to move Gigalith-GX out of the Active spot. Avalanche GX is a massive spread option to soften up your opponent's field.

    Houndour: Tool Buster is an interesting attack that can let you get rid of your opponent's Tools. Its cost is Colorless so you can throw it in any deck. Aqua Suit prevents effects of attacks, so you wouldn't be able to discard it with Tool Buster's effect.

    Poochyena: Stalk Roar is unique in the fact that it lets you gust out someone from your opponent's Bench, but only a turn after you use it. It's a very, very good attack.

    Alolan Diglett: Tool Drop! Get you some Delibird and go to town. Perhaps you can find some way to use Alolan Dugtrio in this deck as well for a little extra damage?

    Aron: Aggron's attacks are expensive. Both Aron and Lairon have attacks that can help you charge up. Aron's attack is a little questionable. Metal Claw is of decent strength, though.

    Lairon: Lairon's Greedy Eater attack has a steep cost, but guarantees you two Energy. If you hit the Greedy Eater on Aron, you can opt instead to use Scare on turn two to potentially stop your opponent's Basics from attacking.

    Togedemaru-GX: Mill :> Stick him up front and mill your opponent until they lose. Panic Barbs nets you an additional card if you get hit by a strong attack. Keep yourself healed and keep on milling. Zone Zap's additional effect of Lost Zoning one Supporter you discard can be pretty devastating. Steel Shock GX can rip your opponent's discard pile to shreds, permanently exiling your opponent's most important resources, potentially winning you the game if you can Lost Zone the right stuff.

    Jigglypuff: Jigglypuff is another one of those cards that can do an extra thing if you attach multiple Energy, but since Wigglytuff can't make use of them, you probably won't be attaching numerous Energy. Being able to put your opponents into a deep sleep for a single Energy is stronger than you might think, and is a great response to going second. Alarm Clock does bonus damage if they're Asleep, and it's funny cause it wakes them up, like an alarm clock them, and you clock them to wake them up, and... I'll see myself out.

    Togepi: There are surprisingly few Pokemon that can hit both the Active and Benched positions in this set. Most of them are fully evolved Pokemon. Togepi is out doing its best, though.

    Togetic: It draws you cards, just like I said. Don't think anyone reads these little blurbs anyway so this is probably new information to you. You probably won't use it unless you are also playing Togekiss, which is fine because Togekiss is really good depending on the deck you're facing.

    Togekiss: More two-Prizer hate. The attack isn't anything special, but it does great damage if buffed by Primarina and Oricorio.

    Tapu Fini-GX: Fini's Ability lets it resurrect itself a la the actual Darkrai-GX. Calamity Wave is weak on purpose, since its job is mainly to spread. That said, it gets a huge boost in damage if you flip all tails. Comboing with Eternal Guardian is Twinkleshine GX, which lets you simply throw Tapu Fini-GX away to avoid giving up two Prizes; with only 160 HP, it is extremely frail.

    Magearna: I am also expecting this card to see a lot of play. Shift Gear accelerates Energy at a steady pace to either itself or someone on your Bench. Fleur Cannon is powerful for a turn two option, but it has a pretty heavy drawback which makes spamming it not that optimal.

    Vibrava: Violent Vibration is a really fun attack that I hope people use a lot. Coming up with unique effects like this is super cool. Twister is nothing you haven't seen before. Remember that you get no damage if you don't flip at least one heads.

    Flygon: Another fun and unique card. Outrage is a very potent spread move that has the unfortunate side effect of confusing yourself if you flip the double tails. All is not lost, however, as that also triggers Flygon's Prize Trap Ability. Be brave and spread damage everywhere :D

    Tyrunt: While Tyrunt's Call for Family attack doesn't immediately put the Tyrunt you search with it into play, it makes it so you don't have to waste resources to search for them. It's for balance reasons, really. Crunch has the potential to be moderately powerful, but there aren't many Special Energy yet.

    Goomy: The Gooey Ability stops your opponent from messing with any card attached to Goomy. Absorb lets you immediately get whatever color Energy you're missing for Goodra-GX and that is all there is to say about this dude.

    Sliggoo: Not every card has to be interesting.

    Goodra-GX: The set's other massive hitter, Goodra-GX is the enemy of Pokemon-GX everywhere. Everyone time one hits it, you strip off an Energy. Slime Guard protects you from anything without a ton of Energy attached to it, and any threat your opponent builds up can be promptly taken care of with Gastric Spit GX. This thing is good. It will see play. Watch out for it.

    Pidgeot-GX: The grandmother of all Normal/Flying birds is here and she's pissed. So much so, in fact, that if there's any weaklings on the verge of death sitting on your opponent's Bench, she can swoop down and gobble them up for a Prize, once per turn. It only works on Basics, though, so your opponent has a bit of a reprieve and - what's that? Hurricane GX devolves your opponent's whole field? Oh. Never mind then.

    Sentret: After some feedback, this card has been redesigned to soften its locking capabilities. Importantly, Sentret can still trap Pokemon from your hand, forcing you to waste additional resources (if those haven't been locked away as well) to get them back. It is held in check by low HP and not much else. If you want to meme you can go for a Big Swing, which does have the strength to KO other low-HP Basics (like Sentret, funnily enough).

    Furret: Did you know that Furret is one of the most neglected Pokemon in the TCG, with only 7 cards released in English (and 8 cards total)? If Forgotten Allies had a mascot, Furret would be it. In fact, Furret doesn't even have a card in the Sun & Moon block. That's right; in the past 25 sets spanning five years and over 2,600 cards, Furret has not been printed once. Meanwhile we got losers like Charizard getting card prints for days, paired up with everyone and their mom as a Tag Team, like it's the most bankable Pokemon in the world or something. Pfft. Ain't right. So I am fixing that with this Furret. Scavenge alone warrants its inclusion in your deck. It's invaluable in Tool Drop decks. It's stall defense. Rapid Runaround is annoying as hell. And this Furret also has its own Big Swing attack which can put some decent hurt down if you're on a budget. It has no Retreat Cost, either, so there will be no problem getting this guy in, doing what he needs to, and then getting out.

    Teddiursa: Nothing too amazing going on here, but Parting Gift is a safe way to insure against losing your Energy before you can power up an Ursaring. Now that Quick Claw can't be used to make attacking with Ursaring easier, I think Parting Gift becomes that much more important.

    Cinccino: If you're losing, it's pretty damn strong as an attacker. A guaranteed hundred for one is nothing to scoff at. If you aren't losing, it's a flip extravaganza, so... fair warning. Just be glad you don't have to do this in real life.

    Warp Point: This format needed a card like this. That's basically the only reason it was included, with some pretty rad art featuring my darling Buneary.

    Other changes:

    - Changed Hoopa's Ability to make it so you don't use Hoopa itself to copy attacks, but to swap out your attackers. The attack has also been changed.
    - Changed Durant-GX to Togedemaru-GX. No changes to the set numbers were needed.
    - Changed Aqua Suit to a Tool and updated wording on the card.
    - Updated wording on Protective Pads because Protection Cube was a card that existed, lol.

    Set complete! Now is the time where I pester @bbninjas to get his crew together and start reviewing it for balance. Hopefully this will be available to play sooner rather than later.

    If you'd like to join the discussion in real-ish time, join the PTCG Faking Community Discord here. Who knows - your suggestions might be added!

    When the set is ready to go live, I'll post a changelog with all the changes made to the cards as they exist right now.

    That's all!
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  15. Nyora A Cat


    I’m not sure how good it’d be, but using cards like Big Nugget, Gloria, or Norman along with Energy acceleration in Boldore & Quick Claw, you can get a T1 Donk deck with Cresselia. Big Nugget pushes to 60, Gloria to 100 or Norman to probably 120, and more as the game evolves. Since Big Nugget can be spammed, you can get up to 220 (4 x 40 = 160 + 60 from Norman).

    Actually all that +10 lmao, forgot about beginning of turn draw.

    EDIT: Quick Claw is busted.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2019
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  16. PMJ happy thoughts

    Articles Head Activities Staff Badges Staff Elite Member Advanced Member Member

    I think the simplest solution would be to prevent Fuel Up from being used on your first turn.
  17. Nyora A Cat


    Agreed. This would also just slow the pace of a match in the first place, as any deck trying to use it for a T1 Knockout can’t now. Which imo, is good.
  18. PMJ happy thoughts

    Articles Head Activities Staff Badges Staff Elite Member Advanced Member Member

    Forgotten Allies version 1.1 is live on Lackey right now. I forgot to post when the set was added to Lackey, oops. Here are the changes:

    - Ledian-GX's GX attack was reworked completely.
    - Heat Rotom-GX's Detonate and Flame Array swapped effects and do new damage.
    - Electivire-GX's Haymaker GX's attack bonus is down to 100, from 150.
    - Chinchou's Head Start Ability now only gets you 1 Lightning Energy, down from 2, and can't be used on multiprize Pokemon.
    - Gourgeist-GX was reworked from the ground up.
    - Boldore's shtick as a double rainbow Energy card proved to be too strong. It was reworked to provide Bench protection instead.
    - Apparently, Tool Drop was too OP, so Alolan Diglett was reworked completely. It now better supports Alolan Dugtrio.
    - Klink's Gear Grind now has a new cost and damage calculation, and was changed to be usable for M instead of for free.
    - Klang's Disorderly Flip was changed to be usable for M instead of for free.
    - Klinklang's Final Laser was changed to be usable for M instead of for free.
    - Quick Claw was changed to bring it more in line with tools of its type, and to reduce the chances of turn 1 donks.
    - Nikki was changed to pull a Grass Energy from your deck rather than tripling all your Grass Energy.
    - Terrain Extender has been reclassified as a Lackey-exclusive Stadium Tool card, and received updated wording.
    - Some cards' set numbers were corrected.

    Interested in playing with these cards or joining the discussion? We have a a Discord server where you can join the fun.

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