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Welcome to the Article Submissions forum! If you are reading this, you probably have an interest in writing articles for the front page of PokeBeach Forums.

PokeBeach's forums are one of the most viewed Pokemon forums on the Internet and the most visited TCG forum by far. As such, we will only be selecting articles we feel are of the highest quality, as they will be representing us as a forum. If you think your Pokemon-related article is informative, intelligent, fun, and well-written, we will be more than happy to post it on our front page for the world to see!

  • You are free to submit any Pokemon-related articles that you think people will enjoy. Examples of article subjects include deck analyses, TCG reports, metagame reports, competitive video game analyses, guides, art and faking stories, etc. Remember that they have to be informative, intelligent, fun, and well-written or they will not make it to the front page!
  • Upon submission, your article becomes the property of PokeBeach. As such, we will not accept an article if it is already on another website. Nor will we allow it to be posted on another site if it is published.
  • The forum staff reserves the right to modify and edit your articles.
  • If you use any Pokemon scans or images, they must be from PokeBeach. If we do not have the images, please upload them to Photobucket or a similar service and link to them.

How to Submit
  1. Submit your article by making a new thread in this forum. All threads created are unapproved, which means only the forum staff can see them. If your article has been posted elsewhere on PokeBeach before, such as a TCG article in the "State of the Game" forum, please link to the original thread AND re-post your article in your new thread.
  2. The staff will then review your article. If we do not deem it worthy of being posted on the front page, we will let you know. If your article is of exception quality, however, we will begin the editing process so that it can be posted ASAP.
  3. Once the editing process is complete, your article will go live for thousands to read!
  • Read and edit your article at least three times before submitting it so that it is as polished as possible.
  • Always use correct spelling and grammar. If you submit an article that lacks these basic necessities, we will stop reading it.
  • Use headers, a table of contents, links, banners, etc. to make your article look lively and professional. Don't overdo it, though.
  • Split your article into manageable sections. Having a logical structure makes articles easy to read and enjoyable.
  • Make sure to space out your paragraphs. Nobody wants to read large blocks of text.
We look forward to seeing some stellar article submissions here!
This thread is over a decade old - we used to do this, but not anymore.
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