TCG Fakes Steffenka's Card Factory (Image Based) - Temporal Flash: Expansion!

i really like hot air balloon and hoopa bottle i think they have cool arts and cool effects although im not so much a fan of aztucan weavile being worse than its pre evo but overall a pretty nice set i enjoy these cards a lot
A small miniset featuring support for Water Pokémon! Hope yall enjoy Aquatic Partners! This is also the (re)introduction to BREAK cards, which will be replacing the TURBO cards! A big thanks goes to @Nyan for making that possible :D
The Cryogonal BREAK Collection! :D


Say hello to the Heroic Warriors! With 1 new Tag Team, 3 new GX and 2 new Gigantamax GX, this is my proper introduction to the Galar Pokemon! However, this ain't it! There's also the Galar Collection, featuring 12 new Full Art cards featuring Galar Pokemon! Hope yall enjoy!

I am head of heels for these new BREAK designs! I'm not sure how long you've been doing this for, but that holosheet work and the art choices are beyond cool. I didn't know it was possible to make Cryogonal look good.
Introducing Breaking Evolution! My attempt at a set that needs minimal amount of balancing and fixing for lackey! :D
This set brings back Prism Star cards, along with the usual GX and BREAK cards! Tag Teams have been relocated to Promo cards (as seen in the BE Promo folder). I'm planning on making future lackey sets, and each of these will feature Full Art cards for every GX card, as well as Full Art cards for every associated GX promo! A big thanks goes to @Jabberwock, @bbninjas and @CardPone, as well as @The Ωmega One, for helping me with wording, balancing and other general advice!

Without further ado:

You do know the key to getting my approval! I see Sawsbuck, I like!
Introducing Prismatic Kingdom! This is my second set in the series of cards that are my attempt at sets that need minimal reworking (playability wise)! A big thanks goes to the people who helped me with balancing and wording! :D

Also sorry for double posting (please keep the posts separate if any mods see this haha)!
3 new sections have been added under the Promo spoiler in the OP! These sections feature my first attempts at Sword/Shield era cards, non-GX Tag Teams, a new type of FA Trainer cards (courtesy of @KnightofDust), along with new types of FA Shiny Pokemon, and finally a small Corviknight-themed collection! Hope you enjoy!!

I also may have a big project working behind the scenes... :p
I know this is one of your older cards, but I really do like the re-working of the way BREAKs look, like your Cryogonal up there! Much nicer looking of a format compared to... Weird gold and thunderbolts, lol. Keep up the good work!