Discussion Speculation: Rocket's Admin. Reprint incoming?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by jessalakasam, Jul 11, 2018.

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    Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place.

    I came across an interesting theory on Twitter (posted by ADVGYM). All the characters featured on Copycat have recieved Full Arts. Copycat, Pokémon Fan Club, and Blaine's Explosive Battle. All except for one, that is, the Team Rocket Member. Do you think this means a Rocket's Admin reprint is coming? (For those who don't know, Rocket's Admin has the same effect as N). This would make even more sense considering that SM8 will be focused on Johto, which featured Team Rocket. That being said, the original print of Copycat featured the same trainers, so it is possible that it's a coincidence.

  2. Otaku The wise fool?


    I suspect it is a coincidence.

    Also, Rocket's Admin. allows you to draw up to an amount equal to your remaining Prizes. Small difference, but it would affect those rare situations where the forced draw from N is used to try and deckout an opponent.
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    If your logic was correct, it wouldn't point to Rocket's Admin anyway, since her outfit is of a grunt. Not sure any card other than Copycat has even depicted a white-shirted female grunt come to think of it, most use the black uniform.
  4. jessalakasam Floette is love Floette is life


    You're right. I looked it up and apparently she's mimicking the admin featured on Team Rocket's Trap

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