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    So, I've been soft resetting for a shiny Suicune in SoulSilver, and I want to know how long it's taken any of you guys to soft reset for a shiny anything, really. Put your Soft-Resetting stories here if you want!

    suicune.gif I will find you Suicune, I WILL.
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  2. Galaxy Hunter Shiny Mega Quest!
    Galaxy Hunter


    Most recent SR's (since I started counting) on Omega Ruby;

    Shiny Kyurem - Appeared and was caught after 1108 SR's
    Shiny Mesprit - Appeared and was caught shortly after Kyurem; 385 SR's
    Shiny Cresselia - Appeared and was caught the next day; 251 SR's

    Other successful SR hunts:
    Reshiram - Several weeks (on and off)
    Ho-oh - A couple of days
    Raikou - A couple of days
    Suicune - Several weeks (on and off)

    Current hunt: Entei, at 1067 SR's at the time of writing.
  3. Mitja veteran smartass


    I've resetted Virizion longer than anything else before (I didn't actually count by any means), I only stopped once I had a 27/31/29/31/31/31 HP-Ice one, which was as close to perfection as I could ever wish for....yet in the whole run I never even encountered it as shiny. My girlfriend however encountered it shiny, caught it, saw it was terrible, reset it and resetted again for a week or so, till the next shiny Virizion showed up, which fortunately had the desired nature and perfect IVs in the crucial stats.

    I did however encounter a shiny Giratina (the only one in my whole quest for catching all legends with outstanding IVs in OR), but reset it and continued my search for a better (regular) one once I saw it's awful nature and stats xD

    But... we all know the odds, or can look them up on the internet, so it's not like knowing how many SRs it took someone else will make it more likely ;D
    It just tells you if someone was lucky (finding one without trying for weeks, ie anything below ~500) or unlucky (finding none despite resetting like 10K+ times).

    And remember, the chance stays the same for every single reset. Resetting thousands of times already won't make it more likely on the next reset, even on the 2400th reset, it's still just as unlikely as on the 1st.
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    ATM I am soft resetting for competitive Suicune
    I'v got few really good IV spreads but that wasn't enough for me.

    As Mitja said, this can go for awhile or for a really short time depends how lucky you are. I'v got a perfect IV Landorus except HP(30) in 2 weeks and a perfect Heatran except Sp.Def(30) in 2 days.
    Same goes for shiny encounters- I'v got 3 shiny Raikou's in 2 weeks while soft resetting for a competitive one and since then I'v been soft resetting a lot of legends in OR yet no shiny encounter up until now.
    (Although Arceus knows how much I want a competitive shiny Suicune :rolleyes:)
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    When I went after a Raikou it took only 8 soft resets to get HP Ice while still having desirable nature and IVs. I can't be bothered to soft reset for shiny Pokemon because it takes too long. I'd rather get competitive Pokemon.

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