Snorunt, Glalie, and Froslass from “Mask of Change”

Now my friend's Meowscarada deck is going to be more overpowered.

Is it just me, or has frostless been possesed by Mimikyu and is now the new Psycho? Imagine being on the other side of that door and you see a random ice Pokémon staring at you in the dark. Yeesh Pokémon, I didn't know you wanted us to be MORE scared after Gengar's house in the series.
Is nobody going to talk about the fact that the Froslass is probably souvenir shopping for a handsome man to hang on her wall?

This, this... this gives me anxiety. I normally love snow, but I think I'll spend this Christmas in Hoe--GLACIA, I'M TOO SCARED TO TALK ABOUT THE GLALIE EX I BASED ON YOUR TEAM RIGHT NOW, I FEAR FOR MY LIFE!
That Froslass really do just be a silly ticking time bomb. Passive spread damage genuinely seems like such a cool idea.