SM10 'Double Blaze,' 'GG End,' and 'Sky Legends' Announced!

Nick Tornell

Haha, art go brrrr
or if you give it an iron ball
or thousand arrows

You see, there are a lot of things that make it having a fighting weakness make sense.
But none of those will end up working in the Pokémon TCG unless it changes to a completely different system of operating which would make everything that it has built up obsolete.


Aspiring Trainer
We will probably get Gartina and a bunch of Gartina specific support. That's what they did with ultra necrozma GX and at the time it was relatively balanced.


Aspiring Trainer
They do, some Water types and any part Flying type has a Lightning weakness (even the one and only Zapdos).
they don't give water types lightning weakness anymore and they don't make a ton of flying types, I was saying if they made a new type they would put a lot of attention on it