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    Hello pokebeach, a few days ago I bought a pack of 100 black ultra pro sleeves, but 50 of them are noticeably lighter than the other 50. Can I use these in tournaments or will I have to buy new sleeves?
    I can post a picture if needed, thanks.z

  2. Slowbro Aspiring Trainer


    You will probably have to buy new sleeves. Pokemon is very strict about these, especially once you get into top cut. For example, at states last year, one of my sleeves had a little wear and tear, and I had to buy a complete new package.
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    That boys and girls is why you keep extra sleeves with you:p

    But I'm also pretty sure you're gonna need new sleeves.
  4. Blui lv85 paladin


    Aww jip. From now on I'm gonna buy packs of 60 :/

    Edit: Dragon sheild sleeves
  5. xxashxx "Pokemon Gotta catch em all Pokemon"

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    Guys these are strictly for storing your precious cards. If you use these always buy 2 packs of everything. Same goes with cards buy 2 boxes or packs etc this way you have a set for collecting and one for use other than collecting.:) Use common sense XD.:)
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    If you are gonna buy a pack of 60, make sure to buy 2, or buy a pack with like 70 or some weird number.

    The problem you had with a pack of 100 was it was just to 50-count packs combined, so it's not always guaranteed they will be the same exact sleeves. If you buy two of the same 60-count packages though, there is a very low chance you will get different colored sleeves, and even if you do, you have 60 of the same colored ones to work with. Another bonus of buying two 60-count packages is being able to replace any damaged sleeves.

    Well, Blui doesn't need sleeves for storage, but for playing. Secondly, not everyone can afford to buy 2 of everything (especially boxes), but it is useful and highly suggested that one buy 2 of each sleeve package (unless they buy high number packages like 100-count). Lastly, a little tid bit of advice: common sense is very relative (it changes from person to person, just like normal), so it's not always wise to say "use common sense."
  7. Random Numbers creeper FTW!
    Random Numbers


    I once went to a BR and 1 sleeve was noticably more damaged than the others but the judge still let me in.
  8. Slowbro Aspiring Trainer


    Probably because it's a battle road. In top cut, or a larger tournament, the judge will probably make you resleeve. Just to be safe, I would have extra sleeves.

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