BW/BW2 Slaking Revenge Killer

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Hey there everyone!

Okay, I think I've struck gold. In the past, Slaking has always been a heavy hitter, yet it's ability would really screw it over. While it didn't get any Dream World abilities, I think it can be a massive threat in this generation.

Here's my idea:

Slaking @ Choice Band
Jolly Nature
Truant Ability (just to emphasize it has no Dream World alternatives)
EVs: 252 ATK, 252 SPD, 4 HP
-Body Slam
-Brick Break/Earthquake

This set is honestly the ultimate revenge killer. Slaking with 419 Attack, Choice Band, STAB'd Retaliate (which power doubles if a Pokemon fainted before Slaking was switched in) will kill ANYTHING. It is not only the ultimate revenge killer, but can be a crazy wall breaker.

Pursuit is also a highlight of this set. Pursuit's power will double if the opponent attempts to switch out, which essentially adds STAB to it. With insane attack and a Choice Band, it deal a ton of damage.

The other two moves are really fillers. Let me know if you have better ideas.


Sorry, I mistakenly posted this here. I'm sure a mod will move it to the competitive section soon.

My apologies.


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Use this:


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