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Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by Spectre_Makoto, Sep 16, 2019.

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    While the title may be an exaggeration, I do find it to be rather convenient that arguably the two best Memory cards for Silvally-GX were rotated from Standard format, being Fighting and Psychic Memory from Crimson Invasion. Silvally does still have Water, Electric, Fire, and Grass Memory (I could be forgetting one), but as far as combating the meta, only Water for ReshiZard and maybe Fire for those stray Metal decks are even worth using. You could maybe use Electropower with Electric Memory, but that's a lot of moving parts. Fighting Memory would be Silvally's best chance against PikaRom/Double Raichu, MewMew could slap without even thinking but Psychic Memory would still help, and Silvally doesn't have a Fairy Memory to hit Dragons.

    I got to thinking about this because of the new Silvally GX in Dream League, and then I remembered the one that exists already. Silvally GX was kind of built up as this anti-meta card, but never quite got there. Which sucks, cuz he's such a cool Pokemon.

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    The problem is with the memories. in order to actually cover all its bases you have to run a variety of memories to cover different weakness but only 1 would be useful per match up so the other memories are dead weight and clogged your deck. Nothing worse then being in top deck mode and you draw a memory for a completely different match up. It also just isn't that hard to cover weakness for a bunch of meta decks. There were plenty of splashable psychic and fighting techs (like EVO Mewtwo, Mew EX, and Buzzwole FLI) that the perk of Memories didn't actually stand out from the rest of the crowd. This is on top of the fact that 3C is a clunky energy cost to get up and running. Yes it ramped a basic energy to the bench to set up other ones but the first Silvally GX always needed 2 attachments to get the ball rolling. It also was weak to fighting and thus one of the best meta decks of its era (buzzwole/lycanroc).
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    ZABOKI .


    its pretty much just a zoroark replacement, id dosent need memories
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    It can be used as a quick one of in beheyeem maybe with a memory disc or two, to attack with triple accel and help with certain matchups.

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