News September's SM4 Set: 'The Awoken Hero' and 'The Transdimensional Beast'

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by Water Pokémon Master, Jun 6, 2017.

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    A little weird having the SR Warp Energy in this set instead of Shining Legends, but at least we still get it. Mainly glad to get Counter Energy - that is going to be amazing for non-GX-centric decks (spread especially). Also glad that thus seems to be a much more support-centric set - there's nothing here that leaps off the page as a contender on its own, which is a good thing. Having a lot of more moderate & supportive Pokemon is always better than having a few big hitters - leads to more deck possibilities, and a more open meta.

    Prereleases will also be interesting with this set - lot of good Pokemon for that format, and some interesting match-ups & possibilities... though Bewear will likely be one of the most reliable (along Kartana, if you're really lucky to get it).

  2. Luca Wiz Spooky_Gengar
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    Oh yea I completely forgot it was in SM4+, not SM4. Thanks!
  3. Slurma Aspiring Trainer


    Not a big fan of the prize card manipulation that this set focuses on, the only GX I would consider is Kartana. A little bit disappointing considering the past 3 sets.
  4. Luca Wiz Spooky_Gengar
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    I really love so-taro’s art style
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    Counter Energy is the only card i am really interested to in this set. Planing on trying to make a deck that focuses on hitting the weakness of my opponent following a similar idea i am using with My Ninja Toolbox. Shining Mew to accelerate (Rainbow, Counter and DCE). After, when hes down, Ninja Boy into one of these depending on the weakness you need:

    Fire: Entei XY AOR (OHKO on Metagross or Solgaleo Gx)
    Lightning: Tapu koko SM-Promo (OHKO on Ho-oH Gx, for the retreat and spread dmg)
    Grass: Shining Genesect SL (OHKO on anything depending what is attached but can also transfer Rainbow or Counter Energy depending if needed)
    Water: Articuno XY RS (OHKO on any competitive Gx or Ex pokemon)
    Fighting: Zygarde XY-Promo (OHKO Darkrai Gx, Tauros Gx, Drampa Gx, Zoroark Gx or Raichu Gx)
    Psychic: Giratina XY-Promo (OHKO on Espeon Gx or Buzzwole Gx and a good counter to Greninja, Trevenant or Zoroark Turbo)
    Darkness: Hoopa Unbound (OHKO on Trevenant and most likely for the ability)

    Those are all basic pokemon's that can OHKO most Gx pokemon with the help of Counter Energy. Might be a bad feeling to always feel behind in prizes but i have hope i can make it work.
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    nice cards and that stufful art is real cute
  7. PKMNCollector Aspiring Trainer


    Can Counter Energy provide 2 different types of energy? It says it provides every type of energy but only 2 at a time but could it provide 1 grass and one colourless?
  8. The Young Professor Aspiring Trainer
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    all i know is there NNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDSSSSSSSSS!! to be more memories for Silvally GX and SOON
  9. Chrswrites Aspiring Trainer


    What will become the most expensive/playable cards from Crimson Invasion?
  10. I'm so sorry you had to lose your house like that :(

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