Second “Scarlet & Violet” Set Releasing Later Than Usual, Upcoming English Products!

Wouldn't it be such a gamer move if pokemon international was lying about the release of crown zenith, and they stopped making it next week making it one of the rarest sets ever
Probably not Lugia, but maybe one in either Palkia or Girantina. They usually do decks that are typically competitive a couple of months to a year before the release. Like it took the Calyrex decks a year from June 2021 (Chilling Reign) to the Rider Calyrex League Decks (June 2022) and then Fusion strike (Nov 2021) to the Mew Vmax Battle Deck (Nov 22). Going off the release date of Astral radiance being in May last year it most likely will be Palkia Vstar (with maybe another basic V) if we go off the release date of the previous 2 years.
You're probably right, although I think they might do Giratina as well. Or maybe it'll end up like the zacian/adp deck with a combination of sw/sh and s/v cards. Unfortunately, I doubt we'll get Regis or lost box bc they have no ultra rares.
I'm 90% certain the league battle deck will be giratina vstar because dialga, palkia and lugia lose too much to rotation to be viable without using scarlet & violet cards which aren't out yet when the deck is printed. Arceus requires more than 3 V's and 3 V stars. We could also see a level 2 deck again with only a 2-2 giratina line.