Art Gallery scattered mind's Gallery :] - Taking Requests!

Do you only do pokemon? I was wondering if I could request one of my favorite champions to be redesigned in your own way.


Latios and Latias were challenging :) It takes time to figure out how their body's shaped.

Also, Mismagius (earlier work for Jabber's project)
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I don't think so.. I also had problems with viewing images here but they were solved after a refresh or two.
Ohhh, I like it :)

I like the style :eek:

Maybe I come with a request

In the meanwhile I'm gonna think:

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''yes, sometimes this will take very long''
What a gorgeous Mismagius! It looks so sinister, and the red and black swirls in the background show its eerie power. Splendidly done!
If you're still doing requests, how about your take on a happy Keldeo Resolute Forme?
Oh cool! I love that Mega Dragonite (or possibly Lance-Dragonite)! Especially the spikes! I honestly always loved the idea of a Dragonite mega making it look more physically fierce!
The Keldeo's so happy and cute, yet majestic and determined at the same time! I love it!~
Thanks, Scattered Mind! :)
You still have this set to open for requests, if you aren't doing them (since it has been ages it wouldn't surprise me) feel free to ignore this

But it has been a year since I made my last request, can I request a Shadowy Gengar, the more menacing the better ^w^
It might take some time, but I'll try to do it as fast as possible. The thread is still active btw, it's just that no one sent any request in a while, and I forgot to bump the thread :p
May i suggest you do the most majestic of all the Pokémon. Wingull.

Also. What would a Pokébeach be without some Gulls hanging about?
After I finally came back to Creative Works, I saw these! Dude, these are awesome! Your style is very unique and makes them look a lot more, uh, cooler. :p Very good job!
Take as much time as you need ^w^
Yea Rainy, Scattered Minds art is awesome, I absolutely love the one he did for me last year, easily my favourite Flygon Fanart ^w^