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Standard Samurot/Okidogi


Luxray is cool!
Do I used okidogi in a original way, with samurot Vstar. With this deck you try to spread a lot of damage, and then attack with samurot or okidogi with tm blindslide attached. After Shrouded fable releases, it will get some support in Janice/ mochi combo.
Here's the list:
Pokémon: 15
2 Hisuian Samurott V CRZ GG51
2 Hisuian Samurott VSTAR CRZ GG52
2 Bidoof CRZ GG29
2 Bibarel CRZ GG25
2 Okidogi TWM 111
2 Absol CRZ GG16
1 Hawlucha PAF 175
1 Hoopa ex PAR 226
1 Radiant Alakazam SIT 59

Trainer: 34
4 Arven PAF 235
3 Iono PAF 237
2 Boss's Orders PAL 265
4 Nest Ball SVI 255
4 Dark Patch LOR 216
3 Ultra Ball BRS 186
2 Energy Switch SIT 212
2 Earthen Vessel PAR 163
2 Super Rod PAL 276
1 Pal Pad SVI 182
1 Lost Vacuum LOR 217
2 Technical Machine: Blindside PAR 176
1 Forest Seal Stone SIT 156
1 Technical Machine: Devolution PAR 177
2 Gapejaw Bog SIT 213

Energy: 11
11 Darkness Energy
11 Darkness Energy EVS 236


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How do you power up Okidogi for TM Blindside besides the 2 energy switch? You can't dark patch to it, right? I think the list should have fighting energy in it.
Not sure if this is your intention or not, but Okidogi's ability does not increase Blindside's damage unless it targets a poke in the active spot.