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Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by seeknayr, Dec 16, 2014.

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    If I wanted to bring a Seismitoad/Meloetta EX Round deck to an upcoming city championships, would I compete with the other top decks? I haven't played for a little while but I really want to test this deck out.

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    RE: Round Deck in City Championships?

    I'd say that the deck is an overall 'mediocre' matchup against most other decks. The deck itself is still fantastic and healthy for your wallet, but there's too much against it in the current metagame.

    Pyroar decks run so many Lysandres that any of your Benched Meloetta's get knocked out extremely quickly.

    Virizion/Genesect decks cover Seismitoad's Weakness.

    Seismitoad-EX can make this deck almost impossible to play because of Item Locking on your Rare Candy's.

    There still are a few decent matchups here and there, though. Garbodor/Landorus-EX will be in your favor almost every time, and you should be able to do moderate damage to Yveltal-EX decks, Aromatisse decks, and Plasma decks.
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    RE: Round Deck in City Championships?

    My buddy was the self-proclaimed King of the Round Deck way back when and wanted to return to his glory days so a couple weeks ago he rebuilt it without the Level Balls and other rotated necessities (Pokemon Fan Club and Evosoda just aren't the same). It did not go well. Meloetta is too fragile, Toad too difficult to consistently get out, and Enhanced Hammer makes simply attacking impossible at times. It's swamp has unfortunately dried out :(
  4. RE: Round Deck in City Championships?

    I have yet to see a Round deck place high at a competitive event, or for that matter be used at all. Stage 2s simply aren't viable at the moment due to Seismitoad-EX, but even before Furious Fists (last season) you didn't see this deck at Premiere tournaments. Starting with a lone Meloette-EX has high odds, and can be downright dangerous (compare to starting with a lone Jirachi-EX, which sucks but since you only run one it doesn't happen often). They are easy bait for Mewtwo-EX as well as VirGen, which can Red Signal themfor an easy two prizes. There's also no versaatility in the deck, as every Pokemon you bench needs to have Round or evolve into something that does. A support Pokemon like Jirachi-EX or Electrode, or even a backup attacker/tech on your bench will rob you of a critical 30 damage.
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    If you do decide to play it, I would highly recommend a 4-4-4 line with Rare Candies. That way Seismitoad doesn't completely shut you down, and those Stage 1's have Round as well, so if you can get a Seismitoad set up (or even a Palpitoad), you can at least do some damage. Pokemon Fan Club might also be a good play since it's a Supporter, and it can get you two more Rounders. It also helps you set up in your other match ups across the board as well.
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