Returning to Game / Staples to Buy


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I'm considering returning to the game after about a 1.5 year break. I've been looking at some of the decks popular now, but I don't really have any cards XY-on. Can someone give me a recommendation or list of the staples I should have for most decks in the format? (this will probably be XY-on, as there is only worlds left in this format) Also, could someone give me a quick list of the decks that will be decent in XY-on so I could look into getting at least some cards for those decks? I'm trying to see how expensive it will be to return. Thanks so much! :)


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Both mega Rayquaza variants, Bronzong decks, Night march and Crobat variants are all doing popular right now as xy on decks. Also from Bandit ring ideas of mega sceptile, eeveelutions, and vespiquen look like they will do good as well. staples are a bit more tricky as it tend to change quite a bit on what is used for each deck but commonly used cards usually end up as: Ultra ball, switch, Shauna, professor sycamore, Lysandre, Professor Birch, Vs seeker, and muscle band. These are just some that come to mind.


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Another popular deck would be the Raichu variant, despite its lackluster performance recently.

Raichu, Sycamore, DCE, Hard Charm, Muscle Band, Aromatisse (another potentially popular variant), Rainbow Energy and Professor's Letter (a buffer energy search) can be found in XY.
Lysandre, Pokemon Fan Club, Sacred Ash, Startling Megaphone and Ultra Ball are worthwhile cards from FlashFire.
Eevee FuF, Energy Switch and Super Scoop Up (for decks like Bats) are worthwhile cards from Furious Fists.
Bronzong, Night March stuff, Crobat, Shauna, Sycamore, Enhanced Hammer, AZ (for decks like Bats), Battle Compressor (deck thinner or builder for nightmarch), DCE, Wobuffet (an interesting wall) and VS Seeker stuff are all found in the Phantom Forces expansion, so I personally suggest that. Note that Trump Card from this expansion has been BANNED.
Rare Candy, Escape Rope, Repeat Ball, Silent Lab, Teammates, Exp. Share, Energy Retrieval and Acro Bike are all noteworthy Primal Clash stuff.
Mega Turbo, Revive, Sky Field, Switch, Trainer's Mail, Rayquazas, Ultra Ball and Wally can all be found in Roaring Skies.


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Works in 90% of decks:
- 4x Double Colorless Energy
- 4x Professor Sycamore
- 4x Shauna/Professor Birch's Observation (pick any combination of the two)
- 3x VS Seeker
- 3x Ultra Ball
- 2x Lysandre
- 3x Muscle Band
- 2x Professor's Letter
- 1x Startling Megaphone
- 1x Escape Rope

Works in ~50% of decks:
- 3x Repeat Ball
- 3x Level Ball (reprinting in a couple of months)
- 2x Shaymin EX
- 3x Mega Turbo
- 3x Trainer's Mail
- 2x Shauna
- 1x Sacred Ash
- 2x Teammates