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Offically retired
To fellow Pokebeach members who I know (and to anyone else):

I have already spoken to the mods and now will inform you guys of my official retirement from Pokebeach. It has been great getting to know some of you over the past year and a half but I am moving on with life and such, and so have stepped down as a mod. I might still make a few guest appearances here and now posting some stuff around.


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The great Abhorsen? How dismaying... I mean, we already lost a super mod, and now a mod who can be respected to the point that he can be considered a super mod... Oh well, nice knowing you pall.(Guess you don't know me!:p)

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Wow...I remember first coming here and having you yell at me about something (I forgot what it was :p) But I must say it's going to be different without you. Good luck with everything you do!

-Max Shade IV: Over and Out!


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Well, I have to say, you DO add a little "something" to these forums. I think that "something" could be your strictness. You're, like SNN described you, a "tough as nails moderator". You're visits were becomming scarce, and that became a tad evidant that you might be leaving. Without you, I have a feeling that rule-breakers may not have a person who is both forceful in his actions, and generous in his posts. We'll surely miss you.



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Oh no...Now we in more need of that imfamous One Star....

See you around, Abhorsen. I know you've been a great mod in the time you've contributed to Pokebeach. We're going to miss you!

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Yeah, thanx for the major help over the years that I've known you Abs....& the meny "Free" cards that you've given to me.
I hope to see you when I can make it to SCG the next time that I go (even if it's for a quick visit).


ive never really known you that well but you still are a mod so I will miss you. Good luck in whatever you do in future years :D!

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Will you still becoming in every once and awhile? If so.. no goodbye for you. X]
If not, good luck in whatever you are wanting in life.

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I never knew you to well but I've heard great things about you. Everyone likes you and we'll be sorry to see you go. I will be making a good-bye card and posting it here very soon.


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You'll be back... They always come back.

Nice knowing you, Abhorsen. Good luck to you in the future. :]


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i dont know you but ive heard great things about you , good-bye
and its always sad to lose a PokéBeach Forums member.....


NOOOO!!! Dont go! You were an amazing mod! I know it will be hard to say good bye but if you have to retire, at least visit 1-2 a week.


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Yeah! I don't really know you either, but I hate to see people leave the forums for almost forever. See ya!

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Wow, though we never really talked, I'm sad to see you go. Your easily the strictest Mod here, and I think every Mod should follow in your footsteps. I'm quite sad to see you go, but your life is the most important.



Offically retired
Thanks everyone, even to the people who didn't know me.

I'm not leaving and never coming back. I'm simply retiring my position as a mod because I have too many important life things going on at the moment. It simply restricts my activity greatly and I feel that a more active member should deserve my mod place (that's if someone replaces me).

I will be making appearances every now and then with a few posts but it will probably be only a few times a week, not everyday.


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Nnnnoooo ! Not another mod !! So, you mean that you're not going to be a mod anymore, but a normal member that comes in once in awhile ? Bye.

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I know how you feel. I've had so much school work this year that I had to resign as a mod on an RPG I helped run. It's sad to have to go, but life is more important than a website unfortunately.

Sorry to see you resign. I always loved that avatar of yours lol.
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