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Standard Raid (Luxray)


Aspiring Trainer
3 Jirachi (TEU 99)
4 Luxray (RCL 62)
1 Mew (UNB 76)
4 Luxio (RCL 61)
1 Zapdos (TEU 40)
1 Shinx (UPR 45)
2 Oranguru (SSH 148)

6 Lightning Energy (TEU 200)
2 Speed Lightning Energy (RCL 173)

4 Evolution Incense (SSH 163)
4 Pokémon Communication (TEU 152)
2 Quick Ball (SSH 179)
1 Adventure Bag (LOT 167)
3 Escape Board (UPR 122)
4 Scoop Up Net (RCL 165)
2 Boss's Orders (RCL 154)
1 Thunder Mountain Prism Star (LOT 191)
2 Devolution Spray Z (UNB 166)
2 Marnie (SSH 169)
1 Super Scoop Up (CLS 146)
1 Volkner (UPR 135)
4 Cynthia (UPR 119)
4 Electropower (LOT 172)
1 Air Balloon (SSH 156)

The idea here is to start with hopefully Jirachi or Oranguru. If you draw Luxio you can put it back on the top of the deck with Oranguru and then grab it next turn. Raid does 160 if you evolve from Luxio that turn. Then you can simply use Devolution Spray or Scoop Up to get Luxray back to reuse at some point.


Don't Panic
Luxio's Ability is nice, but I don't think you want to rely on it, especially if you're going to be using Scoop Up Net with it. Also, you can't get more than 1 Luxio into play per turn that way.


Aspiring Trainer
At this point Scoop Up net is more for Oranguru or Jirachi. Might take 2 of those out for a couple more Devolution Spray Z's. So far the deck has been working quite well. I really want to run another Zapdos though and maybe another stadium like a Swell or something. Zeraora would be something I could run but I am trying to avoid running any GX's or V's.


Aspiring Trainer
Nah, the Scoop Up Net/Oranguru combo with Luxio is really really good. I wouldn't run any Devolution Spray Z, but, hey , it's your deck.
Here's a list that has seen some play in Japan:
4 Shinx UPR
4 Luxio REC
4 Luxray REC
2 Jirachi TEU
2 Oranguru SSH
1 Mew UNB
4 Evolution Incense SSH
2 Ordinary Rod SSH
2 Escape Board UPR
4 Electropower LOT
4 Quick Ball SSH
1 Pokemon Communication TEU
2 Reset Stamp UNM
4 Scoop-Up Net REC
2 Boss's Orders REC
4 Marnie SSH
2 Rosa CEC
4 Professor's Research
4 Speed Energy
4 Lightning Energy

I really like the Zapdos inclusion though. It's a really nice touch.