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Standard Raichu GX/Magnezone

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by connorm94, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. connorm94 Aspiring Trainer


    Hi everyone! This is a deck I've built as I havent played in a long time and I was working with a budget and using cards I had gotten already. The aim is to get Magnezone onto the bench ASAP along with Raichu/Koko/Raikou to power up with Magnetic Circuit. The issue I'm having is a cannot seem to get Magnezone out fast enough. I did have a Magneton in the deck but removed to make space for extra choice band. I have 2 Alolan Vulpix with Beacon and I'm considering using this also. I also plan to add 2 Float Stone and a Brigette once i get hold of them and the new Pachirisu with Static Generator when the new set comes out. Let me know what you think!

    PS. Tapu Lele is not an option unless I pull from a pack (low budget).

    Pokemon: 18

    • 3 Pikachu SHL
    • 2 Raichu GX
    • 1 Raichu BSD
    • 3 Magnemite BKT
    • 3 Magnezone BKT
    • 2 Raikou SHL
    • 1 Raikou BKT
    • 1 Tapio Koko GX
    • 1 Tapu Koko GR
    Supporters: 14
    • 4 Professor Sycamore
    • 3 N
    • 2 Guzma
    • 1 Clemont
    • 1 Fisherman
    • 1 Acerola
    • 1 Skyla
    • 1 Pokemon Fan Club
    Trainers: 17
    • 3 Rare Candy
    • 2 Max Elixir
    • 4 Ultra Ball
    • 3 Enhanced Hammer
    • 1 Rescue Stretcher
    • 2 Field Blower
    • 2 Choice Band
    Energy: 11
    • 10 Lightning
    • 1 Counter

  2. PokeyNurPikachu Aspiring Trainer


    I played this for a couple weeks and it was clunky... I wanted it to work so bad lol... hope you get better results

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