Question Question Regarding Transferring Dynamax Leveled Pokémon in Future Games

Card Slinger J

Aspiring Trainer
Can you transfer Pokémon whose Dynamax Level is completely maxed out over to Pokémon HOME and to other Pokémon mainline games like Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, Legends: Arceus, and Scarlet & Violet or are they stuck in Sword & Shield? If a Pokémon has maxed out their Dynamax Level via Dynamax Candies then there's no way to lower it since it's permanent but does that mean they can't be transferred over to newer Pokémon titles?

Pokémon HOME can house Pokémon that have the Gigantamax Factor and / or fully Dynamaxed via Dynamax Candies however I assume that If these Pokémon are transferred to say Scarlet & Violet then their Dynamax Level is completely ignored because it no longer functions in future games outside of Sword & Shield. Gigantamax Factor Meowth, Pikachu, and Eevee can't be transferred over but If they don't have a Gigantamax Factor forme then they can transfer.
I also talked this over with some friends of mine. They said that If you transfer over Pokémon whose Dynamax Level is already maxed out to say Scarlet and Violet for example then the game will just completely ignore the Dynamax factor on the Pokémon as it would be null and void even though Pokémon HOME will display it. Unfortunately we won't really know this until late 2023 when we get the Pokémon HOME update for Scarlet and Violet. Not only was Scarlet and Violet two months behind being 100% finished with all the bugs and glitches in the game but there's a good possibility that Pokémon HOME could've been updated in time for Scarlet and Violet's official launch which didn't happen because Pokémon Company International / Nintendo / Game Freak.

There was a recent online patch released for Scarlet and Violet that fixed some of the bugs and glitches in the game but not all of them unfortunately including the frame rate lag that I've heard a lot of players have been experiencing lately. Most of the fixes I think was primarily for the problems within Tera Raid Battles which replaced Dynamax Raid Battles from Sword and Shield. Other than that most of my friends who've purchased Scarlet and Violet haven't had any problems beating the game or having their save file corrupted or what not. Still think it sucks that we have to wait a full year before we can transfer old Pokémon onto Scarlet and Violet from Pokémon HOME. I'm really hoping that I can transfer my Dynamax Tyranitar from Sword and Shield into Scarlet and Violet since it's one of the returning Pokémon in Gen 9.