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Alt. Format Post Rotation Turbo Buzzwole

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by biffthepotato, Jul 3, 2018.

  1. biffthepotato It's Wednesday M'dudes


    Yo guys, lately, I have been testing a lot of post rotation decks, and one that I have been having fun with is a turbo Buzzwole deck that plays a bunch of big basics, and can apply a bunch of pressure early game, and is just great against evolution decks. Here's the list:

    Pokemon: 13

    4x Buzzwole (FLI)
    3x Buzzwole GX (CRI)
    1x Oricorio (GRI) (Supernatural Dance)
    1x Oranguru (SUM)
    1x Diance <> (FLI)
    1x Stakataka GX (SM7) (Ability reduces 10 damage done to my Ultra beasts by attacks)
    2x Tapu Lele GX (GRI)

    Trainers: 34

    4x Cynthia (ULP)
    2x Tate and Liza (SM7) (Supporter - choose one: shuffle you hand into your deck and draw 5 cards - OR - switch your active Pokemon with one of your bench)
    2x Judge (FLI)
    4x Guzma (BUS)

    4x Ultra Ball (SUM)
    4x Beast Ring (FLI)
    3x Max Potion (GRI)
    2x Acro Bike (gets reprinted in some set)
    3x Switch (SHL)

    3x Choice Band (GRI)

    3x Brooklet Hill (GRI)

    Energy: 13

    12x Fighting Energy
    1x Beast Energy <> (FLI)



    4th Choice Band
    1x Lillie in place of 2nd Judge maybe?
    1x energy recovery card


    Card Choices:

    1x Stakataka GX:

    I've decided to play one Stakataka GX because it forces your opponent to hit 200 damage to KO a Buzzwole GX, and your opponent also has to hit 140 to KO a baby Buzz, witch means that a Zoroark GX has to play a Kukui to be able to OHKO you (instead of a devoured field).

    3x Max Potion:

    I personally like playing max potion the most against decks that are weak to fighting like Zoroark GX and Zeroria GX, because against those decks, you can sweep the field with jet punches and sledgehammers, so if
    you don't get OHKO'd then you can max potion, then attach, and continue doing a lot of damage.


    Thanks for reading!!! If you have and suggestions please, fill free to share you opinion on this deck, and have a nice day!!!

    - Biff The Potato

  2. Perfect_Shot Standard sucks, so Ban Expanded


    Yep, Buzzwole is still looking really nasty post rotation, I don't really know what the people who believe it won't be T1 are thinking.

    As for the cards I agree you should sub a Judge for Lillie, Judge isn't really that disruptive and decks like Zoroark really don't care, while Buzz has the early game advantage against Malamar which is helpless for its first few turns.

    Not sure if the 4th Band is really needed, and Acro seems like it's just filler, but the card pool we have post rotation isn't exactly stellar so I don't know what you would put in place of it.

    Aside that, the deck looks solid; you'll definately have a good time if you choose to run this.

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