Help Post Rotation (SUM-on) Decidueye GX Potential Partners

Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by Cobrafilms, Jun 8, 2018.

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    I am trying to build Decidueye GX for post rotation, and I need help finding it a partner, along with other specific techs. With your help, I'd like to create a solid decklist for post rotation (will now be referred to as "PR").

    My ideas:
    Zoroark GX: Great draw support for PR and an attacker for this deck.
    Ninetales GX: Additional Spread damage; Another solid attacker.

    Latios (SHL): Great starter; Spread damage/support
    Tapu Koko (PROMO): Great starter; Spread damage/support + free retreat

    With the loss of Sycamore, N, Brigette, etc., I feel the best and most consistent draw engine would be Zoroark GX with nest ball + timer ball, rather than Pokemon Fan Club.

    This is barely a start to the deck, but any suggestions are appreciated!

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    Another partner you should take into consideration is Glaceon GX.
    It has a good attack with spread damage, a nice GX Attack and renders the abilities of opposing GX/EX Pokémon useless.
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    I think going the Alolan Vulpix and Timer Ball Route makes a lot of sense still moving forward. One of the pokebeach set leaks announced we would be received an alolan ninetales that let you search for two items from your deck when you evolve to it. If that's true, having a way to instantly grab rare candies (and set up decidueyes using beacon the previous turn) would be extremely beneficial for the deck.

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