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Alt. Format [Post-Rotation] Slayer of the GX (Heatmor Dragon Storm / Salazzle GRI)

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by Jamtok, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. Jamtok Aspiring Trainer


    POKEMON (15)
    4 Heatmor (Dragon Storm 7/53)
    4 Salandit (Dragon Storm 9/53)
    3 Salazzle (GRI 16/145)
    2 Oricorio Salsa (GRI 14/145)
    2 Seviper (BUS 50/147)

    TRAINERS (35)
    4 Cynthia
    3 Judge
    3 Guzma
    4 Choice Band
    3 Nest Ball
    3 Super Scoop Up
    3 Exp. Share
    3 Ultra Ball
    3 Energy Switch
    3 Escape Board
    3 Commandment Shrine

    ENERGY (10)
    10 Fire Energy

    ...click here to go to the Dragon Storm translations/scans


    Evolve a Salandit to burn (and poison) the opposing mon. Then attack with Heatmor that same turn to deal enough damage to hopefully OHKO most GX mons (those with 190 HP or less) with a Choice Band attached and Commandment Shrine stadium in play. Even non-GX mons with 150 HP or less can be OHKO'd, after burn and poison are applied, such as baby Buzzwole, Mewtwo, Malamar, Garchomp, Lucario, among many others.

    Salazzle also serves as a backup attacker, albeit with a slightly higher attack cost, self energy discard effect, and less damage output, but at least she does not require the foe to be burned in order to attack, unlike Heatmor.

    Oricorio is the ideal starting pokemon to reliably get a Heatmor and two Salandits on the bench (or whichever combination of them makes sense at the time) as soon as possible.

    Seviper boosts Heatmor's Blackening Breath power (after burn/poison applied) to at least 200 or 210 if I have one or two Sevipers in play, respectively, and assuming choice band is attached to Heatmor and commandment shrine stadium is in play, and assuming the opposing GX mon has been on the field for at least one turn so far. For non-GX mons, 160-HP targets such as Empoleon and Alolan Exeggutor, among others, can be OHKO'd with just one seviper on my field.

    Cynthia and Judge are the best options I can think of for draw support, but I'm sure there are superior alternatives. I just don't want to have to discard cards in order to draw cards, as I currently have no way of getting anything back from the discard.

    Guzma lets Heatmor slay GX mons who think they're safe on the bench.

    Nest Balls are essential in getting Heatmors and Salandits on the bench, in case I don't start with Oricorio,

    Super Scoop Up, if luck is on my side, lets me keep burning the opponent without having to worry about drawing into (or fetching) another Salandit or Salazzle every turn.

    Exp Share lets me send in Heatmor after Heatmor, with me having to only attach one energy to the Heatmor that's about to avenge its fallen comrade, in order to keep the Blackening Breath attacks coming along every turn. Since Blacksmith and Max Elixir are going to be rotated out, I assume this is the next best thing.

    Choice Band for obvious reasons.

    Ultra Ball to get Salazzles primarily

    Energy Switch lets me potentially get off a turn-2 Blackening Breath with Heatmor in the case that he is not my starting active mon. All I need to do is attach an energy on the non-Heatmor turn 1, and then an Escape Board turn 2, and wala! Presto-attacko. Of course this doesn't work with Seviper in the case that it is my starting active mon since its retreat cost is two, but everything else only has a retreat cost of one.

    In addition to the above reason, Escape Board also lets me swap out non-Heatmors in the case that I don't have a Heatmor on my bench immediately after something on my side dies.

    Commandment Shrine makes it possible to OHKO 190 HP or higher mons, depending on how long the stadium and opposing GX mons have been in play.


    Switch or Escape Rope trainer to let me still get heavy-retreater Seviper out of the active position, if it ever ends up there somehow or if I start the game with it there. I don't want to have to attach and discard a precious fire energy using Escape Board otherwise. Main problem is, I'm not sure which of the two I should use, though. Also, what to replace it with? Everything else seems so vital, and I've already trimmed from the Fire Energy count more than I'm comfortable with.

    Wela Volcano Park stadium to replace Commandment Shrine, since the absence of Float Stone will make it slightly more difficult to retreat. Obviously Guzma will still be annoying, but hey, the opponent not having it that crucial turn is certainly possible.


    Delphox FLI to replace Salazzle for burning the opponent every round. Can keep burning the opponent, as long as its in play, so it's much steadier, and I don't have to rely on Super Scoop Up as much, but Delphox being a stage 2 is kinda annoying since I then also have to make room for rare candies, and replacing a Guzma'd Salazzle just seems like it would be much quicker/easier than a Guzma'd Delphox.

    Double Colorless Energy for Salazzle if no Heatmor is readily available for whatever reason.

    Counter Energy for all my mons in case I'm behind in prizes and desperate for two fire energy.


    The chance to deal so much damage to both GX and non-GX mons without Heatmor being a GX itself rocks. Sure, it might be a struggle to consistently burn the opponent every single turn, but if you're facing a GX-heavy deck, you only need to make it happen three times, since the objective is to take those GX mons out in one hit with Heatmor. So even if you do go a turn or two without getting the burn off, that's okay because that opponent only gets one prize per kill while you get two.

    FIX #1

    -1 Salazzle GRI
    -1 Oricorio Salsa GRI
    -1 Victini Prism Star (Dragon Storm)

    -3 Pokemon Fan Club
    -1 Judge
    -2 Fire Energy

    -3 Float Stone

    +2 Seviper GRI
    +3 Guzma
    +3 Nest Ball
    +3 Escape Board
    +1 Choice Band

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  2. Greenie_1997 Aspiring Trainer


    this is a really cool idea, but dragon storm is coming in september (post rotation) so that's a problem. maybe consider nest ball instead of fan club since it is more sustainable through out the game. if you add seviper GRI and replace with the stadium that keeps burn you still hit 190 but you KO 210 pokemon if they can't get it out of the active before they pass back to you. stick to salazzle as apposed to delphox. definitely find room for guzma. DCE is not worth it IMO. 1-2 counter energy would be good but considering the setup is relatively quick and you are winning the prize trade there won't be a lot of situations for it. keep in mind victinin shuffles the energy back in so its only good for one attack and you'd need 9 energy or 7+choice to KO lele GX. since choice band is so key in getting one-hit KOs you should play a 4th. since float is your only rotating card and you've said you want to be switching into heatmor and everything else has 1 retreat cost escape board can "replace" float.

    Good Luck!
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  3. Jamtok Aspiring Trainer



    Firstly, thank you (times a zillion) for taking the time to check out this deck and for all your awesome feedback.

    After some testing with the deck using proxies against Buzzwole and Malamar variants, there should definitely be an emphasis on "idea." Because in reality, consistently getting Salandits on the bench and evolving into Salazzles for the burn was much more challenging than I thought it would. And relying on Super Scoop Up wasn't as reliable as I hoped. Too bad Victory Star doesn't work for items, too...

    After you pointed out how Float Stone is being rotated out, Wela Volcano Park really is starting to sound like the stadium of choice for this deck. I can imagine Guzma-ing up a heavy retreater that's unlikely to hurt me the following turn and the opponent then having to rely on getting a Guzma of their own to get it back on the bench. The thing that's still got me more-so leaning towards Commandment Shrine, though, is the fact that it constantly softens up all of my opponent's GX mons currently in play. I want to knock out mons immediately after I attack. The more they are softened up in advance, the more likely Heatmor can one-shot them. Relying on a second turn of burn to accomplish that knock out is essentially the same in the end, yes, but I prefer the spread (across all GX mons) that comes with the other way, since the opponent is more likely to get a Guzma (especially with Tapu Lele GX) than a stadium (which they usually have to draw into) to replace my Commandment Shrine.

    Other than that, though, I agree with and implemented all the other changes you suggested. I'm not sure if I removed the correct cards in order to make room for the new ones, though. See "Fix #1" for that if you're curious.
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